Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

We, along with Portland, got some snow this week and again this morning. I wish Lacy could have played  in it more, but we also played on Wednesday when we were hit with snow. Thank GOODNESS I left Portland on Monday. I knew the rest of the week snow was forecasted and I better get home. Well, turns out, Portland(and HR) was hit Tuesday and it was HORRIBLE. When I took a super enthusiastic Lacy outside first 15 minutes she cried almost non-stop, scared she was going to fall, snow got in her face, then upset that she had tears and a runny nose...oh yes...this momma had to muster up a LOT of patience. Then, POOF...she was all acclimated and you never would have known the tears were there to begin with. Once she knew she was safe, she was running all over to find the perfect place to plop down and make a
snow angel:)

Daddy and Lacy ready to leave for the store

Lacy's reaction when it was time to come in. Poor thing did not really get to 'play' in the snow today. BUT, it was starting to rain and it was also 1pm and she had not eaten since breakfast(another reason for the tears). Hopefully we'll see more winter wonderland in 2010:)

LOTS of fun Christmas photos to come!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

YOU tell me how?? :)

I placed Ashley down on the floor gym, on her back, right on the sun in the center. I was checking on her often while doing the dishes. I swear it had only been a minute and look where I see her next!!!!

I have NO idea HOW she got there! So I know she rolled over from her back to her stomach, which she has not yet done, although she has been SUPER close for so long now, but even by rolling over she would not get outside of the gym AND in that spot! Lacy and I had a good laugh over this and even this photo makes me chuckle. The expression on her face and it just KILLS me that I honestly do not know how she did this. Oh man, I better look out, those crazy days of a baby on the move with big sister LITTLE toys all over. Ready or not, here it comes.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's officially Tofslie tradition!

This is the third year running that we have taken photos with our tree lights before we put them on the tree and I have decided it is now tradition! Especially, as Lacy has taken a liking to it as well! How cute, she grabbed her camera and has her own ideas of taking a picture of her special Christmas snow globes:) And she also had to take a photo of mommy and daddy by the lights. It was hilarious to watch her move all around and position the camera JUST so to take the photo. If I had more time I would upload the photo from her camera of Eddy and I laughing by the lights:) Miss Ashley missed out this year as she was long in bed while we were beginning the decorating fun. Next year she will join in! I thought it would be fun to see the previous years photos and posted them as well. With all the photo fun, we only finished the lights on the tree! And today we leave in a couple hours for the Nutcracker! Eventually our tree will be finished...and if you know me, I prefer to have the tree bought, up, and decorated the day after Thanksgiving! Oh well, tis the season with two little ones and one being a baby!



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The BIG Three-Oh!

That's right Eddy's 30 today!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to a very talented, hardworking, loving husband and father!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Celebration

Oh man...cuteness overload. I wanted to wait to post this and leave the previous post for the day...but I can't help it! Mammie sent the girls some antlers and Miss Happy Pants looks so darn cute in them:) Too bad they blend in with the tree. I can't wait to post all our Christmas fun we have had so far! More coming soon. (ok, SO irritated that there is some weird compression going on around Ashley cheek and chin! It's NOT supposed to be there-if you click on the photo it's not as bad..just showing up when I post it. Still cute though, right?!)

Half way over....

How can this be? My sweet baby girl is 6 months today. Honestly, I am tearing up writing this. Having our second daughter was been SO wonderful, but so crazy fast. It is such a bittersweet day. I will be doing a 6 month photo shoot this week and when those photos are posted will also post all the tidits about this sweet pea. I also have been taking some video...although I am WAY behind on those! For now, here is one photo from Ashley all bundled at Zoo Lights last week just on Eddy's point-and-shoot camera.

We love you little one!

Maybe just slow it down a little, will you? :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh How I Have Missed You! Have you missed me?

Well, man have I missed posting all of our fun and good times on our blog! Have you missed the posts as well? Just wondering. SO, we were so busy after Lacy's birthday(and have lots of fun photos) and then Eddy got quite busy at work and my extra time disappeared. Sadly, there went my time to get to my precious blog!

My plan. I am going to do both a current and one old post when I update the blog. Except today:) I had four hours of sleep cut up into 2 hour parts. NOT of any fault of the girls. I stayed up attempting to tackle whipping this house back into shape and at night is my ONLY chance to get things done, uninterrupted. We are hosting Thanksgiving out our house and that means, enough is enough...getting caught up! Just not on sleep:) Not only will my parents and brother come, but my friend Wendy and her husband are bringing their new baby girl Maylee over, and our oh, so missed Helen, Lucy, Phoebe and little Helen will be coming over for their first visit since they moved to Seattle. Obviously, we need a filth-free home! SO, I will leave you with some photos. I have turned another corner in learning this whole photography thing and that is very fun!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lacy's 3rd Birthday

August 23rd

This birthday was a fun one for me as a mom, as Lacy really knew what it meant when she was told her birthday was coming. I stole my friend Joelena's line "You must almost be (insert age)" whenever Lacy did something I wanted her to feel proud or should receive praise over. She LOVED the phrase and soon she even started beating me to the punch when she saw my happy reaction and would shout "I must almost be THREE Mommy!" Seriously...just so precious and so adorable. Thanks for that one Joelena!

Obviously with a newborn in the mix, it was more challenging to prepare for Lacy's birthday. I had been going back and forth to Portland, having visitors, celebrating my dad's birthday and then POOF, Lacy's big day was fast approaching. Thankfully, when in Portland for my dad's birthday I did all the party decoration shopping then. This year, because Lacy knew what a party was and because I had so little time to prepare for her birthday, I came up with the best solution possible. Eliminating the extra work of getting our house cleaned up, I opted to have the party at Pietro Pizza downtown. We could have decorations, food/drinks, AND they have an arcade that Lacy enjoys. DONE. I also took Lacy to the party store and let her choose whatever theme she would like. No surprise....CINDERELLA! Now, usually I would want everything to coordinate, but because I could not really make anything myself, what the heck...I let Lacy choose whatever cake design she wanted...even, gasp...if it clashed! :) And this is what happened.

We were at the store and there were SO many choices. Of course WAY too many for an almost 3 year old to sort through. I helped flag down her interests to speed up the process, because at every page I heard "I want that one please!". If you don't know, this child LOVES cake, so every one about made her mouth drool. Finally, we were down to two cakes. I assumed Lacy was going to choose the OBNOXIOUSLY bright Dora cake over the ballerina cake. But, she goes with the ballerina cake that had 2 porcelain figurines included . SO, I call over one of the bakers and go through the entire form. I turn to Lacy and all excited tell her "Ok, your ballerina cake is all ready?!" And Lacy bursts into tears, looks up at me and says "But, I wanted the Dora cake."    WHAT?! And keep in mind, this was not 'tantrum' type tears, but 'heartbroken' type tears. I was ready to redo the WHOLE thing, but just talked the ballerina one up, especially how she would get to keep the ballerina figures, and phew! We were able to keep that one.

The next choice was her outfit. I let her rummage through her closet and pick whatever she wanted to wear. I can't say just how much I love that, not only did she pick what she thought was the prettiest dress, but that she MATCHED her sandals!

The only downside was that, being in my secluded newborn world, I lost track of days and did not get invites out soon enough. And on top of that, our neighbors, who pretty much were a shoe in for going, were almost all out of town! I was SO happy that our good friends the Rogers and Lacy's birthday buddy Garrett and his mom Michelle joined our family for her party. I also was scrambling getting Lacy's presents. I was able to order a few on amazon and thank goodness  my mom and brother picked up a few for us in Portland. Although I felt it was a bit of a scramble, we pulled off a party atmosphere!

The reason I know we pulled it off, was watching Lacy walk around the corner and gasp, smile and say "It's my birthday party!" That look I don't think I will forget. Thanks to all that made this day special for my little Lacy.

Side note: it's SO dark in Pietro's that the photos aren't the best quality, but at least memories documented!

Darn auto focus! How cute was her pose? Looking good uncle Cory:)

Lacy and her loot.

Little spectator

Happy Birthday Song!

LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!! I think this is my favorite from her birthday.

She dug right in and took out the candles and the ballerinas.

Such a good uncle:)

I should mention that while Mammie is reading "Too much Junk Food" Lacy is listening and stuffing her face with candy:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Papa turns 60!!!

ALRIGHT! Back in action! After getting a little behind due to newborn land, then running into some computer problems, I THINK I will be able to catch up on my dear blog:) Ahh, I've missed it!

Back on August 12th, my dad was turning, gulp...60! With my brother back in Oregon, we got together for a surprise family dinner.This was my first attempt to organize and take care of a few things since Ashley was born. It was a scramble, but with everyone's team work, my mom, and brother, we pulled it off. Eddy had to work and was unable to make it, since it was during the week:( My dad had no clue we were coming and my mom got off work early and we ran the doorbell, my brother fibbed and said he needed to sign for a package and "SURPRISE!".  We also surprised him with his favorite cake from Rose's Cafe. Lacy treated us all with decorating the cake with sprinkles. I will say that the rest of us DID eat the cake. You look at the photos below and decide if you would have, haha.

Being that Lacy's birthday was just around the corner, we stayed so I could do some scrambling for Lacy's presents and "party".

My not-so-proud mommy moment. Ashley was awake and I FORGOT to include her as I was setting the camera timer and running to my seat. Someone else COULD have held her! Whoops.

This looks innocent and sweet enough right?.....

THIS is what happened in between handfuls. YUMMY.

Leaving the Lacy mark...she just could not resist! Ever since her second bday, she has had a VERY hard time resisting scooping off a finger of frosting:)

Papa's own slice!

Uncle Cory gave her some flowers, this is how she flaunted it.

At least I remembered to take her photo! (9wks)

It was good!

Poor Uncle Cory was booted out to an air mattress in the kitchen while we visited! Now, he is able to stay in the trailer with his own bed, own space, and with peace and quiet, haha.

Lacy LOVES Mammie and Papa's backyard. Here she was playing with all the fallen leaves..for a LONG time.

A missed blogged moment during Ashley's 2 week of life, Lacy was stung by a bee for the first time. She responded much better than I imagined it would go, even pulling out the stinger by herself. SO, even after that, she still has no fear of bees. She told me she wanted to watch the bees. She was practically sitting IN this plant. She calm, cool, and collected. Her momma was clenching her teeth, trying not to pass on her own fears!

Sweet spectator. 

The best potato scrubber:)

This ONLY happens at mammie and papa's house. She always has SO much fun:)

This child has a passion for flowers. REALLY.

Enjoying the fresh berries she picked out of Mammie and Papa's garden.

Her beautiful bouquet:)