Thursday, July 31, 2008

Off to the beach and attack of the REALLY BIG bug!

We are headed out early tomorrow morning for a short trip to the beach! It's crazy to think this will be Lacy's FIRST time at the ocean! Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we are planning on visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium(rated in the top 10 in the US!), visiting my Uncle Johnny and Auntie Luci who will also be camping there, enjoying yummy seafood, and maybe playing in the hotel pool! Then Saturday brings sunnier weather and all the beach fun! There is a sand castle contest going on and a great park we plan on hitting. Should be fun and as always, Eddy and I will be snapping away! Hope you all have a great weekend too!

Ok, so after I posted, I went to pack the car and I about had a heart attack when I went to walk down our porch steps! A HUGE beetle was just chilling on our steps. I dont think these photos do it justice. And, as you can see, Eddy was clearly not bothered by it! YUCK! So, I had to pack the car with the massive beetle staring me down the entire time!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here is me dancing with my uncle Johnny dancing in our campsite at Detroit Lake around 8-10 years ago! And below is Miss Lacy doing the same back in June:) Special.

A few other random pics...

Fire near Mt. Adams-July 13th

When we returned the next day looking out from our front door, there was a fire near Mt. Adams, creating a big cloud of smoke. And knowing that fire usually make for good sunsets, I SHOULD have been more ready for the pretty sky that showed up that evening. Anyway, here are a couple snap shots, I dont know if they do the color justice, but it was quite pretty! Here is a link for the Mt. Adams fire.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip back to the bay area( July 8th-12th)

Finally here are pics from the trip Lacy and I took back to Marin county, just north of San Francisco by a few miles. We stayed with our good friends Rachel and Neil and their 3 girls(Erin, Libby, and Kate) in their recently purchased house!! Of course the reason Lacy and I went when we did and without eddy is due to a LOT of items left behind in our storage unit at our last rental home. Our landlord was nice enough to hold on to it for 2 years, but she decided to convert the unit to a studio and was holding our items until the end of July. SO, as much as I just wanted to go for a playdate and visit friends, in that HORRID 112 degree heat, I had to clear out the storage unit and sort through it, repack it, take the left overs to the dump, then ship the rest. It was NOT fun, but I got it done.

BUT...we did have a great time staying with our friends and enjoying Rachel's SUPER yummy cupcakes:):):), visiting farmers markets, eating delicious organic ice cream, and a get together with other friends before we left.

I think the best part of going back was knowing how much I LOVE being back in Oregon! It was fun to visit all our friends, but I just could see the blessings we have in Oregon in a new light. ALL CA PHOTOS HERE

eating a yummy snack and picking up a required coffee

mommy is envious of the indoor light at Rachel and Neil's new home!

when the temp is above 110, popsicles are a must!

Kate enjoying that delicious ice cream!

SO worn out from all the fun!

Thanks Christi for hosting the dinner!

Lacy and Aurora

another cute pic of the girls

Sunday, July 27, 2008

4th of July Cul-D-Q

So after the parade we all went back to our houses and let the little ones nap and we prepared our dishes for the cul-D-Q that evening. As usual there was LOTS of yummy food, laughs and fireworks! One funny moment in the evening, I asked eddy to watch Lacy while I stepped back attempting a photo of the entire group. I am standing way back, but all the while see Lacy tipping over on her chair....yup, Daddy missed it and mommy STILL saw it when she was supposed to be "off duty" SO, I caught it on camera!! If you enlarge the group photo you will see poor Lacy falling over in her chair next to daddy, who doesnt even see! Still makes me laugh! BUT, he made up for himself with the grand idea during the fireworks time! We were getting set up and all of sudden he just draws this HUGE ling across the cul-de-sac. He told the kids to stay on one side and do NOT cross:) It was great!

The exciting part was Lacy held her first sparkler! And then like 6 more! She did NOT want to stop. Daddy stood RIGHT by her to make sure she did ok:) Another long and fun summer day! ALL PHOTOS HERE

this is the one you should enlarge to find Lacy...funny!

cheering on the fireworks-so cute!

SO excited!

Look at that smile behind the cup!

First sparkler!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hood River Independence Day Parade 2008

This year we, with a lot of our neighbors, packed up and walked around the corner for the Hood River Independence Day Parade. This was Lacy's second parade of the year and she was very excited, remembering the Grand Floral Parade we had been at the month before. Thankfully this year the weather was MUCH cooler than last year, providing a comfortable environment for watching a parade:) Maria was SO sweet to make all us mommies a latte before we left and then we all enjoyed the small town parade. Joelena summed it up last year "Half the town is watching the parade, the other half is IN the parade"...funny, but it seems true. And at times you cant tell where the spectators end and the parade begins! All the kids had a great time scoring pounds of candy and watching the parade pass by! We seriously took over 550 photos and I actually got tired of sorting and editing, hard to believe, but true. Then, I was REALLY over it by the time I had to pick the best of for this post! So, here are some, not sure if they are the best of, and then there are a bunch more on flickr. ALL PHOTOS HERE.

Michelle, Maria, Joelena, Kelly-cute mugs, huh!:)

caught mid-air