Thursday, April 30, 2009


Easter was nice this year, low key and at our house. It was sweet to hear Lacy tell us "Jesus is up, up, UP in heaven!". We went to church in the morning and then had a fun afternoon eating and watching Lacy enjoy all the fun activities. It was quite humorous the STASH Lacy was practically bigger than Christmas, but it was just due to timing. With it being spring and Eddy and I broke down and got her a trike(who knows though when it will get used. The rule is NO screaming, NO crying...must use nice words. Yeah, she panics super easily! We are working on staying calm!) And then Ma'am and Papa got her one of those cool little cars-BIG hit! I really wanted to get the video up of Lacy seeing all her gifts and hunting for eggs, but welp, the 3rd trimester accompanied with fatigue and massive to-dos, I didn't get to it! It was quite humorous that we had practically bribe Lacy to open the gifts in her basket as all she wanted was the candy in her eggs! The girl has got a BIG sweet tooth! :) The day before we colored eggs and next year we will do more. Lacy loved coloring them and she REALLY loved peeling them and eating them.

All smiles after church

All ready to begin-yeah, but we skipped the glitter.

Helping to stir the color

Fascinated by the colors

Her stash!

Peeling an egg during Easter dinner

She LOVES her Cinderella coloring book:)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prima Ballerina

Spinning on tip toes

Oh my goodness...we SO have a little ballerina on our hands. I love seeing the things your little one is NATURALLY drawn to. Lacy LOVES to dance 'gracefully' like a ballerina and especially if wearing her ballet dress or tutu. She moves her whole body even down to her finger tips. I would get this girl in classes now, but with baby #2 due date approaching in about 30 days, I opted out till fall when she will be 3(which I believe is required) and we will be passed the worst of the newborn phase. I can't WAIT for those days. It is the same academy that puts on the Nutcracker in December. Not sure what age, but the itty bitty ones are even in the production as mice...wonder if that includes the 3 year olds? A favorite book to go with all things ballet is Angelina Ballerina. Thanks Ma'am for the great book!

A perfect Arabesque

Mastered the plie

Another Arabesque

Of course a Prima Ballerina must have a perfect spin!


On our way home from church, Lacy decided it was cool to wear her sunglasses on top of her head. I never put mine up since I do not want to stretch them out, so she really just thought this was funny. I just had to snap a photo to remember how Lacy just thought this was something else. Mommy did not tell her that people do this all the time:) The second photo she was posing with her hands on her hip and then she heard an airplane fly right over our house and clearly was excited about it...cracks me up!


Lacy and I went to our next door neighbor's 8th birthday party, where the kids all got play in the game room, eat pizza, and of course...cake! All the big kids were concentrating so hard on this particular game where you pull the lever and then each light flashes very quickly and you attempt to press the button to stop it once it reaches the jackpot...250 tickets. Lacy walks up, pulls the lever, watches the light circle around, then hits the stop button........JACKPOT! And out poor 250 tickets. Man, did I have a good laugh over that one! Of course for all those tickets, Lacy got a tiny stuffed orange monkey...named Jack.

Playing photographer

My neighbor and friend Chris, created and organized an event with some friends and the help of her church to provide prom dresses and accessories for girls who might otherwise been unable to go due to cost, called Dress for Less. She asked me if I could take photos for the event and at first turned her down. I don't really know what I am doing with my camera, or really have the know-how to tackle photos for an event! But she just said that she was simply going to be too busy to snap photos herself and just thought of me, since she knows I enjoy photos. SO, I reluctantly said yes and tried to snap the room all set up and then the activity during the event. It was challenging,but Chris and Jessica enjoyed the photos, so I guess that's all that matters! All the photos can be seen here: DRESS FOR LESS PHOTOS

Then a magazine, Disciples World, did an online article about the event. MAGAZINE ARTICLE HERE

Jessica and Chris

Roach invasion!

Well, not the insect, but our friends, Kevin and Wendy that is:) Wendy was my lil' sis from Alpha Phi and we both were in each other's weddings. Wendy and Kevin live in Idaho, so it was great fun to see them and have them stay with us. I am definitely all for them coming again as they not only came in and cooked US dinner, but also brought Lacy a great set of special crayons. Seriously must have been suffering massive baby brain as we forgot to get belly photos! Wendy and Kevin are expecting their first! So exciting...although with first time mommy compared to me, in 3rd trimester of my second pregnancy:) Although, short we had a great time with these two as usual! Hopefully on one of our trips to Montana we will be able to stop and stay with them.

Another visit with Ma'am and Papa

The next day on March 27th, my parents came during spring break(both families were on vacation for my mom). So, we packed up and went for a walk on the Twin Tunnels trail(old hwy trail) as well as played around the house. It was so nice to have them at our house!

First bubbles of the year!

Oh my goodness, WAY back on the 26th of...MARCH(yes, I am THAT behind!) Lacy was OH, so thrilled that it was warm enough to pull out the bubbles for this year. My mom found the best bubble wand and tray at the Dollar Tree and I just went and stocked up for this year! Lacy was all squeaky and squealing with delight all afternoon while she finally got to use her bubbles again! And they have been out everyday we since when we play in the cul-de-sac:)

POP! Love that face when it popped in her face!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So my friend Leah (Forrest's mommy) emailed me this morning with photos of what they saw from their driveway...A BEAR! They are the last house on the street behind us. Our houses are quite close, I am guessing 1/4 of a mile...but less if you just cut through yards and don't use streets!

Funny, my family in Alaska emails us photos when they get black bears in their yards and look, now we have one in our neighborhood! The word on the street is they are going to capture and relocate the bear.

Fun side note...our fence is not enclosed completely to our neighbors that live on that street and they do not have a fence blocking off the street. SO, although COMPLETELY unlikely, there is a way for that bear to venture our way. And today I was going to have Lacy play outside in the backyard all by herself on a new hand-me-down slide we got, while I made lunch. Ah...think it will be the both of us going out just in case:)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Glorious Spring!

Ok, so I am so behind in posting all the fun(and yes, a little drama too) we have been having and I hope to get caught up this week:) In the meantime, I will leave you with this photo. It's so pretty outside right now with all the flowers in bloom and the beautiful warm sunshine. Do you see little Lacy in the midst of ALL those blossoms? This photo was from the kickoff of our Cul-De-Q season!

And side note...OH MY. Did you notice the baby ticker is down to the thirties?! Where is the time going?! Won't be long now!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th.....LACY READS!!!!!!!

What an exciting morning we had at our house! Lately, Lacy has been so consumed with what words spell and working on sounding things out. She has always been a big book and numbers girl, so it was not super surprising that she started understanding the concept of putting sounds together to make words. The main problem is that Lacy does not know all of her lower case letters. So finding words that are written in all caps are hard to find. However she was rummaging through her baby sister's room this morning and found the wooden blocks stashed away. She brought one to me and asked me "Mommy what does this spell?" So, I told her to say the letter sounds and was fully expecting after she said each letter sound, I would need to put the sounds together faster so she could hear the word the letters were forming. But, she said each letter sound then squealed, "YAK! It spells yak, Mommy!!" We were both so excited we ran in and woke up daddy to show him Lacy's big accomplishment:) So, now we will focus on lower-case letters and we will see where that takes her! I do have to add that I think a big help in Lacy getting to this point were two Leapfrog products. The fridge phonics that we got for Lacy when she turned one(we kept them on the floor while she was little due to coordination), and then for Christmas we got her their video "Letter Factory" which uses the same letter song in the video, teaching the letters and their sounds. This weekend we are picking up "Word Factory" to keep the momentum going! YAY LACY!! Lacy 2 years, 8 months.