Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Portland shopping weekend

My mom was able to get Nike employee store passes for this last Saturday and we were planning on coming into town to meet up with some college friends, so we decided to make it one of our shopping weekends. Our Lacy did not sleep the ENTIRE day were were out and about, including a mid-day car ride to downtown . She just does not miss a thing. How does she do without a nap? Well, for the most part, quite well. But it takes a lot more effort to keep her from melting down when she is super tired and makes the shopping part a little harder:) Since it was a beautiful day on Saturday , I tried to snap some photos while we were walking downtown, but this was at 3pm, and Lacy was not really into sitting still. But, as you can see even though tired, she did have a good time. So, all in all, we got Lacy her shoes from Nike and it was wonderful to see our friends from college with their adorable little 3 month old baby Simon. Only bummer, last minute Eddy had to stay home and work over the weekend.

Meltdown crisis control

Finally on our way home, Lacy crashed in the car. She surprisingly stayed asleep while we were unloading the car and so we let her stay there to catch a few more zzz's. Well, only after a 1/2hr she awoke screaming, both exhausted and hungry and she just could not seem to recover. It took quite awhile to get a little food in her, but after she continued to fall apart, the poor thing just completely worn out as she does NOT sleep while out and about. Finally Ma'am took her outside and she immediately calmed down and we ALL were much happier then! Ma'am pulled Lacy around in the backyard and Papa pulled out the golf set. Since Lacy was now happy we all decided to eat outside enjoying the warm evening and a now calm and happy toddler!

Look at that smile for Ma'am

A little golfer in the making?


Snakes AND alligators AND turtles AND lizards

Last Wednesday a mommy from our group notified us that there was a children's reptile show held at the library. I was not sure what to expect, but it was AWESOME! Five other mommas and little ones from our group joined us for the show and it was the first time in a long time that we all got to see the toddlers. So...the show...REAL reptiles! Snakes, turtles(and tortoises), lizards, and Lacy completely lit up when a LIVE alligator was brought out! I think my favorite was the blue tongued lizard. The reptile man was a great host making the parents laugh almost the entire show and he was great with the kids using volunteers for most of the animals. Sadly my camera battery was dead and, as no suprise, I was devastated I was without one:) Thankfully Erika snapped a couple and passed them my way. The show ended with a BABY python which needed 10 volunteers to help hold it up and then everyone was allowed to go and touch the snake. I was curious what Lacy would do, so we go up and I asked her if she wanted to touch the snake and she pulled back and said very boldly "NO THANK you touch snake"...I laughed and said that was ok, but momma will touch the snake. She watched me and then I asked again.....still NO! Once home and in bed, over the monitor I heard over and over, "sssNAKE, AND alligator, AND, turtle, AND lizard" She loved it!

The ALLIGATOR! Have you ever seen an alligator wave? We have!

The mighty python

Bottom left in red momma Leah with Forrest on lap, in peach shirt with
cutie curly hair Isabel, and Miss Lacy sporting her doggy 'bracelet' and
chewing on her cup:)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can you guess what happened here....

Still not sure? Let me give you another clue.....

Yup, Lacy still can not resist the urge to eat crayons AND markers! The funny part is EVERY time we are getting ready to color Lacy will say over and over "NO mouth color. NO mouth color" She KNOWS, but for some reason just cannot resist the urge to take a bite. :) (Lacy 19 months)


We woke up to a little layer of SNOW, then this happened. It is not hail, but like packed little snowballs falling down. Where did the warm , sunny spring weather go? :(

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Third Thursdays

The third Thursday of every month is mommy's night out! Sometimes almost all of us make it and then other times the group is a tad smaller. All present and accounted for makes 9 mommies (and 10 'babies'). We had a great time tonight dining out at Solstice in Bingen, WA. We shared lots of laughs over the new things our toddlers are doing and saying, as well as some good encouragement. And of course, we also shared tears, as we mommies cant help but tear up when telling special stories of the massive love and joy we have for our "babies"(they will ALWAYS be our babies!) I can't believe this group of complete strangers that I met at my childbirth class almost 2 years ago would grow to be such valuable friends. We shut the place down as they already had the restaurant cleaned and chairs up on the tables an HOUR before we left, but they were so accommodating letting us mommies have a great night on the town. I so look forward to third Thursdays:)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mamma's little helper

With another beautiful day in the gorge, I decided to get out and tackle some yard work. With all the weekends we have been away, weeds had taken over the yard. And, we do not have any bark or ground cover down, so with nice rich soil, the weeds just go mad. Bark is on our to-do list!
So...with carhartts on, we headed out to tackle the massive weed problem in the back yard. Momma had a shovel and Lacy had a 'shobel' and I do not think Lacy stopped talking the entire hour and a 1/2 we were out there! It took Lacy all of 5 seconds to dump dirt over her head and all over her. Lacy really enjoyed 'shobeling' with momma, finding the worms, holding a worm(well, for a minute anyway), and special lunch time soccer with daddy as he was home for lunch today. I thought Lacy would be happy when I told her it was time for lunch due to no snack during our yard work...you will have to see the last photo for her reaction. Needless to say, we spent the entire afternoon doing the same thing:)

Here are the things Lacy was chatting about over and over:

"Momma's shobel, Lacy's shobel"
"Worm, RIGHT here!"
"Worm, like it"
"Worm, r u?"
"worm, touch it"
"see birdie"

Mastering the 'shobel'...notice the dirt?

how about now?


One of many worms we dug up

Lacy holding a worm! Right after this photo, the worm moved and Lacy SHRIEKED and threw the worm off her hand. No more touching worms...we just like to look at a distance.

Soccer with daddy

Nice stop! (well, actually this is a kick, haha)

Soccer time

Momma's little helper, RIGHT where I was:)

'Do you see any worms?'

Devastated it was time to go in:)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yay for Spring!!