Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Good Friend Big Bird

This weekend has been fun and busy so far. My parents came on Friday and spent the night(post to come later) and when they left after lunch, Lacy and I also piled in the COOLEST van:) and needed to pick up a couple things in Portland. It is becoming tradition when we stop at the Troutdale outlet mall, if Lacy is cooperative the entire time, we visit Big Bird. Lacy loves the rocking ride and at the end she always gives Big Bird a massive hug and in a chipper voice, thanks Big Bird for the ride and says goodbye. Too cute!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Only 10 weeks to go!

Wow, am I really already at 30 weeks and in the last trimester?! I am feeling the clocking ticking with all we need to do before this little girl makes her big arrival! Last time I had checked our blog, our ticker was showing 80-something days left and now poof! We are in the 60's! Yikes! Eddy took these photos in our hotel room this weekend(celebrating 6 years of marriage!). We collaborate quite well with that camera:) And how great are my clothes?! My great friend and fashionista, Maria, passed on my outfit. Seriously those jeans take off a good ten pounds when you put them on! Thanks so much Maria! You made this preggo mommy feel quite pretty and that's a hard thing to do these days:)

It KILLS me that I can't say this pregnancy is nothing but roses. My first was great and I LOVE carrying our babies. This time it's been harder, and pretty much all my symptoms are still there with a vengeance on top of the 3rd trimester fatigue and other issues. BUT! The great part of a subsequent pregnancy is you have this precious bundle of love that helps distracts you, keeps you laughing, and preventing you from becoming a lazy couch potato(which is seriously SO appealing!). Click HERE to view 24 wk belly post.

With less than 10 weeks to go, we don't have the baby's room finished, name picked out, or clothing/baby gear out. I think Eddy and I have a pretty good handle on our to-do list, but I am feeling the pressure a little bit. It's just funny how this time, times goes SO much faster and all the to-do's are just not as big of a deal:) However, I still like to have things all organized BEFORE baby arrives, as I can hardly muster up the energy to function when caring for a newborn, let alone tackle a big to-do chore!

Most exciting thing in the works?? We are working on getting a house cleaner for the remainder of my pregnancy and the first few months after the baby is born! That is music to my aching body!


With our busy schedule and recovering from our colds, I was shocked to discover Lacy crashed one afternoon during quiet time. Real reason, her CD player had an error of some sort, stopped playing, and out she went!

The comical part is when I peeked in, I noticed Lacy pulled EVERYTHING up into a pile, she wiggled in, then snuggled up, and went to sleep. All safe and secure with all her friends and toys:)

Oh...and I should mention that with this nap, our munchkin was up until 9:30pm! :)

Weekend shopping in Portland

I usually avoid staying in Portland over the weekend and keep that for family time, but I needed my mom to help do some important shopping and we needed a LOT of time, so obviously a weekend was the only choice. Mom and I were looking into all options for re-doing Lacy's room. We will be recovering a head-board in her room and we thought we could just make(and by we, I mean mostly my mom sewing it all and me watching!) all the bedding to coordinate. So we hit all the fabric stores and after ALL day, we had figured out it was not worth it for many different reasons, and will buy a bedding set and then find some coordinating material to cover the headboard and probably make curtains. It was a TON of shopping and SO much time on my feet! But, we made progress and hopefully will get it all sorted before Bump2 arrives!

Portland Mommies! We went to Pigtails & Crewcuts in the Streets of Tanasbourne. We just got a trim, so I can't really tell you much about the quality, but Lacy LOVED what they had to offer, as did mommy. And, instead of charging me $17 for a haircut, the lady only charged me for a bang trim-$5! Made this mommy happy! They have fun cars to sit in, video to watch while getting the cut, and toys to play with if you wait. SO, if you mention my name for a referal, I get a little discount:)

Lacy enjoying a boa at the Fabric Store

Lacy getting her hair trimmed-she LOVED it!

She kept her hands on the steering wheel the entire time!:)

Another quick zoo trip

Last weekend we headed back into Portland to tackle some big shopping. We are working on taking all the bedding set from Lacy's crib and getting her new bedding, so her baby sister can use her old set:) However, before the shopping began, Lacy and I joined up with my mom and her little guy for another quick trip to the zoo! Is it just me, or do the two look so alike?! It was such a beautiful Friday and a perfect afternoon for the zoo.


How could you not smile after enjoying/wearing a Thin Mint cookie?

Cooking with Ma'am is so much fun!

That is what has been making our way back into our home:) The lovely happy smile of Lacy's! I thought one more final recovery update might be nice. Lacy is now all recovered from her tests and the nasty bug. Although Eddy did catch it and worked from home almost all week! However, even for him, the worst is over and we are so thankful to welcome lots of smiles everyday. We do not talk to Lacy about the tests, nor show her pictures as the whole point of the medicine she received was to make her memory fuzzy-to help forget it. I hope the medicine did it's job.

She has not forgotten all the calming exercises I attempted to teach her though! The other night I went to pull out a cookie sheet of garlic bread from the oven, when I discovered the padding had grown too thin on my mitt because I got a MASSIVE burn! I screamed in shock and pain, to which Lacy comes running from across the room and yells, "Uh-oh! BEEVE Mommy, JUST BEEVE!!"(breath, just breath!!) Just like I tell her! I instantly started laughing and attempted to breath for her, to which she then asks "You ok mommy?" Sweet girl.

It took Lacy quite a while to lose her anxiety over going to the bathroom, and here and there when needing to go, she will pop out a 'mommy up please!!!', but I am able to redirect and all is well. But, do to all the pain, she has spaced out the frequency of potty trips-dreading it. That is definitely welcomed! So nice to have my independent potty girl back. I also put a little potty in her room. This has worked out great. During quiet time if she has to go, she knows she can slide off and use the potty and then go back up on her bed-and that's just what she does! Also, sometimes in the morning when she wakes up she will do the same. Go, then hop back in bed until mommy comes to get her. That amazes me.

We have seriously been ON THE GO since we recovered! Getting ready for bump2 and celebrating our wedding anniversary, but it all happened because we have been restored!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lacy's ultra sound, VCUG on March 3rd, and ER trip March 6th

Count your blessings. And that little smile looking at you there is one of the HUGEST blessings I could ever receive. As she smiled so sweetly in the car on our way to the hospital that morning, looking at it now makes me cry every time I see it. This day was literally torture for all involved...but, the massive blessing in that HORRID ends there. My baby is healthy. At the end of this awful day, I could not help being over come with emotion for the babies/children who are seriously ill and have to endure invasive and painful treatments on a regular basis. Our ordeal lasted a week...and it is over. One LONG, horrible week filled with intense pain, screaming, and crying(from both Lacy and the grown-ups)...but it's over. Although enraging to think about the unnecessary pain Lacy endured, God has restored all of us in then end, and confirmed the blessing of general health He has given us.

"Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again." Psalms 71:20-21

This post has taken me awhile to finish for many reasons. But, most importantly I needed to wait until my emotions were stabilized so I could accurately express what I needed to from our experience. The other is due to how some of the test was administered, Lacy's pain extended 2 extra days longer than it should have and EVERYTHING stopped to help comfort her.

Lacy was not able to eat for 6 hours before her VCUG, and no liquids 2 hours before. So, I obviously made the appointment for first thing in the morning to get it over with. The best we could do was 9am ultra sound, and 10:30 VCUG. We were to try and have a full bladder for the ultra sound, but she was needing to hold it from 8:30-9am. An answered prayer was they were early and good thing, because Lacy just voiced 'I have to go wee mommy' and they called her back. The gentleman admistering the ultrasound was great, he was SO incredibly fast getting all the pictures he needed with a full bladder, then we stepped into a very close bathroom and Lacy was able to relieve herself. Then back we went for a few more. Lacy really enjoyed this part, looking on the screen and laying on the special bed. This part went perfect, all those details we prayed for-answered.
Silly Lacy, blankie on head and special purple glove on hand. She is all done with this part!

Now, the anxiety kicked in, the next part could be hard. We were done super fast with that part and Lacy was getting a little cranky-a very hungry little girl. Thankfully, in the waiting room there was a kid section set up with a tv in there playing all sorts of fun shows that Lacy totally enjoyed.(the second picture a shot through the glass where ma'am was sitting with Lacy in the tiny room:) To my great suprise they called us back barely after 9am! So we were filled in and then had some waiting to do before they were ready to begin. They had a viewfinder that Lacy hilarious watching her react to the fun photos inside! The new toys helped keep her mind off her growling tummy and passed the time.

How hilarious is that gaping mouth at what she is seeing! So cute.

Time had come. Lacy was to get in her 'pretty dress' with sea animals on it and she also got an anklet with all her info on it. Mommy got one on her wrist:) Soon after the nurse came back with a drug that does not help at all with pain, but relaxes the little ones and also makes their memory a bit fuzzy. When that medicine kicked in, we all were laughing so hard we were crying. It was a giggly, happy, DRUNK Lacy. Slurry words, then laughing in a drunk way because she could not get her thoughts out. That was quite the tension breaker....short lived.

This next photo rippes me up inside looking at that last smile, before the torture. Sweet, precious, INNOCENT little smiling face.
I do not think I can really talk about everything that happened when the test started. Mom and I held Lacy's hands, the nurse put in a catheter that was too big, where Lacy SCREAMED and sobbed, mom and I having to restrain her in the midst of her unnecessary pain. The doctor told me, the catheter will feel like a injection....and down there that is not exactly the best place for that. BUT, it's even worse when it's too big. SO, now Lacy is completely upset and in pain and we have to try AGAIN. And, that did not well either, it was not just poof- in. Mom and I tried comforting her, as she was screaming. Now...once the catheters are in, they are not supposed to hurt, but Lacy did NOT recover. And being that she is 2, it was very hard to tell if Lacy was just upset and scared or if she was in constant pain. I had to leave my baby screaming in pain and walk away. Awful. I could not see her as my mom and eddy were attempting to hold her down and prevent her from ripping the catheter out. I just listened to her screams and tried to monitor if she was mad from being restrained, scared, hurting...and honestly I think it was all of the above. Unfortunately, the test was not as fast as the ultra sound. I can't tell you how long because all I was focused on was Lacy's screaming and if I needed to step in and stop it. It got almost unbearable for all when they filled her bladder with the contrast and plugged it so she would not go. That is quite uncomfortable, and if the catheter and or tape was still hurting her...a lot for a little one to handle. Then, they had to move Lacy around and get her in the correct position-terrible ear-peircing screams at this point. Finally Lacy was able to relieve herself. But for some reason she was RAGING. I came in shortly there after and Lacy was unbelievably agitated. I had already suspected, but the nurse said Lacy was having an adverse effect to the sedative. AH.....YEAH.

So, I did not even so much as look at the doctor, but rushed to the hysterical Lacy as he was explaining that it did not look like Lacy showed any immediate signs of reflux, but they would be taking another closer look. Eddy and my dad were listening to what he was saying. Mom and I were wrestling the gown off of Lacy and just trying to get as little back on her that we needed to leave. I knew the drugs were really affecting her as she did not calm down for a popsicle and usually she would SNAP out of anything for a treat. There was some chatter, but I said- time to go! I scooped up a FAILING, kicking/pushing/screaming Lacy in my arms- cradle style and out we all went. My dad was trying to rush to get the van for us, and Eddy and mom had all of our stuff. Eddy was so worried about me carrying Lacy due to being so pregnant....but I just WANTED MY BABY. I had to leave her through all of that, I did not care if she hurt my back...I wanted my baby-I HAD to leave her earlier, but I could be there now. And I knew she could not help it. So screaming I carried her all the way out of the testing area, through the waiting room and out to the car. A few minutes after we wrestled her into her car seat and drove back around to the front, Lacy in between heaves looks over at me and says
"I sorry mommy". I could not hold back tears at that point and tell her, 'it's ok, we were so proud of her-it's ALL done'. I was about to jump out since I had to use the restroom and Lacy bursts into tears "NO mommy, that Lady NOT nice mommy"-remembering the nurse that put in the catheters. I told her I was just going potty and she seemed 'ok'. I guess while I was in there, my dad went to inch forward and Lacy screamed "NO drive away Papa!" scared they were leaving without me.

I wish the worst was over, but it was not. Proper catheter insertion often causes irritation and intense burning when urinating for about 24 hours or less after it is removed. But, since Lacy was scratched more with the catheter that was too large...she was in big pain, all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. That being said, she was quite scraped up-more than normal...and especially more than was needed. My friend Erin said that anyone who really knows what they are doing with infant and toddler girls always knows to go VERY small for catheters. So for those next days, Lacy would cling to me and scream when she had to go-but attempting not to, resulting in a painful episode that would last for anywhere from a 1/2hr to an hour or more. Then after she just wanted me to hold her. Everything stopped during this time. I called the doctor on Wednesday morning as Lacy was a mess and I wanted to give her something for the pain. Nothing is FDA approved besides tylenol and motrin. GREAT. So, I started giving her that, but I do not think it helped much. I held a crying and screaming Lacy most of the day and then at night was so strung out, I could not wind down or fall asleep-exhausted from it all. So Friday morning, we seemed to be turning a corner...but not quite.

I had one of my prenatal appointments and it was the screening for gestational diabetes. Since this takes longer than usual, I arranged for Lacy to head over to my friend Maria's house so she could play with Gabe and Hudson. Well, that morning all Lacy did was cry and push limits. I was EXHAUSTED by the time I dropped her off next door. I warned Maria that Lacy would be SUPER tired after our morning and away I went to my appointment. Lacy did fine while I was gone(Thank Maria, she just LOVES you!), but I could not believe how "tired" she looked. I came home and immediately tried to put her down for a nap. And guess what?! She went RIGHT to sleep! She did not even nap after tramatic tests on Tuesday with drugs...but she did this day. It was short and I was SOOOO tired by this point and all that had gone on from our week, I wanted to rest. So I scooped up Lacy and we went into my bedroom and I turned on Sesame Street and dozed. After I look over at Lacy, and I reach out and touch her...she was SUPER hot. Long story short, she had a fever of almost 103. As she was not fully recovered from her tests, I was to call if she came down with a fever of 101 or higher. Keep in mind, this was right at 5pm and the doctor's office was closed! I left a message for the doctor on call and then immediately called my friend Erin as I was so frazzled and a mess that this shook me up! While we were chatting the doctor beeped in.

The doctor wanted Lacy to go in to the Emergency Room to check for an infection and/or UTI and if not, also wanted her looked over with her fever while she was there. I called Eddy and we loaded up for the ER, not sure how busy or what we would be greeted with once there. We borrowed our neighbors portable DVD player and left for the ER. Thankfully, we were the only ones there-in the waiting room that is! We went back and had a wonderful nurse, who got all of the vitals from Lacy, then gave her a treat bag made from volunteers. Lacy immediately took a liking to the stuffed animal that was handmade in the bag. We got a urine sample from Lacy and you can see Lacy in that last photo, wearing her "tutu", flinging 'flip-floppy' around, and watching Barney on the DVD player, waiting for results.

So, Lacy was all clear from any signs of a UTI or infection, and the doctor looked her over since she did have a fever, but with NO other symptoms. We were instructed to overlap Tylenol and Motrin and if she got worse, bring her back. Well, by Saturday night, the viral symptoms appeared. The poor thing was not even fully recovered from her tests and came down with the worst bug she has EVER had, a congested chest cold with persistent fever. Lacy has been so healthy, that now at 2 and a 1/2 I had to call the doctor to see how long I could continue giving Lacy Tylenol and Motrin, since we have never been in this position before. That I think is an amazing blessing, such a healthy girl she has been!

So, here we are a week out and Lacy is still miserable, but better. Her fever was finally gone yesterday and she is slightly better. I have come down with a sore throat, little cough, and stuffy nose-but NO fever(as of yet). Eddy as of now, is also healthy.

Words can not express how thankful I am for my parents being there, helping, supporting all of us on that very difficult morning a week ago today. We love and thank you. The post below talks about recovery.

"Sick and Happy"

Ok, so really there is not a lot of "happy" that went on this last week, but on Sunday Lacy asked me "I sick mommy?" and I said in an empathetic voice, "Yes, sweetheart, you are sick." And Lacy says, "Oh, am I sad mommy?" and I told her she did not have to be sad. Lacy thinks and then says "OH! I am sick AND HAPPY Momma!" And she told everyone Sunday and Monday that she was 'sick and happy' :)

After the tests on Tuesday, we all went back to my parent's house and started up Lacy favorite video and she had a 'picnic' while watching the video-VERY cool:) Mom and I ran an errand and took Lacy with us. My mom got her a chocolate smoothie at a drive through coffee house-HUGE hit. Then, later my mom had been saving something and decided Tuesday was the perfect time to pull it out. It was! It was the tents that Cory I used and LOVED as little kids. Lacy was so excited and we let her stay up a little late because she was truly happy for the first time all day. Eddy had to leave for Hood River soon after we had lunch and Lacy and I stayed behind.

Wednesday I had planned on going home, but it took me three hours longer to get us out the door because she was clinging to me and just a mess in horrible pain. Lacy feel right asleep when we got in the van, but woke up about 1/2 way home, crying out in pain while we were on the highway. We came home with lots of things but nothing was unpacked and messes were made because I was not about to do dishes while Lacy screamed in pain. And Thursday went about the same and then as you read before Friday we ended up at the ER.

These photos are from Sunday Lacy decides that the best place to entertain yourself while sick, is IN the toy basket. Look how she smiled for me!

Here are the tent photos from Tuesday. I love the 3rd one. You can't see my dad, but he had been making Lacy laugh and I caught THAT part:)

Over the weekend and yesterday, Lacy spent a lot of time taking medicine and watching videos. I just let her watch after attempting to do low-key activities failed. She just wanted to lay on the couch. So, some extra short-term videos won't hurt:) Ok, can you SEE how sick Lacy looks in her eyes while she drinks her medicine. And, I am not sure why, but I just can't get over how adorable she looks as she puckers up to drink her little cup of medicine.

Over this last week, we have received an out-pouring of love. People sending emails, offering help, calling to check in, stopping by just to give hugs, and most importantly praying for us. That REALLY encouraged us. Thank you to all of you for showing us you care. Thankfully we will be moving on and so happy this chapter is closed. We still will be following up on some of Lacy's symptoms that are lingering, but Lacy will not be enduring any invasive tests any time soon, and we are so thankful for that.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making new friends

When we pulled into Portland we stopped over to finally meet the family my mom has been nannying for for quite a while now. The youngest is a boy who is about to turn 3 and the oldest, a 6 year old girl. It's pretty cute as they all look like they could be related and Lacy and Teddy took right to each other! It was a great surprise as I was able to meet the mom when she stopped home unexpectedly to let her daughter change for her ice-skating class. Then they left for the lesson and my mom and I took the two little ones to the zoo for a quick trip. The little ones are a
are a good match, both are a little physically cautious...just a good match together when it comes to playing! I LOVE the photo of Lacy wide-eyed when I told her "Lacy, LOOK!" She turns around right as the sea lion was so close, appearing to be headed straight for her. She loved it:) And I got a great photo out of it! Somehow, the kids' mom managed to pick up the softest teddy bear for Lacy in the meantime- how sweet was that? So glad I finally got to meet almost the entire family and look forward to more time together.