Friday, February 22, 2008

Master of her domain

Wow, every time we head over to our little park, Lacy just makes leaps in bounds in the physical and bravery department:) I know I JUST made a post with photos similar to this, but Lacy already moved on from the smaller slide (I had to practically trick her to go down it so I could try to get a photo!) and was all about the BIG slide. Then, to my surprise she decided she would get in the swing and I think all the fun memories came flooding back as she loved it! Her buddy Gabe(3yr old big brother to baby Hudson) saw us headed to the park and shortly there after he joined us at the park and Lacy was very happy to see him there and to follow his lead. I was worried our time was going to be cut short as a dark cloud let loose on us for a little while, but it soon passed and the sun came back(along with the chilly wind).

On a side note, I edited the photos in a new program eddy got me and when I opened them in Firefox, I was disappointed to see the lack-luster appearance the photos had. SO, sorry if you are missing out on some vibrant colors that are supposed to be there! And, yes, a lot of photos again! I am practicing every spare minute I get!

Here I COME!

Look! A helicopter!!!

I DO love the swings!

Gabe and Lacy take a ride together

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lacy conquers the slide!

With the great sunshine lingering longer than forecasted in Hood River, we have hit the park numerous times the last few days. Today Lacy mustered up the coordination to walk over to the slide, close, but not too close where she could topple over, sit down(not too easy to untangled little feet!), scoot forward, and slide down ALL BY HERSELF!!!! We both could not have been more excited or happy! I was able to snap some shots of her venturing down the slide as I was not needed to stand over her. Look at how big her smile is as she is coming to a stop at the bottom.

Besides the slides she is always so captivated by other kids that come to the park, studying their every move and every word. Often after a thorough examination, she often joins up with them and is happy to play with her new friend. You can see in most of the pictures Lacy is in her observation mode as she is intently looking over at something...and that would be the other kids.

Now, up next...the swings. As of now, shrieks of terror occur when in the swing. I have NO idea why as when a baby she would shriek when it came time to take her OUT:) But, with more sunny days in our future, she'll get there too!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coffee and Cupcakes

A rarity occurred this weekend, my mom had all weekend PLUS the holiday OFF:) That is pretty hard to come by as there are two families and BOTH took the holiday off and went to Bend. We were happy to hear my parents wanted to come our way and spend some time at our place. They came bearing lot of gifts(for my bday!) and goodies. I think as of today I had 5 ganache cupcakes...irresistible! For our weekend, we of course ventured out for coffee, but actually went across the river into Washington to an antique shop that also has a coffee shop inside. They use their merchandise for the coffee shop customers to sit and enjoy. A great place to sit, drink some good coffee and take in ALL that is displayed and after coffee spend a while going into all the rooms resisting to buy all great pieces you stumble upon. We also took my parents to a little Italian restaurant in town with a nice atmosphere and a decent menu. The rest of our time we spent playing around and enjoying the beautiful(but cold!) sunshine. You will have to look at Lacy's hair as Ma'am gave her quite the enjoyable ride. With the weekend over, I am happy to see the sun shining as it was not supposed to, helping me muster up the motivation to caught up from all the fun.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just more practice...(added a couple)

Ok I feel so silly to do so, but I will list the photo info as well, since I was asked! Basically, I wanted to do an indoor shoot, but did not have good light from our window, bumped up the ISO, leaving me with grainy photos(referring to the first photo). And I was struggling in the shade for the outdoor ones as well and have a higher ISO than I wanted. For some reason I feel like I only get good shots on low-aperture. I did try a combo on apertures for the wall shots, from f/11 down to f/4.5, and again, the lower ones seemed to 'say' more. Also, my camera ranges I believe from f/3.5-f/29. I do have another lens, but am just using our basic one to learn(if it went to a smaller aperture I would give it try!) Most importantly I need to find someone else to practice with, who can stay in one spot for me!!! Emily B.-please any CC/ info would be awesome. f/4.5, Shutter Speed: 1/200, ISO:1000
f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/640, ISO 800
f4.5, Shutter Speed 1/200, ISO 400
f/5.6, Shutter Speed 1/400, ISO 800

The cute hat was from the Rogers..thanks guys!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wishing you a....

The day is only half over and so far it's been great. We started off the day with lots of phone calls wishing me a happy birthday. Yep, that's right, I am officially another year older on Valentine's Day:) Lacy and I had lots of gifts to open(poor daddy!) and Lacy was so excited to get her Vday gifts! Then on a wim, We met up with Maria and baby Hudson downtown, where she treated me to coffee and lovely gift(Thanks Maria!! Such a great friend.) Then we came home and I wanted to attempt an indoor Valentine's Day photo shoot with our little Valentine. Well, the best light had passed while at coffee, and Lacy was not exactly wanting her photo taken:) So, my idea was thrown out the window and I had to improvise. I may add more photos to this later if I get another opportunity, but who knows:) It's a beautiful crisp day outside and I am sure the rest of this day will be a blessed one. Thank you Lord for such a rich and blessed year!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Well, the journey continues! Every spare minute I can muster up, I am attempting to master that camera we have. I gained a little more knowledge, trying to muster up that proper exposure. Evening light is my favorite for photos, just personal preference, and today I attempted to use Lacy as my test subject...HA! So out we went and I was trying to adjust for 3 things and Lacy kept running back and forth from bright/hot light to dark/winter shade! That made for a lot of scrambling and adjusting on my part. Now...of course there are a million things "wrong" with these photos, but there were many things that finally made sense to me. And that I am very excited about. SO, I figured I would post the photos as it will be fun to come back later to see the progress made(HOPEFULLY!!) (Lacy 17 months)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lacy Counts!!!

Lacy shocked me the other night in the bathtub when she started counting and kept going! Its not perfect, but she was in the counting mood when we came in from playing outside so I grabbed the camera and this is what I got. She is SO excited when she gets to the end, pretty cute! (17 months) I am working on getting more videos together of this chatty little thing!

TURN UP SPEAKERS, Lacy is pretty quiet:)

Lacy Counts!!!(turn up speakers) from tofslie on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Saturday of spills and sunshine

Ok, so the day did not start off as well as it could have, but thankfully it ended much better. I treasure and NEED my coffee in the morning and our usual routine starts by giving Lacy some books in her crib and I come down, grab a cup of coffee and head back up stairs to enjoy the cup while Lacy reads a few books. SO, I come down this morning and grab my cup and turn around to find my coffee spilling out EVERYWHERE. I still have no clue as to why, but thankfully I was able to get one cup out of the mess:) Once we all got ready we headed off to The Dalles to do some shopping. We did not have any success, but were thrilled with the WARM weather AND sunshine! We hit 56! After Lacy's nap, she was excited to find us headed out for an overdue wagon ride and park time.

A funny side note. At 17 months Lacy has just learned that a window exists in her room! Seriously! The shade we originally installed broke and we just never seemed to get another one. So, Lacy's window stayed covered up, until yesterday when we finally installed a new one. Lacy was thrilled to find the window, but even more so was Dink, our cat. She has been up in that window almost all day. (and yes the little chair does say Phoebe, we have not gotten a new cover for that one, coming soon:) Overall, good day.