Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Allie!

Wow! You are four years old today! We can't believe what a big girl you are already. Kelly remembers seeing you hours after you were born, taking special pictures of you while you were oh so tiny and brand new. We love you and are so proud of the big girl that you have become.

We can't wait to celebrate with you at your birthday tea party on Saturday!

Happy Birthday!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Playdoh fun

We have not pulled out the playdoh for awhile and what a difference this time around! She finally can make the hair grow on all the animals and let me tell you, it's a hoot to watch! She has to use ALL her strength to push down, she just shakes and turns red, but she does it! She literally played all day yesterday! All morning until lunch and all afternoon until dinner...hours and hours. Making hair, rolling snakes, making tongues, imagining with her animals, cleaning up and changing colors, on and on she went! It was so fun to watch her and see all her creations:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lacy's great grandma and grandpa got Lacy this cute outfit for Christmas and I wanted to throw in a couple pics of Lacy wearing it in their thank you card. Look how she posed! Hilarious, huh? They totally crack me up. And, yes, we have not gotten a new cover from the hand-me-down chair from Phoebe:)

For this one, Lacy wanted to put her hand in her back pocket.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Yes, MORE milestones to share. Monday night Lacy moved out of her crib and into a 'big girl bed'! Although she has been ready for the switch for quite some time, it was not really needed. My running joke is, if we left Lacy in there until she was a teenager, she would never attempt to crawl out! Lacy is so cautious and so there was no rush to switch her bed due to a safety need:) On the other hand, all the times she has slept in a big girl bed, not only did she stay in bed at night when she went down, but she remained in bed until mommy came to get her in the morning, even if she had to wait. Ahhh:) I also wanted to keep her in her crib so she would learn the routine of quiet time...staying IN a bed while she reads, draws on her magnadoodle and listens to music.

SO...last night after dinner we made the switch! Lacy was SOOO excited. She really was proud of herself being a big girl going on the potty, using a big girl cup, AND getting a big girl bed. Proudly exclaiming, "I'm a big girl now!" She was all hyped out in all the commotion of taking apart her crib(to get it OUT of her room), bringing the new bed in, and putting all the sheets and blankets on. She was so excited once we got everything on that she was on her hands and knees and somehow bounced up, kicking her legs so hard, that my extremely cautious Lacy did a COMPLETE BACKWARD FLIP-heels over head, shocking the heck out of her. I immediately started laughing and Lacy with eyes SO wide says, "OH! WHAT happened?" Eddy and I laughed so hard...I laughed until I cried and just could not stop.

I put the quilt that I used as a girl on Lacy's bed and my mom and I are planning on making a slip cover for the headboard. We may even use this bedding in the baby's room and get Lacy new bedding for Lacy's bed...but for now..all she cares about is having the BIG GIRL BED to sleep in:) And as you can see below, she loves snuggling in her bed:)

Our New Present

Lacy did not really know what she was watching, but we, like almost all of the world, watched the big inauguration today. It was interesting conversing about the big event with a 2 year old. First, no matter how hard she tried, 'president' just came out 'present', picking up on words like 'equality'(which she butchered) and 'duty', and she was very interested in the fashion of those attending:) Commenting on coats and dresses and scarves. Her favorite part was for sure the music, asking often for more trumpets(that's my girl!!) and mesmerized by Aretha Franklin. She also believes our new 'Present' and family live in a castle(aka the white house). None-the-less, we watched it all today.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Lacy has a special birthday party for her friend Allie coming in a couple weeks. Allie is having a princess tea party for her birthday! It will be so much fun for the girls! SO, I know the girls will be using tea cups for this special party. Which means, no lids:) So, I thought we should start practicing! I have off and on, tried to introduce lidless cups to Lacy for a long time. I have never seen a little one SO awkward and unnatural at attempting to take a drink! It was quite comical, but clearly she was just not ready! We have not tried in a very long time. So, we try today and....POOF! She just did it like she's been doing it for years! I was prepping her, telling her it's ok if you spill a little, we will just keep trying. But NO! She was perfect! I told her I was so proud of her I wanted to take a photo, haha..and she kept wanting me to take her picture, so I have loads of her using a cup like a big girl:) Goodness Lacy, last week you mastered the potty, this week big girl cups! Mommy is demanding you slow down for goodness sake! :)

Cupcakes with Ma'am!

On Saturday my parents came to our house for the day. Lacy was just finishing her potty training, so we had so much fun just hanging out at the house! Ma'am and Lacy made some cupcakes, since we all know Lacy LOVES anything to do with baking or cooking. She was all smiles as they mixed them all up and especially, all smiles while licking the batter off the spoon once done! It was a great day with Ma'am and Papa! Thanks for coming. Sorry, no pics of Papa! Just snapped a few photos while the cupcakes were being made:(

darn spoon is in the way! So cute!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A wee, wee, doodle-E-doo!

That's right! It's potty time for Lacy! I was hoping to tackle potty training after all the holidays and life slowed down. My goal was to have Lacy successfully trained so when our next little girl arrives, we will only have one in diapers, not two! Plus, a little break from diaper duty won't be too bad as well! So, I was so happy to get a sign from Lacy that she too, was ready. I was not quite settled from our Montana Christmas trip return, but last Saturday I went in at the end of Lacy's quiet time for her to tell me, "I go potty mommy!" WHICH, is fine, she's in a diaper. I walk closer to see my little one had taken off her JEANS and diaper and was bare-bottomed in her crib! WITH, all her books! I must have looked panicked, thinking we probably lost some of her cherished books and Lacy says, "I just pretending Mommy!" Sure enough, all was dry! PHEW! However, she wanted NOTHING to do with another diaper! Although I had plans for that afternoon, I pulled out her little potty and panties. I told her she did not have to wear a diaper, but she would have to stay dry and put her wee and poop in a potty.

I put panties on her and with the beautiful freedom of not having a massive diaper between her legs, all she could do was DANCE! It was the most hilarious dance...Eddy and I just laughed and laughed. So, she came down stairs and the afternoon did go as I expected. She did wet her panties once, but the next time, she started to go and then RAN for the potty, getting most in. Sadly, we had so many plans we could not keep running with Lacy's motivation. We had to wait until Tuesday.

DAY 1!
I pulled up our rug and made this sticker chart for Lacy. I started with training panties that just have a little extra fabric to prevent massive leaks on the floor:) So, again, she wets first thing. Then, I decide to just to have her bare so she can run over and go...NOTHING preventing her from getting the main point. Welp, that was that. She knew she needed to stay dry and put her wee and poop in the potty. And, that's just what she did! She would just run over and go! Well, and she would say "I have to go wee Mommy" or...nothing at all! Then after, all excited she would yell, "COME LOOK MOMMY!" Lacy would get one candy for wee, and 2 for poop. I also was pumping her with yummy kool-aid which she gulped down to increase the trips to the potty. Funny story from the day. My friend Maria(next door neighbor) came over with her two boys. So, I put pants on Lacy while they were here. Well, off she went to go potty even while they were visiting. She went in, and sat down and put her wee in the potty just like I told her. Except...she forgot to pull her pants down! It was hilarious! Had to give her props though! And it was a snap to clean up:) The only other time she started to have an accident was when she wanted to put her panties back on around 4:30 that afternoon. She started to go in her panties, then RAN for the potty, pulled down her semi-wet panties and went quite a bit more. That was it all day! The only time she was able to get candy and put up a sticker was with completely successful trip to the potty. I was so pleased with the first she just would do it on her own. Then I just helped with the aftermath. Lacy LOVED getting the candy. See if you can spot the change in stickers from Day 1 to Day 2!

Day 2!
Yes, that would be TWENTY EIGHT stickers you are looking at! Seriously. It's a wonder I did anything else that day! We kept this day the same, 1/2 naked so Lacy could just focus on getting everything in the potty. Hmm...I think she had it mastered, do you? She would go, come out get her sticker and candy and as soon as she finished eating, "I try to go wee mommy" and wouldn't you know...she WENT....and went and went! I didn't mind as it was just more opportunity for my little one to really master the potty. EXCEPT, there was one problem...
MY HANDS! No there is not a problem with the color. My hands are literally that red. I know it's blurry at my wrist, but you can still see the color difference. hurts. It REALLY hurts. I already had dry skin, so all that washing was murder on my hands. You can see a couple bloody spots, but there are tiny cuts all over my hands. Just painful...but I have been dealing with it almost all my life...and I will take it, if that means an easy potty training day!

And, so we have kept it up all week. Not one accident since day one! We have pages of sticker charts decorating our pantry. On day 3 we added panties to the mix and although Lacy was NOT thrilled about having to pull up and pull down on her own...AT ALL, by the time she had to go, there was no problem. She just pulled them down and went. And at at the end of the second day with panties, it's as if she never had an issue to begin with. We are taking baby steps, knowing that if she gets uncomfortable...she shuts down and melts down. Since we have plans this weekend, we will postpone adding easy elastic pants until next week. THEN, the big part.....PUBLIC RESTROOMS! But, bottom line...she gets it. She will drop whatever she is doing and successfully make it to the potty. Whether that's eating, having friends over, or even vegging through a video, she just gets up and goes. So the logistics of pants, public restrooms and the nursery days at church are not a big deal to me:) She GETS it...and Eddy and I are so proud of her! (Lacy 2 years, 4 months)

Just a couple more of Lacy enjoying the freedom of underwear! She is quite the ham:)

Sous Chef

Here's my little munchkin, still loving the kitchen. Except now, she is really becoming a ligament helper! I was so busy on Monday, talking on the phone sharing the good news with friends, while making lunch I was unable to snap a photo of one of Lacy's firsts! She completely made her PB&J sandwich! All I did was slice it for her when she was done! It was so cute! Scooping out the peanut butter and jelly, spreading out the mess carefully on her sandwich, and putting it together. Today, she mixed up the tuna(I gave it one quick mix at the end:) and then she scooped and spread our tuna on the bread and then placed a slice of cheese on the top of hers. This is such a GREAT help when she is getting fussy and growing so hungry right before lunch. She really loves it. That chair is pretty much a permanent fixture in our kitchen now. How cute does she look cooking with only her shirt and panties on?!:) The happy face was a request yesterday, so we arranged it together and she was thrilled to eat the face. Meals are just so fun with little ones.

Monday, January 12, 2009

And Bump2 is........

First before the announcement, the best news...the baby looked great! Everything checked out just as it should, all healthy. What an incredible blessing. Thank you dear Lord for blessing our second baby with great health. I am just so, so, so thankful for that great report!

So...on to the fun and exciting part!!! So, Friday when Lacy and I went shopping at the outlet malls I could not resists some sales and bought some items that look like this...

And today we found out that.....

We have to take them back!!!! Because.....

How wonderful is that?!!! Both eddy and I had siblings of the opposite sex and I am so excited to see what a relationship of sisters can be. Not to mention being able to reuse most of everything we have! I can't wait to pull out my favorites! Oh, and let's not forget the fun of matching outfits!! It's funny, but before this pregnancy, when I heard of families that were expecting their 2nd or 3rd baby of the same gender, I felt a little sad for them. Like they were going to miss out now being parents of the same gender. But, now I see that even those families that have 2 kids of different genders, they too, miss out on the special bond between brother or sisters! Or a better way to put it is, each set has it's advantages and special aspects. One is not "better" than the other:) One of each is exciting and special and so is two girls:) AND...I am 100% honest when I say that not only am I not disappointed, I am so, so, so excited to have another girl. I think the only sad part is that Eddy is not able to experience a "mini me" and doing things with a little boy that he himself enjoyed. But, God is so wonderful and His plan is perfect for Eddy and our family! And Eddy still will be able to do many things that he enjoys with our girls:) Pretty sure that has not even crossed his mind, but that's just my heart going out to my husband I love. We both are so excited for another little girl...they are so wonderful!

Now, I had been praying for a healthy report for this baby and for the baby to be in a GREAT position for a gender reveal. Let me tell you...we had a GREAT look and could see everything:) And our sweet little girl was still when we needed her to be and then moved when we needed her too! It was perfect! And then she kept moving all over and after we knew it was a girl and even with all the moving around, nothing extra was seen, if you know what I mean:) Our OB is 100% certain it is a girl. And last pregnancy during our 20 wk ultrasound, I could NOT make out how they could see it was a girl. This time...I SAW it...completely clear! It was not simply that the boy part was missing...we actually could see the girl parts..for those of you who may still may be skeptical:)

Funny side note, when we told Lacy it was a baby girl and still as of now when we bring it up, she says, "No, actually, it's a baby BOY":) Haha...little stinker!

So there you have it! A girl! Due to arrive around May 28th. Thank you Lord.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

20 Week Bump2

Well, here it is! My growing belly at 20 weeks! So, at week 16-18, the baby has a growth spurt, doubling in size, and I guess my thighs, hips, and butt decided to jump on that bandwagon as well! I feel great again, happy to be done with the first trimester and that passing out junk:) I still have to be careful and do black out here and there, but have not come that close to passing out since I made it to 14 wks. The only bothersome symptom I have with both pregnancies is nasty leg cramps. And, I mean INTENSE cramps, some times my entire leg from my feet to the thighs! It's amazing how your tollerence level for pain can increase when you deal with something day in and day out:) Lacy has started talking to the baby as research shows the fetus may be able to hear at this point. Her conversation at my belly goes like this "HI BABY! I'm your big sister, Lacy. I LOVE YOU!" and then finishes with a kiss:) Then, Lacy gets hugs and kisses for being a great big sister! So, I hope these photos work for now. Abby, ok, now you have to take your guess! Boy? Girl?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gender Day is near!!!!

That's right folks! In less than one week, on Monday the 12th at 8:30am, we will(hopefully!!!) discover whether bump2 is a boy or a girl!! I will be 20 weeks on Thursday. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going...and, how MUCH I have to show for it! So for fun, we were hoping you would take our little survey, on the top, right-hand side and let us know your guess for Bump2!!

Now, if you are wondering if this momma has any intuition as to one gender or the other...I will inform you...NO idea!!:) I did have a hilarious dream where I was pregnant and for some reason was in a classroom taking a test, then POOF I was in labor! So, I went into the next room, which just happened to be a birthing room and gave birth to a baby BOY. But I had to get my baby BOY dressed in BOY clothes, so I could go finish my test. Then I had to call all the grandparents to let them know I had a baby BOY. Then, I wanted to take my baby BOY, in his BOY carseat out to show to everyone I had a baby BOY. It just kept going on like this, with BOY showing up in about every sentence:) I woke up going "OK! I get it...BOY!!" Eddy's response was, yup, we are having a girl for sure now. Haha. I have had one more boy dream and then I also had one girl dream.

Of course, the ultra sound is not all for fun. At this appointment they will be doing a thorough check of the baby to see if our little munchkin is developing properly. We would appreciate your prayers over a wonderful report for next baby.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some fun with Grandma and Grandpa

Waffle Cookies with Grandma and Grandpa from tofslie on Vimeo.

More photos coming later:)