Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a couple pics....

Sometimes photos can just hit you and you can see in a new light how much your little one is growing up!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

First, thank you to our family members who have served our country: Grandpa Robertson(passed away last spring), Phil Robertson- Air Force, Arlen Tofslie- Navy, and my Uncle Johnny Hendrickson- Air Force.(not so sure about the extended in-law family service) We are SO thankful and appreciate what you sacrificed so we can peacefully enjoy our life with our precious little girl. THANK YOU!!! There really are some amazing stories between these men during their time in the service...they have done a lot for us, and we thank those serving now!!!!

And our weekend was great and relaxing. nice:) We just hung out at home, hit the local Saturday market(where a GREAT xylophone band played), and then lots of bubbles and time with the neighbors. We ended the weekend with an impromptu cul-D-Q. The biggest hit...the bubble wand Ma'am got for Lacy. Huge hit with Lacy, all the cul-de-sac kids, and even the parents as the wand makes some BIG bubbles. Here are some snapshots from all the fun!

Eating lunch outside, Lacy sharing her bubbles with the kids

Everyone hanging out enjoying the sunshine

A band called Jamba..they gave out shakers for the kids

Lacy LOVED it, she was shaking and dancing away, photos taken on iphone.

Lacy riding in Daddy's new(to us) truck, she SO enjoys it!

Ok, how cute is this?! She LOVES corn on the cob:)

More Family info...this time good and fun news!

Eddy's other aunt and uncle made it into the papers as well and this, thankfully!, was fun news:) The couple are tandem bike riders are riding across the country! WOW! They are raising money for Heritage Christian School, which his uncle teaches at. If you want to support or are just interested in finding out more, here is the article(where this photo came from as well).

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Count your many blessings......

Eddy's aunt and uncle who live in Windsor Colorado experienced a massive mile wide tornado today. Their church was completely destroyed. Eddy's aunt Jo was in the church minutes before and his uncle said "the Lord spoke to her heart and said "Get out of here!" She did and was spared." Below is a picture of what is left of the church:

Roger and Jo we are so thankful you both are ok!!!!

Here is a video from the Today show :

Here is an article where these pictures came from: Mile-wide tornado hits Windsor, Weld County

Also here is one of her daughter's take on it and more amazing footage: Slightly Obsessed

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Just as I was finishing posting the previous blog, Lacy woke right before I was done, I hear her say behind me "CAREful, careful" and I know what that means, so I turn around and see her here, where she has not been before:) Too funny. And she says careful, as that is what I tell her when she climbs up onto things. As she is JUST in this stage. She was very proud of herself, as you can see in the second photo.

Photos from Grandma Tofslie's visit

Ok, so I know these were from quite awhile ago, but in true fashion, I took A LOT. And there were a LOT of good ones. SO, which ones to choose from. I was also hoping to get our flickr account back up to speed, but I need Eddy's help to get my old photos transfered to my new computer first...to0 many projects, so I just grabbed a bunch and am posting them for viewing now:) For family...these are not print quality and are pretty small. HOPEFULLY we will get flickr up soon, and there printing is possible!

SO...we had a great time! We went to the park, did you all see what Grandma did? If not click here to see Grandma showing Lacy how to really enjoy the park:) We FINALLY made it to the zoo. We were worried we were going to be rained out yet AGAIN, but it stayed dry!! YAY! We also toured around the area and enjoyed a meal at the Skamania Lodge. All in all, wonderful visit. Here is Lacy's quote now "Dama do? MONTANA!"(where did Grandma go? Montana!"

About 2 miles from our house, viewing point of Hood River Valley


See the Tiger?

Right after talking about rarely seeing a fanned peacock, look what we saw!!!!

Enjoying the grounds at Skamania Lodge

Skamania Lodge family shot

Walking around Bingen, WA

Bingen, WA

out to eat, taken on Eddy's iphone

Last lunch together, right before taking Grandma to the airport

Twin Tunnels trail, it's the old highway re-done for biking/hiking

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Reckless Shooting

What a fun day for momma!! Three of us mommies in our group got together for a photo shoot playdate this morning at the park. One momma is a professional photographer, I am just a photo nut, and another momma just got her new SLR wanting to learn about her camera:) We got together together, giving tips and getting tips and chatted and snapped away. We chose a park that was pretty secluded with a decent amount of shade. We plan on continuing this and as you know, I am thrilled!! I may not have the talent for photography, but I sure enjoy pretending and will continue to shoot recklessly in hopes of a beautiful shot here and there!

A side to note to all my momma friends. The kiddos were observing some ants, what we thought were carpenter ants, but we soon found out they were NOT. Lacy started screaming and I ran over to find an ant chomping down on her fingers and I could NOT pry it off!!!! It was horrible! One minute later, little Garrett was attacked as well. I am investigating as to what exact type of ant it was. They were black and large, about the size of a carpenter ants, but the middle section was red. Anyone familiar with these? If not, be on the look out, because they bite and bite hard!! Other than that, the morning was a blast!

I had a hard time weeding through pics as usual and I am a sucker for swing photos, so there are a handful of those! I can't wait to see the other photos!

Leah's photos

Michelle's photos