Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Little Bookworm:)

Our Little Bookworm from tofslie on Vimeo.

Turn up your speakers when Lacy comes on! I LOVE this new phase Lacy is in, just so cute. Now you all can see what I get hear over the monitor when Lacy is doing quiet time up in her crib. We love our little bookworm:)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So many new photos, but still SO sick!!

Well, we are behind our the blog that's for sure. But, Lacy and I keep getting knocked down by this NASTY cold! We have done a lot in the last week and have lots of fun photos to come. But, that will take energy which is something this sick mommy does not have a lot of at the moment!:) However, in the meantime I wanted to share with you all my husband's latest interview. I am so in awe and proud of what he does to provide for his family and thought you might enjoy the interview. You will notice at the top of the page there is a photo of a Nike add and it also appears on an iphone, both some of Eddy's work. If you click on his name at the beginning of the article, it will also take you to his portfolio if you are unfamiliar with his work:) Here is the article:


Saturday, October 18, 2008

First trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year!

Yay! We made it and another beautiful day like last year! It was so cold and go figure, windy at home, so we prepared for a cold afternoon. Well, the sun popped out and at the pumpkin patch they are blocked from the gorge wind so it was just beautiful! Now, if you read the previous post, you'll know that we hit the patch without a nap and at a rough time. But, we had to make sure rain that was forecasted passed, hence why we went at that time. So, it started out great, Lacy running all around looking at everything all excited, just having a wonderful time. Eddy and Lacy found one of those tiny 'pumpkins' right at the beginning(yes I know they are really not called pumpkins, but that's what I am calling it!:) and she loved it. We did find a pumpkin out in the patch, but Lacy did not really want it! How funny is that! She had her little one and was happy as a clam! So, we did not get a bigger one as we plan on buying our big ones for carving at the grocery store for cheaper. We also ran into our neighbors, we always seem to run into them. Oh wait, it IS a small town, with not a lot of options, haha, but still fun to see them. Lacy and Chaz are so cute together, the little blondie blue eyed friends.

Well, after seeing our friends, Lacy just started to melt down and did not recover. It was pretty funny at first. I had planned to snap photos of all the places we did last year and began with the tractor. Well, Lacy was not happy and cried through the photos, WHICH I still enjoy:) However, then her behavior turned to NOT so cute and mommy and daddy were bummed because we had to take back the treat we were working our way to get due the stinky behavior. Yes, the poor munchkin was tired, but that doesnt excuse inappropriate behavior! So, that was that. Daddy went to pay for the mini 'pumpkin' and mommy took the screaming toddler to the car. Well, that's the way it goes! I plan on taking her back at some point during a week day to snap all those photos I would like to have at a better time for her.

Oh, a little side note...we went out to eat after the pumpkin patch and there were quite a few other kids at the restaurant, but I am guessing this man was an owner was watching Lacy and then walks over and gave her a treat! It was so cute! When she is not throwing a whopper, what a charmer she can be!

mommy's favorite 'photograph' from our short trip

chatter, chatter, chatter, so much to talk about:)

fascinated by the gross rotting pumpkin


Corn maze, last year it was so full and so much greener!

Lacy stopping to read a scene from the cinderella story

Lacy and her buddy Chaz

The NOT-so-happy-same-as-last-year photo:)

probably could have taken some good shots, haha, but that's the way it goes!

Good Friends

Good-bye Naps

Yes, that's right folks my NEWLY 2 year old believes she does not need naps anymore! Doesn't mommy get a vote in this?!!! Apparently not:( I think we could have extended naps longer if she would have continued to use fafoo, but since we ended that chapter, we are left to adjust. I will be honest, when this first started happening, I was NOT happy. I was just not ready. However, I have always planned that whenever naps ceased I would replace them with a 'quiet time'. Mommy still needs time, either to make phone calls, get extra things done much faster, or even just to put her feet up and take a mental break. However, with Lacy being so young, I figured quiet time would be difficult to reach a decent chunk of time, like an hour that I was hoping for. Well, I just thought I would give it a try. I talked to Lacy and told her what was going to happen. Then, placed her in her crib with lots of books and left the room. That little tyke was SOOO quiet for the ENTIRE hour!! I could not believe it! So far, all the quiet times have been a big success. Every three days or so, I figure she is so tired from skipping naps that I try to have her sleep, and I think there has been only once(after the playdoh party) that she in fact slept. SO, unless we have a big morning, I am just going to stop trying.

Now, I am left with only ONE hour in the day. Well, sort of. At least for a couple months while she is in transition, she must be in bed between 6:15 and 6:30pm and usually sleeps until after 7am! So, a great long evening for mommy and daddy, that is nice for sure! I am sure that will shift back to 7 or 7:30 eventually, but for now, it's not so bad. I still get a period without a little one around and Lacy enjoys her book time. Oh, and yes that does mean at times the hours of 3-5pm can be quite difficult:) But, once she is eating dinner, all is well again and then it's off to bed. Here are a couple photos of Lacy after quiet time in her comfy cashmere pants(yes, a hand-me-down of course!)

Lacy is very into what the words spell, here she is running her fingers across saying "gallop. Mommy that spells GALLOP."

All these books were in a stack when I left. Good thing she likes her books!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Playdoh Party!

Today our some of our group got together for some playdoh time, songs for the little ones and some good chatting for the mommies! We have such a great group and I just have to share the fun invitation Linden sent out for our kickoff of these playdates.

"Hello all!

Are you tired of sitting inside with your tot while you watch the rain outside (okay, I know its only been raining two days, but go with me here) and begin to crank up the thermostat? Do you have the line up for PBS Kids memorized so you know when you can stop playing puzzles for the milllionth time and turn on Bob The Builder? Do you know the folks at Walmart because you go there once, twice or more during the week just as an excuse to get out of the house? Are you beginning to understand what that 1980s Calgon bathtime lady meant when she pulled her hair and said "Calgon, take me away!" ? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than that is proof that the winter grey rainy blahs are upon us and we need some fun and activity in our days!
You are cordially invited to attend the first of many (hopefully) Mommy-Toddler Beat the Winter Blahs Playdates. Throw on a clean shirt, gather your toddler, grab the sippy cup and some diapers, put new sister in her carseat, and come for two hours of unstructured structure (that describes our lives, yes?) complete with friends, snacks, activity, stories and songs.
The first of these events will be Wednesday morning, October 15, from 9:30-11:30 at Linden's house. Kelly has offered to lead us in a few movement songs or stories, Michelle has offered to bring a snack for tots, we will do playdoh for as long as the attention is there, and of course other toys will be available to play with (or argue over, lets be realistic). Mommy snacks provided."

How cute was that?! So, today some were into the playdoh, others not so much, but there were PLENTY of great toys to go around. Good for the kids and great for the mommies too. We decided we are gonna try this for a while and see how it goes. We have some fun craft projects that will do with the kids and then a lot of free play(with a lot of refereeing by the mommies:). Good times had by all. It was so fun that my no-napper was SO pooped when we go home, YAY, she is sleeping right now!!! Yeah, we should do this more, haha:) Thanks SOOOO much Linden for opening your beautiful home, the DELICIOUS baked goods, snacks for the kiddos, and not to mention the playdoh we got to take home!

Forrest is a BIG BROTHER!

On October 1st, our friends welcomed their second baby, Gretchen into the world! So exciting! Now Forrest is a big brother and they have an adorable little boy and now a girl too. We are so happy for them and we can't wait to meet that sweet little baby...darn colds! Here are some pics Leah and Gus sent out to us. How adorable is that little newborn! Then just a few days later on the 5th, Forrest turned 2! What an eventful few days at their house!

Oh, and a fun sidenote...ALL the second round of new babies in our group were ALL girls! Four new girls. I thought that was pretty funny:)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Celebrating 80 years of Alpha Phi at University of Idaho!

My first solo trip ever! And now that means, no hubby, no daughter...just momma and all her girls! Over the weekend, I hit the road with my wonderful GPS and headed back to U of I to meet up with a good group of my pledge class and other sisters in Alpha Phi. We all were meeting up to celebrate Beta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi being at U of I for 80 years. Courtney who was in the pledge class two years later than I(also my maid of honor in my wedding!!) and her husband Jonathan opened their home to me for the weekend. They were so good to this mommy pampering her and feeding her and giving me great opportunity to put my feet up!

So the weekend started off with Courtney and I getting a night to just talk, talk, talk. It was great! We did attend the fireside function with Alpha Phi on Friday night, but it was not what we expected and so we just continued on to a coffee shop and closed it down:) The next morning Jonathan made us a great waffle breakfast and Court hooked me up with a YUMMY chai tea and these two lovely lap warmers kept me nice and warm:) See photo at the end. Then it was off to Alpha Phi to meet up with everyone else and enjoy a free BBQ and house tours! My pledge class headed off to hang out after this event and a few other older gals came as well. Then we split up and Nicole, Lisa and I went to the football game and the rest went on to more bars, maybe wine tasting I think?? I of course wanted to see the marching band, as I did it every year except my senior year. It was fun to see them again! Then, a nice walk through the beautiful campus and what a perfect time of year to go as all the leaves were changing...so pretty!

After it was time to get ready for dinner. Dinner was a bit of a disappoinment and WHAT was up with the choice for live music???? Ok, adorable elderly man, but just NOT cool for an event dinner. Yeah, we all just thought, Napoleon Dynamite. After must hit the bars, but me and my little sis Wendy opted to grab some snacks and just chat the evening away. Then, of course I swung over to the bars and gave a couple girls a ride back to their hotels.

The next morning most of my pledge class and a small group from all the other classes attended a brunch before we all hit the road. Well worth it. Nice yummy food before we all hit the road again. This trip was SOOO fun. And daddy and Lacy had a great time together at home. Special time for them as well.

I will never forget when I arrived home Lacy, the not so touchy-feely self, wrapped her arms around me and just squeezed for about 3 minutes, only stopping here and there to look and me and smile then go back to hugging....yup, it's bringing tears to my eyes as I type! SO wonderful.

Me, Michelle, Cindy, Lindzee, Crissie, and Courtney

After the BBQ and out for more fun!

'Who do we hate?! Boise State!' An item on the menu:)

Lindzee, Michelle, Nicole

Crissie and Jenn and Lori(both pledge class 97)

Me, Nicole, Lisa(pledge class 99) near Hello Walk

This spotlight is for the flags in the previous photo...notice what someone else had in mind for it??:)

Nicole walking on campus

At dinner: Jenn, Lori Melissa, Crissie, Lindzee, Michelle, Carrie, Lisa. Next row: me, Nicole, Wendy

Me and Nicole

wow....the music.

The Kibbie Dome where the football games are held. YAY for indoors!

This would have been my spot, but we held our games at WSU when I sat with the band. MUCH warmer and drier here!

The poor team is just doing terrible..thank goodness they were hot when I was a freshman, SO much for fun!

The band did this endorsment for recycling and did a spin off of opening ceremonies from the Olympics.

Whether laughing with them or at them, no denying they are GREAT entertainment:) I just think they are great.

I REALLY laughed here, they are swimming on top of the tubs:) Much enjoyed!

All done!

A group photo of those still around for the Sunday brunch. Photo from Jennifier Gish:)

The 90s A-Phis. Photo from Jennifier Gish:)

Hanging out at Courtney and Jonathan's with two great lap warmers:)