Friday, September 26, 2008

Boo-boo time:(

I watched Forrest today and while the good little buddies were playing they crashed right into each other and bumped heads pretty hard. Poor Forrest immediately wanted his mommy, but soon I had the both of them on my lap and with a quick distraction they started to calm down, and then were very excited when I told them we could get some ice for their boo-boos. Their tears soon turned to adorable giggles as we played a little counting game with their ice. You can see by these happy photos, their tears sure did not last long!!

If only the afternoon was as good as the morning.....

So...after everyone left, it was nap time. Well, it was SUPPOSED to be. Lacy chatted away the entire nap time...again. She is still struggling without her fafoo, not sad, just cannot seem to unwind. So, I went up to go get Lacy and this is what I saw....

Yeah....lacy unzipped her pillow and pulled out ALL the stuffing, along with pulling off her bumper. We had a chat about how this 'is not ok' and all on her own Lacy tells me "Lacy sorry mommy" SO sweet!
As I was cleaning up the mess, Lacy was enjoying all her little stuffed animal friends...can't stay upset at that little face!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lacy's birthday buddy came to play

On Wednesday we had my friend Michelle, along with her two children Garrett and Halle come over to play. Michelle is part of our great group that originated from our childbirth class and we both had Garrett and Lacy on the same day! It was SO fun to see each other and our new babies in hospital a little over 2 years ago. And now, Garrett is a big brother! His adorable sister Halle was born about 6 weeks ago. It's so amazing to see Michelle as a mom again as we both shared and encouraged each other when Lacy and Garrett where crying so much for the first couple months of their lives. Michelle is so laid back and Halle is amazing! So special to see! We had a great time chatting and watching the kids play with all the toys. Then we enjoyed some lunch together until naptime called and our visit was over. I only took 2 quick snap shots. The first of Lacy and Garrett hugging and the other of them both pretending to fly helicopters together...cute!! We hope to have them over again soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ray of Sunshine

The other morning I noticed this great pocket of reflecting light bouncing off our floors and thought I wanted to try snapping a few photos. model was not wanting her photo taken, so she kept moving out of the small light bubble and I was not really able to try what I wanted. But I think you can still see how dark it was in the rest of the house compared to the nice beam of light...pretty cool. Then I moved her to another spot and snapped a couple more. The last photo seems to make Lacy's complexion a little blotchy, but I posted it anyway.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just icing on the (cup)cake!

Over the weekend, eddy had a work trip, so it was a perfect opportunity to invite my friend Rochelle and her daughter Allie over for a girls weekend! They arrived Friday night and were able to stay until Sunday. Allie and Lacy played SO well together. It's so fun to have your friend over, but when you both have girls realatively close in age, AND they play well together, well that's just icing on the (cup) cake! It's funny, but out of all the photos we took hardly any are of the girls fully clothed! We had some good old fashion messy fun while they were here:) We made cupcakes and as we set the girls up to take a photo of them stirring together Lacy didnt waste anytime, grabbed the spoon, flicked it up and with that came about 1/2 the cake mix....AND ALL OVER ALLIE'S NEW JEANS! We decided at that point, to forget about cleanliness and have some messy, fun. AFTER, we took their clothes off:) We would offer you a cupcake, but considering we had to scoop up the mix and put in back in the bowl, haha, I doubt you would want one! And, yes, I did capture the big mess Lacy made! I was, however, wishing I had a low-light lens during the baking session. We also made it to a restuarant across the river in Bingen, WA called Solstice Wood Fire Cafe. It's a great place, where they have a play room right in the restuarant and that meant Rochelle and I actually finished a conversation! And, thanks Rochelle for treating! Rochelle and I stayed up until after 2am on saturday...yeah, not so fun when a little one wakes you up before 7am after that! haha, still worth it! We had so much fun and cant wait to do it again!

"Uh-oh!" Good one Lacy.

Allie enjoyed a few bites of the cupcake batter, and was over it. LACY on the other hand probably would have eaten the entire mix if we would have let her:)

I LOVE this silly photo of Allie

Friday, September 12, 2008

WAAAM Fly-in

Last weekend we went to the local airplane and automobile museum for a fly-in where LOTS of planes came to be shown and to fly. Once there, we ran into our neighbors and their 3 boys and we all took the hayride together and walked around enjoying the planes.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fa-foos are not forever...

Ok, so we have gone and done it. Now that Lacy is 2 years old and we have nothing marked on the calander for quite awhile, we thought we would say good-bye to Lacy's fa-foo(pacifier). Ever since Lacy was about 5 months, she really only used the pacifier in her bed, on road trips, traveling, or the occasional all -day shopping excursion in Portland where a nap was not going to take place. The pacifier was one thing that as a non-parent I thought I was never going to have my babies use, then I became a parent and realized that many things you THINK you know, get thrown out the window once your little baby arrives. Eddy and I learned that Lacy is very easily stimulated and can NOT fall asleep if anything is going on around her. Which means even as a baby she would stay awake 12 hours if we were out on a big shopping trip. The pacifier really helped her cope during those times. Because of that, our first goal of removing the pacifier at 12 months really did not seem appropriate for Lacy. Unable to fall asleep and still being so close to a baby, she was able to unable to cope without the pacifier when traveling and on long shopping trips. So, then we thought maybe at 18 months. But, she still was not ready at that point. Sure, we could have done it, but I think her coping at restaurants and long outings would have been hard on everyone.

But, fa-foo's are not forever; the book explains that we got for Lacy. As she approached 2, she really was using her pacifier less and less. I often would leave the house without it and she would do just fine, being older and able to stay awake longer and more easily entertained. And at night when I would go in and re-tuck her in before I went to bed, I would not prop the pacifier back in her mouth.

So, we got a children's book that talked about saying goodbye to pacifiers(the only book I could find while in Portland) and we started to read it to Lacy. Then, since she just had her big second birthday, timing seemed right to praise her about being big girl now! Fa-foos are for babies and she's not a baby, she's a big girl. She doesnt need a fa-foo. Then Sunday we decided to throw a party about her saying good-bye to fa-foo and bought her cupcakes and when she took fa-foo out of her bed and carried it to the garbage to throw it away, she happily did knowing the cupcake was waiting for her. So we did our usual night time routine and prayed with Lacy about her new goal and she even went into bed completely contended last night. But...once the real sleepiness hit, she wanted her fa-foo back.

I think at that point, it was harder on Eddy. He was saying, I think she's too young, she's really upset. But, we talked about it together and we got through the evening of Lacy being really upset. Sleep is a BIG thing in our house and I am a firm advocate of EVERYONE in the house getting proper sleep. So, with saying goodbye to fa-foo I did not want her to loose her self-soothing skills. I did go in and calm her down as did Eddy, but ultimately we wanted Lacy to put herself back to sleep like she was doing with her fa-foo. So, after singing to her her to calm her down, I told her if she would stop crying and lay very quietly I would sit in the chair in her room while she feel asleep. She said "ok" and immediately was happy and calm. I sat in the chair for 5 minutes listening to her whisper "open, shut them, open, shut them, give a little clap, clap, clap", her ABCs, and then poof she went to sleep! Sure, I was in the room, but she put herself to sleep. And, me in the room will not be an every night occurance:)

SO, I awoke to Lacy over the monitor saying "momMEE chair? where r u momMEE?!" She totally remembered me staying with her. So, I am so glad I did that. She did fall asleep by herself, but mommy was there with her, supporting her. When I went in, I praised her for being such a big girl and she was SOOO proud of herself. She immediately asked for a cupcake and I wish I would have just given her one for the special day, but instead I told her we would go to the store and she could pick out a balloon to bring home. Yay for the Dollar Tree right around the corner!

Well, naptime came around and I really was thinking she was just going to cry through naptime and not sleep as it took 2 and 1/2 hours last night and me being IN the room. I told her she did so well last night that she was going to go to sleep all by herself like a big girl. She was totally fine with first. I came downstairs and she was repeating parts of her book, mainly "fa-foos not fo-evur". Then she did get irritated and quite fussy, but not hard crying and 45 minutes later, she went to sleep! BUT...15 minutes later she woke up, but I let her be and 15 minutes, back to sleep for about an hour. Not too bad! Especially as her naps are usually only an hour and 15-30 minutes anyway.

Since we went through sleep training with Lacy when she was an infant, I know that any progress IS progress and never wasted. And most likely we will have a few days to week of struggling, but if we stay consistent she will adjust and soon this week will be so far behind us we will almost forget it existed. I can't imagine dragging this out longer for Lacy and that is why I stay so firm and do not cave. I dont want all her struggling to be in vain. I know from experience(from Lacy and many other kids I and my mom have nannied) although she is upset now, her crying will be shorter by staying firm than dragging it out(letting her have it for certain times, or if she cries really hard).

I have to add that I was really overcome with emotion, proud of my LITTLE 2 year old accomplishing this as well when I woke up this morning. It's such an amazing joy and blessing watching these little people who you first met with almost no abilities on their 'resume' start to do so much. It so much more powerful than I even realized...and even after being a nannying and getting excited over peoples childrens' accomplishments, there is something to say for carrying a child, giving birth, loving and meeting their needs, and then watch them go. Wow. Every day I am more and more thankful for my life-long answered prayer to stay at home.

I will update on this milestone for Lacy soon!

*Second night- Lacy didnt even ask for fafoo, went happily to bed. She was VERY quiet and would oh so softly do her songs again, but stayed quiet. It took her quiet a while to wind down and after 45 minutes she peacefully went to sleep.

*Second nap: Lacy again did not ask for fafoo and happily went into her crib. BUT, she was not very happy after about 10 minutes and after a while actually ended up crying. She fells sleep after 45 minutes(seems to be the magic number!) and woke after 20 minutes, fell back asleep and I believe she woke after another hour, feel back asleep...just very choppy. She did not wake up very happy after that one.

*Third night: Into bed just fine, but still took a long time to wind down. And quite loud this night, not upset just shouting her songs and chatting very loudy.

*Third nap: After about 25 minutes she was out.

To sum it up as of now: Going great and better than expected and I believe it will take her a while to adjust to winding down with out her pacifier. SO, I am just trying to get into bed with allowing time for her to chat and sing before falling asleep and still waking up at a decent time that will not affect bedtime.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Mini Oregon coast tour with the Tofslie's..

Eddy enjoying the sunset in Netarts, OR. Near Tillamook.

LOTS MORE GREAT PHOTOS OF THE BEACH HERE. I failed miserably. I tried to weed out photos, but I will warn you, there are LOTS to follow! After Lacy's birthday, Eddy's parents left for the Oregon coast. They were starting at Coos Bay and traveled up North along the coast. Lacy and I went to Portland to see my parents for a couple days while my mom was on vacation from ALL kids. So she was able to have just Lacy time:) Then we came back, and got ready to meet the Tofslie's at the coast! We met up at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a tour and yummy samples. My good friend Kristy's parents live near there at Cape Mears and it brought back a lot of great memories to be over. Strange not to see all them while there! After the tour, we went to beach right from our Hotel in Netarts. Then the next morning we drove down the road to a beach in Oceanside. Then we ate and hit the road for Cannon beach. After Cannon we continued off to Astoria. Wow, lots of amazing history in that danergous Columbia River Bar. We learned a lot at the Columbia River Maritime Museum
We also did the drive-byes of the elementary school in Kindergarten Cop and we saw part of the house from Goonies(it's up a private drive, but you can see it a little and then you can see it at the bottom of the hill)

Lacy had a wonderful time with her Grandparents from Montana. It's amazing to think the last time her grandpa had seen her was when she had only been walking for 3 weeks...a LOT had changed since then! So obviously this time together was cherished and we can't wait to go to Montana for Christmas to see the family again. Until then, blog posts and videos will have to do! We love you Grandpa and Grandma!

Grandpa and Lacy walking at Sunset

Kisses for Grandma

Taking a dip with Grandpa-do you see Lacy's smile?

All smiles

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column

Astoria Column


Oceanside-can you see Eddy and Grandpa?





Columbia River Maritime Museum

Columbia River Maritime Museum-Lacy trying to get a better look at the sturgeon display under the floor. Can you see them?

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Elementary School from Kindergarten Cop

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Grandpa, Grandma, and Lacy enjoying the view at our Netart Hotel

What happens to pigtails when they meet a car seat.