Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting caught up-Earning her keep

I have always let Lacy help in some way when I do the laundry and she completely loves it. Usually, I just let her play with the rags, or sort everything. However, I was folding and happened to turn around to see Lacy doing the SAME thing! She is a pro at folding rags. Now, I just hand her the basket of clean rags and off she goes, folding, stacking, and putting them away in the drawer. What a great little helper she is.

Getting caught up-Beat the rainy day blahs!

WOW! A full house for sure! I hosted our playgroup on November 11. The entire group was able to make it, that meant a total of 23 bodies in my house! Of course 3 of those were itty bitty infants:) We had a fun paint with water craft for the kids(Lacy LOVED it) and despite being in very close quarters, the kids played SO well! It was a wonderful morning, and one of my friends from the group watched Lacy the day before as I was dealing with the typical first trimester fatigue, but as well as massively low blood pressure, anemia, and hypoglycemia...yeah, again, Linden THANK YOU for watching Lacy so I could prepare!! This was a very fun morning and we have another one this Wednesday. Can't wait!

You will have to see the last two photos. Lacy was sad all her friends left at lunch time. I was making lunch and Lacy hollers over, "LOOK mommy all my friends are with Lacy on the couch." I grabbed my camera:) cute.

All Lacy's friends

Getting caught up-Halloween

Well, this is the first year Lacy participated in Halloween. Eddy and I had a hard time deciding whether or not to participate in this "holiday". I did trick or treat as a child and had many great conversations with my parents about avoiding and rejecting evil, but enjoying childhood favorites of dressing up and of course CANDY! I have lots of thoughts on this subject, but am choosing not to vent about it now. Sure, we had a great time watching Lacy enjoy her costume and run door to door...but all the while, I was uneasy. Pretty sure, this is it for us:) She sure did look cute in her kitty costume!

Getting caught up-THE Pumpkin Patch, Sauvie Island

THIS was a great day. Both my parents were able to go and being on a Friday(Oct.24), the patch was not crazy busy, but definitely active. We arrived just in time for lunch and enjoyed the cafe with all sorts of festive fall foods, including Lacy's favorite-corn on the cob! We spent so much time there, but were so sad that we were unable to do the massive corn maze the pumpkin patch makes every year. And I mean HUGE. I took a photo of their aerial's pretty cool! BUT...due to the low water table, the fields stay SUPER muddy. And, I mean, must have rubber boots kind of muddy! I was so bummed not to try it! Well, something to look forward to next year. Lacy also LOVED the cow train they had. She was clapping and cheering the whole ride. It went a little faster than mommy would have liked, but Lacy loved the bumpy, twisty turvy ride. It was a wonderful fall day! Next year Daddy will have to take a day off to come enjoy in all the fun.