Monday, January 28, 2008

Allie Turns THREE!!!

Over the weekend we headed to Portland to celebrate Allie's THIRD birthday. I cant believe it's been three years since my dear friend Rochelle became a mommy:) We decided to go into town on Friday and leave Lacy with Ma'am and Bapa so we could have a date night. Much enjoyed! So, the party was at Pump It Up, a facility with large inflatable jumping gyms, climbing stations, and huge slides. Lacy sadly was not feeling well for the party, and wanted NOTHING to do with the big, moving, and scary inflatables! I attempted to take her on a big slide and she PANICKED yelling "NO TANK-YOU, NO TANK-YOU, ALL DONE, ALL DONE" followed by lots of tears. So, she spent her time playing on the mat leading to the big gyms, and was thrilled when she found push toys and cars to ride in! After all the great play time was over we all headed into the party room for pizza, presents and cake and ice-cream. Allie was so cute, getting all excited for the presents and kept saying "That's for me!" She also got to sit on this HUGE throne, and she looked so tiny and adorable and even shared it with one of her good little friends. After the party we learned of the highway closure and we were forced to stay another night with Ma'am and Bapa(darn!!:) If you have not seen the previous post, check tht out for weather details. Below are some party highlights, but if you want even MORE, they are at flickr. (17 months)

The Birthday girl and her mommy, Rochelle, screaming down the slide
We only got a couple snapshots of Allie as she was ON THE GO!!

Lacy hanging out in her 'safe spot':)
Oh, look quick, we got her again!

Yup, STILL there:)
Lacy clearly moved out of her 'safe spot' and running out of steam

Jason, the proud daddy of a 3 year old

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

Well, so here we go again. I guess we do live in a winter wonderland! After a fun party at Pump It Up for Allie's THIRD birthday(another post coming for that!) we heard that I-84 was closed Saturday and sadly many crashes and even 2 deaths on the highway were caused by freezing rain and snow. So...we stayed another night with my parents. But it did not get better by today! We checked the road conditions and the traffic cams, and it did not look good. Then our neighbor Todd called to say we got FOURTEEN inches overnight!!! And, for the next three days more snow is forecasted! Thankfully it warmed up enough for us to hit the road, since Eddy needed to come home for work on Monday. However, for the first time in seven years, I came down with a migraine and Lacy is sick with a decent fever. Most of the roads were wet, but the last 20 miles or so was very slow-going and quite bumpy due to harden slush/snow. NOT good for a migraine!

Once home, we had so much snow, we could not get in the driveway! We were greeted by our neighbors who all quickly came right out and all started shoveling our driveway! What an AWESOME neighborhood we have! I guess they all decided to have a shoveling party and did all the driveways together. The last two photos are from Todd, who sent them to us before we left for home. Wow...what a weekend!!

Table Manners Please

Well, another first has come along! Lacy is beginning to use eating utensils at the table. She still has a long way to go before becoming proficient, but she's getting there! Here Lacy is enjoying a not so often treat of pudding at Ma'am and Bapa's house. (Lacy was 16 months at the time of these photos)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Hula Girl

Our good friends and next door neighbors, the Rogers, gave Lacy a hula girl costume for Christmas and as today we are inside due to frigid weather outside, I had Lacy try it on. Not only did she LOVE it, but I am super sad we did not have a blank tape for our video camera because she also DANCED in it. And, let me explain that Lacy's dance is usually a slow sway from side to side...PERFECT hula! She had me laughing! So I did grab the camera and take some cute photos of her in her adorable costume. Thanks Rogers for the fun gift. I foresee many a days of Lacy yelling "on, on, on"...big hit! (16 months)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Idol Returns-Season 7

So, here we are again, another season of American Idol! And yes, I am a HUGE fan. I have to be honest, I actually am not excited for this first round of auditions. As I have been watching it every year, I am SO over the same 'ol, same 'ol people pulling crazy stuff to get ON tv, and the producers putting terrible people through because they think it MAKES good tv. I just am tired of it. BUT...occasionally, I still chuckle and get a kick out of clueless and untalented ones I am watching...occasionally! Oh, and how about...did anyone else cry for poor Temptress?? That got me too. So why do I watch this early if I don't completely enjoy? Well, I enjoy listening to those who do get the 'golden ticket' and try to pick out the top finalist this early in the show. Usually I pick quite well. And, I always have to pick one of the girls who is amazingly talented to win as I like to live vicariously through her as she sings away to big crowds! Did anyone see there is already a golden ticket winner from Oregon...AND...a country gal...looks I may have found my girl already, but we'll see! Many more auditions to go!

It seems we have found another contestant clearly wanting tv time, as he is FORTY-FOUR years olds- clearly passed the age limit, who has become another phenomenon. He is Renaldo Lapuz. We'll see if this turns out to be another William Hung. Here is a fun YouTube video of a remix from the audition. Enjoy!

Here is a funny photo as I had to introduce Lacy to American Idol. You can see both Lacy and Simon checking each other out....haha!! Lacy appears to be not so sure, but over time she'll come to see he's the best judge:)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Friends

It's amazing what a little 1 year old is capable of remembering. Lacy is usually in Portland around twice a month and most times we spend at least a little time with the children my mom takes care of. I think it is so amazing to see the difference in her responding to the kids in our playgroup to all the kids my mom cares for. Lacy gets SO excited to see my mom's gang. We have known most of them since they were newborns, except Lucy who was 14 months when we met her:) There is Fritz 8(ring bearer in our wedding), the another family with Lucy 6, Phoebe 3, and Helen 22 months. It's been fun to have Helen and Lacy together. Helen is super tiny and Lacy was not while a baby and most think the two are twins with similar hair and eye color. They are pretty cute together! This week while staying with my parents, Lacy could not get enough of HEL-EN, and Be-be and we saw them almost everyday. Sadly she asked for Fritz everyday, but we did not see him this time. Here are some pictures from this week and some older pics of the kids together.

Phoebe 'reading' a story, Lacy, Lucy
Helen 22 months
Lacy helping Ma'am(Gram) with bath time
Helen, silly Lucy in the background, and 'Bette'
Holding Hands at the OMSI news conference
Fritz 8, Lacy 15m, Helen 20m, Lucy 6, Phoebe 3

Fritz, Ma'am(Gram),Lacy, Helen, Lucy, Phoebe Lacy 14 months, Phoebe 3, Helen 19 months

Phoebe 3 , Helen 15 months, Lacy 10 months
Helen 12 months, Lacy 7 months Lacy 6 months, Helen 11 months
Fritz feeding Lacy, 4 months

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

OK, I know, I KNOW. I post SO many photos, but that's just they way our blog is going work:) So, just get used to all the scrolling and all will be well! So, to get to it, Lacy went to OMSI for the first time this week and LOVED it. It was amazing to see this usually cautious child, just take off and go bonkers with all the fun. She did not know where to go or where to look, as they had big colorful kites hanging all over the ceiling, so from floor to 'up high' so much to see. We met my mom and Phoebe and Helen there and the three enjoyed playing in the sand, splashing in the water(the fish were Lacy's favorite), and running around in a Northwest exhibit. When we first arrived there were news cameras all around and we stopped to see what all the fuss was about. Boy am I glad we left when we did, shortly after they had a VERY life-like baby T-Rex puppet(roars included) and the girls would have FLIPPED out! :) Phew! Little 3 year old Phoebe is such a sweet little friend to Lacy. She ALWAYS makes sure to include her in the fun her and her sister are having, so adorable to see. VERY fun outing!