Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ma'am and Fritz come to play!

The day after Pump It Up, Lacy and I went back to Hood River and my mom and fritz came the next day for an overnight. I could not believe it was going to be raining, as it is typically drier here than in Portland, so no problem, we thought we would head to the pool for something to do. No success there as well, as Fritz had a procedure done and we could not go in the water. SO, we played with all the things at our house Fritz thinks are "so cool" and the next day we hit the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum and the game room at Pietro's Pizza. We also just threw on our rain coats and walked along the new beach and spent some time skipping rocks. It was a fun short visit and hopefully next time we can do all the fun outdoor activities Hood River has to offer!

After this was prep time for Eddy's parents to arrive the following day and Lacy's big birthday party! Sorry, but we'll still have to wait a little longer for the birthday photos(and video!) as Lacy and I just got back in town today and we are leaving tomorrow to meet Eddy's parents at the Oregon coast for a few days.

Lacy and Fritz getting into an xbox game...funny.

Lacy playing her first arcade game.

Pump it Up..

The next day, my mom was watching Fritz and we went to the pop-in play time at Pump It Up. This was RIGHT during nap time and honestly the facility is still beyond Lacy, but we thought it was a compromise for an activity for an almost 9 yr old and a almost 2 yr old. SO, with these photos, I have proof that Lacy did enjoy the massive and fast slides, as you can see us at the bottom of the slide with a big smile across her face. She went down with us about 4 times, then decided she was completely terrified and would have nothing to do with pretty much everything there. Unless there was an empty one, then we could go in and just at the end we all were having a great time. I knew we had to try Pump It Up Junior next! Oh..and the first time I took Lacy down the large slide, it goes SO fast it "gets" your stomach like going down on a really fast ride. Lacy GROANED all the way down then went into an immediate 'WEE' once we hit the bottom. Hilarious! It may have gotten her stomach, but she loved it! Well, until the 4th time, then she was done:)

FINALLY, we made it to Jamison Square Fountain

YAY! Another place my mom and I have wanted to take Lacy since she was walking and something always seemed to come in the way! But after Rochelle's birthday party we hit the square and Lacy LOVED the fountain "ACTUALLY, waterfall" (Lacy seemed to think it was more like a waterfall than a fountain and I have to agree with her!) So, we got there in the evening, perfect time for photos, but it was very crowded and Lacy was squealing and running around so fast, all I was able to do was get a couple snapshots. She is still talking about it to this day and we'll see if we make one more time before the weather turns...who knows, maybe it's already happened. Oh, and...can you
see Lacy and Ma'am in the first photo???:)

Celebrating Rochelle's Birthday

On August 17th I was able to join in on the surprise for my friend Rochelle's birthday. Rochelle and I grew up together and we lived only a couple house apart. It's pretty special that now, all grown up, we both are mommies and mommies to little girls! We all met at the Olive Garden and had a great time celebrating her 26th birthday. Her husband, Jason, was not sure if he could pull off a surprise and he did great, Rochelle had NO idea:) I am glad I got to share in the special day and I hope it's another great year Rochelle!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our baby is turning TWO!

Wow... I cant believe next Saturday my baby turns TWO YEARS OLD! For my keepsake I thought I would document tidbits of the little person that Lacy is becoming. There is SO much she is doing and saying and she makes Eddy and I laugh everyday. Something that I am sure you all completely understand is my joy for her new found love of singing! Lacy sings ALL the time. During our trip to CA she just popped out entire songs and everyday I am amazed at how many she knows! Her two favorite songs are 'You Are My Sunshine' and 'The Alphabet Song', which she often sings at the TOP of her lungs:) She still loves her letters and numbers, recognizing all her letters and knows the majority of the sounds. Except for a couple teens, she is almost counting to 20, and loves to 'hopscotch' and gives each jump one number. She loves to help in anyway she can around the house, just thrilled to do the laundry, sweep the floors and especially dry the floor with a rag with me. All are super cute, her talking in her high-pitched squeaky excited voice. Her little prayer where she folds her hands and closes her eyes saying "Dear Lord, thank you momma". Her fingers. Lacy loves naming her fingerds:) She is spitting out more and more complete sentences and is just a complete chatterbox. The other day she told eddy "Man put it on the truck." wow! And my personal favorite is she refers to herself in the third person, adorable! Along with being a chatterbox, she is usually quite social. She still is pretty cautious(gross motor) and not quite as coordinated as the typical 2 yr old, but is catching up more and more everyday. And of course we must mention Teddy Bear. Who today she told me "Teddy friend". Yes Teddy is her friend and she talks to him, shares with him, "Let's GO Teddy!", just the best of friends. And my cousin just got a kick out of Lacy when completely upset who cries "No THANK you, no thank you", manners even when she's not happy. I don't know, how can you possibly sum a little person up? I am sure after I post this I will come back and add things that I really want to remember, but for now, that is a glimpse into my little girl who is about to turn two. About the photos. I was not planning on taking photos today, but I was practicing doing Lacy's hair for a wedding we are attending tomorrow and I wanted to try portraits again as I have learned a couple things since the last time I tried. Well, I was quite pleased with them(the first 2 really, the others are just more to capture all of Lacy at 2). Not perfect, but I made progress, and I have to do it in baby steps. Then my great friend Emily post-processed the first photo for me! Thanks Emily you are the best. If you live in the Seattle area, check her out! Here's her blog. Family if you would like to download these photos, click HERE to download them from flickr at the appropriate size:) Thank you Lord for the most amazing gift of our daughter and another wonderful year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the group keeps growing!

I met my friend Erika (and one of the moms from our group) this morning at the park. She and her husband just had their second baby girl just a little over 2 weeks ago!! Little Lucy is the cutest little thing and I had the privilege of seeing her hours old at the hospital and she was just breath-taking from the minute she was born:) It was really funny this morning to see Lacy and Isabel(Erika's oldest and just a few weeks younger than Lacy) were wearing "matching" outfits! The two were super cute together, picking flowers and sharing them, running around together, but especially walking around the park holding hands. SOOOO cute!!

Erika and I were talking about how blessed we are with our mommy group. It's amazing how a big group of strangers came together and formed a genuinely supportive group. We really enjoy each others company and opinions and never felt like anyone was 'competing' or bragging about their little one. Which is what we hear as an often complaint of groups like these. And now, it's exciting to see the group is growing! Mandy, the first in our group to welcome their daughter Annabel, followed by miss Lucy who I saw today. Two more little ones are on their way and it's just so special to see the group expand and still stay connected. Sure, we dont get together as much as we did when we had little ones that stayed where you put them on the floor, but it's always SOOO great to see them. Here are some pics from our time at the park this morning.

How adorable are they together!

Miss Isabel


Lucy wide-eyed and so alert!

But, she did squeeze in a little nap:)

Sharing flowers

chatting away

haha, Iz offering a smell to Lacy, look at her face...funny!

The amazing mommy of two!

Lacy shared her wagon, Iz shared her snack:)