Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well, we happy to report we FINALLY made it to Montana!! SO, originally we were scheduled to leave the morning of the 19th. We then bought airline tickets for the 25th. Well, the snow kept coming and on Tuesday the 23rd we had a break in all the snow, with the highway open. On a whim we decided we should leave and stay at my parents in Portland in case the highway was to close again. That way we would at least be local for our flight! What a scramble to get all our bags repacked for flying and it was a RUSH. We were able to spend Christmas Eve with my family which would not have happened originally and I was so thankful to have extra time with my brother, since it's been a year since I have seen him.

We then re-packed on the morning of Christmas Day and left for the airport at 11am. Our flight left at 2pm and we landed in Seattle, where we had a 5 hour lay-over. That actually was not so bad. We had plenty of time to eat, change diapers, Lacy watched some DVDs, and the airport has a wonderful children's playroom!!! THAT was great. The little ones could really run off some steam after being cooped up on a plane. Then, our flight was delayed a 1/2hr. But then, at the last minute they changed it to ON TIME! That was a bit of a scramble, but we managed. As we were about to board at 8:00pm, it was announced there was a weather advisory and a chance we would not be able to land in either of the two stops our plane was going to make due to snow!! Oh that snow!

We get on the plane and up we go. I guess the best way to describe the snowy landing was by the all the passengers clapping by the time we came to a stop! Yikes. Then, we had to stay on the plane as some got off and some new passengers got on. This is where Lacy had her one and only melt down at 11pm(and being up for 15 hours) for 10 minutes before we took off(which SEEMED like 4 hours) due to being exhausted and her having issues with sleeping anywhere but a quiet dark room. The plane started and Lacy did crash. COMPLETELY asleep.

We arrived with another tense landing, but safe! Eddy then managed to stand up and froze. He threw out his back!!! Now, we had a dead-weight child and one with a bum back all the while, needing to take ALL of our bags off the plane and work our way to the baggage claim to meet Eddy's dad. We made it and I will never forget Lacy asking to lay on the floor of the baggage claim area, covered with a blanket, lightly sleeping while we took care of the luggage.

After some crying, car seat installed, bags loaded in the car, we were able to drive back to Eddy's parents house. was snowing...and snowing hard and we had I believe we had two passes to go over. God was so good...and we arrived at 2:30am at Eddy's parents house. WOW...what an experience!

The top photo was the one we chose for our Christmas cards this year(WHICH were/are late). I asked Lacy to smile pretty for mommy...and that closed mouth-tilt of the head is what she gave me! I had some others that printed better, but I couldn't resist using that for the memory. Actually, the printing of the photos were a disaster, but I used them anyway! We are enjoying our stay here in chilly Montana and will post all the photos and fun we had when we return!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a fun, but safe New Year's!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home for the Holidays Update...

Well, well, well...what a winter wonderland we have here! I can't believe last night we were in a blizzard warning...BLIZZARD! They have closed the main highway, I-84, and on top of that, the city has declared a snow state of emergency! So, since Friday morning, our snow has more than doubled and it's snowing currently at a chilly 15 degrees(which they say feels like 5).

Our home covered in beautiful snow
Friday morning was definitely a gloomy one here at our home, realizing the plans we were all so looking forward too, were no longer a reality.'s amazing how loving and gracious our Father is:) We have had such a wonderful time enjoying what ruined our special plans. We decided to go around the corner and out to eat Friday night and that was just a special evening. The first photo is Lacy right outside the restaurant after dinner, so excited to touch the snow. We enjoyed a walk to the grocery store and a walk around the snowy neighborhood. Just a wonderful time! Here are some photos from this morning and yesterday morning at the park. YES, the park. We attempted to go sledding, but one time down the hill, Lacy was done. Then she saw the swings and wanted to swing....why not?:) Although she did not enjoy the sledding, she still LOVED being out in the snow and walking around(where we shoveled a path so she could walk, that is!)

Looking into our cul-de-sac at our house

So many icecicles-look how BIG they are!

intersection right outside our neighborhood

cross-street in our neighborhood

Looking out our front door-Look our little bush only has the top peeking out!

Our little fairy(yes, STILL wearing it all the time!) enjoying the view

We can't open our door! Look, snow piled up! Also, take a look at the chair and then scroll down to the previous post of the same chair...lots more snow now!

Just a saturday morning at the park:)

loving it

catching snowflakes on her tongue

the wind was starting to pick up...TOO cold, time to go!

Oh my goodness...look at those cheeks!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Home for the Holidays??

As you can see we are ALL packed and ready to hit the road to spend Christmas in Montana with Eddy's family this morning! Now, I was SO great about preparing for this trip and getting packed super early, as much as I could that is. SO, by last night we were in good shape. We even took all the decorations down to take out our fire hazard of a tree! But....there was a problem.

Oh, yes there was a problem.

ICE AND SNOW. All that snow we got yesterday was very wet and then, all the slush turned to nasty ice with a lot more snow on top. We quickly turned on the news(thankfully we still were getting a signal, as often in snow we lose it!) and jumped on the computer to see what was happening throughout our entire route. Soon, we got a call from Eddy's mom as it was not so good their way and she had been checking as well. We heard on the news that parts of the highway we were starting on kept closing and were requiring the use of chains. Oh no.

Soon, it was clear that we were not leaving today as the temps are actually DROPPING during the day, just keeping everything frozen and the conditions just seemed to get worse the more east we needed to go. NOW what? See if we could leave tomorrow? Fly?

After lots and lots of phone calls, we decided driving was out for the current weather conditions and so many more bigger storms coming in, we hoped we could one, FIND airplane tickets, and two afford late notice tickets. The final outcome..we are not able to make it to Montana for Christmas. Heartbreaking. I also was singing in the Christmas Eve service. Instead, we will head out late Christmas afternoon and arrive in Montana 11pm. So, we still get to spend time with Eddy's family and that is something to be thankful for. Now, we get to stay at home for Christmas, with decorations down. At least, it does not rob us all of the reason for the season, the true reason we do all things fun things, thanking God for sending his one and only Son, to be our Savior. And, so we will have a Merry Christmas, even if we will be at home in Oregon.

It may have only been a few hours...

AND, we woke up to snow. And it was coming down so fast when Lacy and I went to the store that when I used a PUSH BROOM to slide the snow off the windows oh, so quickly, by the time I came back around the windshield was already recovered with almost an inch! Yeah, it was coming down pretty quickly!

Even with all the weather issues, we were SO happy that the day before our big trip to Montana, we got see Uncle Cory!!!!! Ma'am and Papa picked him up from the airport and they came straight to our place. We have not seen him since last Christmas. And at that time Lacy called him "Un-Dun-Dee"...yeah, it's been awhile:) Lacy and I made brownies while waiting for everyone to arrive.
Once here, we knew as the temps were dropping and threatening ice was approaching, we had on a few hours at max to visit. We decided to let Lacy open ALL her presents from Ma'am and Papa and Uncle Cory. First up was a fairy costume with 'butterfly' wings and Lacy thought she was a pretty flying ballerina! As you can see in the next photo, she could hardly stand still wearing it! (side note...we had two HUGE fits that night when we had to take the wings off for dinner and then take it off completely for the night...yes, big hit!) Lacy just kept opening presents from Ma'am and Papa and also from our friends who wanted us to open before we left for our trip:)

Lacy walking in her new pretty high-heel shoes!

Opening presents with Uncle Cory

Loves it!

Lacy completely amazed by Uncle Cory's juggling!

So...she tries. One landed right on the top of her head. I guess she needs more lessons from Uncle Cory.

Photos before they had to leave.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A visit from Jack Frost

SNOW!! After church this afternoon and despite it only being 18 degrees with a bitter breeze, the neighborhood braved the weather to indulge in the first snow of the season. We had about 4+ inches. I was happily surprised how much more Lacy loved the snow over last year. She was so excited! Our neighbor let her borrow a little shovel and Lacy was just set on helping daddy shovel the driveway and sidewalk:)

I would say the highlight of our afternoon was Lacy wanting to throw the snow up in the air like her mommy did. Lacy picks up a big handful of powdery snow and then THROWS! However, her aim was a little off and instead of throwing up, she threw the snow RIGHT IN HER FACE!! I attempted to hold in my laugh, wanting to see Lacy's reaction. She stood there for like 5 seconds, face all clenched up and eyes closed....then screamed. And what did I do? I laughed SOOO hard, and of course, rushed to help brush the bitter cold snow off her face. She was SO shocked. Other than that she LOVED it! She also was treated to a little sled ride with one of her neighbors.
I was unsure if it was save to have my camera out in very chilly weather and it was snowing while we were out(lightly) and was NOT going to chance my new lens! So, I just snapped a couple very quickly, put the camera back inside and called it good.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Singing Sonflower Sisters

It was another great afternoon with my ladies small group from church. We all met at Tina's house for a great brunch and fellowship, then we crossed the street to spread some Christmas joy to an assisted living center with some caroling! It was so much fun and I can't believe the talent in this group! No practicing and yet, it was quite beautiful. Makes me miss singing in a choir! Then, we went back to Tina's for more chatting and yummy deserts! The best part is everyone in the group was able to make it! Next up, movie night at our place, next month!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa...I'M READY!!!!!!!

Lacy wanted to let you know she is all ready to play in the Montana snow! Although, we might have a test run this weekend...snow is in the forecast! Now...we might just have to do some convincing to leave ni-night in the house though:)

Happy FIRST Birthday Hailey!!!!!!

My cousin Shannon (who, with her family, visited in June this summer) gave birth to beautiful Hailey one year ago today. Happy Birthday beautiful Hailey! We wish we were there in Alaska to celebrate with you. We love you and your mommy and daddy oh, so much! Yay! One YEAR old!

I stole this photo from their blog:)