Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SOOO many photos to sort through!!

So, before I have time (and energy!!!) to get all caught up since the end of October, here are some photos of Lacy in the meantime.

She told a "joke" today, as she is ALWAYS kidding people. Lacy says "What's in the baby's diaper???.......POOP!!!" Seriously made me laugh so loud. She thought she was so funny...and mommy and daddy thought so too. We have been talking about what babies do, and I really only told her ONCE that they get poopy diapers and out of everything, that's what stuck! Go figure.


Tara said...

LOVE her sweater!! cute cute :)
and that joke.. too funny!!
Have very much missed your posts.. (although I shouldnt complain too much since I never post anymore either...)

rachel said...

has Lacy's hair just got longer? she suddenly seems much older. looking forward to the posts when you catch up.

Emily Weaver Brown said...

great pictures Kelly!
Now I am tagging you !
I'm challenging you to post a photo from sometime during your first 4 months of blogging. Re-post it and then tell us the story behind it.
check my blog for the details.