Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well, it was such a beautiful day, with summer-like temperatures, I decided to just have a 'fun day' and celebrate making it to forty weeks! Our sweet house cleaner arrived in the morning, so Lacy and I headed to a coffee shop for some breakfast and playtime. Then we stopped over to see our friend Kelsey at her family's store as today was her GENDER DAY and they found out the sex of their baby!! Then, we went downtown and went to see daddy at the office and we all went out for a light lunch together. Daddy snapped a couple pics while we were out. Then, home for quiet time and then my weekly prenatal appointment. Lacy was SOOO excited to go see Maria and the boys while mommy went to the doctor. SO? What did the doc say?

2 cm dilated
75% effaced
Baby is low, low, low:)
Got the good 'ol sweep and now we just wait for baby to come! All looked great. Come on Baby!

**I should also mention that after 2 and 1/2 DAYS of labor, 24 full hours at the hospital, I was JUST to this same point!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More distractions as we wait

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Despite the not-so-fun symptoms that come with the end of pregnancy, especially when the babies 'drop', I have not had too many complaints. SURE, I have been uncomfortable, am not getting uninterrupted sleep, been on quite the roller coaster for labor, but it has not been THAT bad. Except yesterday. Finally got me...had one of those days that I could not fight the tears:( Thankfully, it was just one day. God has blessed me with so many wonderful loving and caring people around me and although I woke up still pregnant today, Eddy's mom treated me to a pedicure and my great friend Maria dropped everything to watch Lacy. I was able to get right in for a SPA pedicure! An hour and a half of pampering. It was a great break away from all the to-do's and my feet look SOOO much better:) The day ended with Lacy putting on my hat and asking 'take my picture mommy!', cracking herself up while playing peek-a-boo with the camera. Oh...and I should mention that my day started later too, as Lacy slept in until 8:30! (Usually around 7am is wake-up time)

What a blessing my pedicure was. I really felt mentally and physically better after the break. I know many pregnant women are unable to get pampered in ways that will replenish them, and I am so thankful for my rejuvenating day. Now, on to the next. Maybe we'll head to the pool tomorrow to distract me yet another day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tell me what you think...PULLEEEASE!


This is where things get very frustrating as a parent. Infant car seat standards are so vague that makers can do quite a lot within the 'standards'. SO, what really is the safest? As a first time parent, I did not want to skimp on the car seat. Britax had a new car seat and although it was heavier and did not fit the little ones quite as long, Eddy and loved the 'anti-rebound bar' that was attached to the base. I wanted safety and was not going to complain if it was a little heavier to carry around. My ignorance of infant car seats, led to my conclusion.

Stationary car seats are not supposed to move. I was always annoyed that infant car seats would wiggle around and therefore I concluded they were not as safe. THEN, I saw the Companion. with the anti-rebound bar on the did not move! The seat had other nice safety features as well, but I was sold by the different base.

THEN...when I failed to install the car seat in the car we had before Lacy was born properly, I took it to the expert who was certified in town. She was floored by the car seat, never seeing it before. The reason being is she was trained that the WHOLE point of infant car seats is that they DO move!! The car seat takes the impact by moving with the force of the crash, so the infant is protected. With the anti-rebound bar...ALL the force of the crash would then be in the baby's NECK...MY BABY'S NECK. The thought of that makes me sick.

Here is a video clip that explains how the seats protect infants in a crash. It is not long, just a one minute 40 seconds and near the end the man explains and shows how it all is supposed to work:

How Car Seats Protect Infants in a Crash -- powered by

SO?? Britax claims that through THEIR studies, having the base secured down is in fact safer. Well, OF COURSE they would say that, right?

What do you think? Safe or Dangerous?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belly Painting!!

My wonderful and thoughtful cousin Shannon and family sent us a great care package in the mail that had a sweet book for Lacy and fun pregnancy belly paints. Last weekend was so busy we did not get the chance to try them out and I was in a panic that we would miss the boat. So, when Eddy came home early on Friday we went for it! Lacy loved it so much that first thing she said when I walked in her room this morning when she woke was, "Mommy, I want to paint your belly!" :)

So, obviously we are still waiting and I am ATTEMPTING to ignore those 'signs of labor' and contractions that come and go. I can't believe my cousin Shannon was the type that had NO activity until, POOF labor! Crazy to me. Although, a little mental torture, I am hanging in there just fine. A little uncomfortable, but not too bad:) And looking for ways to distract me until the big moment arrives!(like doing yard work most of the day at 39 weeks:)

Thanks Majors for the super fun gift!!!

Look Lacy, your baby sister is moving right here. (LOVE Lacy's face)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rules of Painting...

1. Big black bag to protect table.
2. Remove shirt even though the paints are washable. Less laundry the better!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

39 week prenatal appointment

Well, not a lot of change or progress, BUT progress none-the-less! My OB smiled as she came in the room and said she really thought she was going to be seeing me on different terms and thought I was going to have the baby last week. So, here is what she found out today.

Still at 1cm
Still about 50% effaced
Baby is now definitely at least at +1 station! SO low!
And, now the position has shifted and everything much more lined up. And thank goodness, because this time it was no big deal to have her sweep the membranes again! Last time, due to the position, it was, ah, uncomfortable for sure!!
By feeling the baby in my belly, my OB's guess is the baby is right around 7 lbs.

So, we'll see if those prostaglandins kick-start my labor! I am not too worried about having a fast labor since I am only at 1cm..sure the baby is low, lined up real well, and I am 1/2 way effaced, but there is still some work to do. Here is a photo to show you where this baby is positioned. (some say +3 is crowning, some number it as +5) Now, to wait and see! My friend Linden thinks our baby is waiting to share the 23rd as her birthday date with her big sister:) Who knows!!

39 weeks today!

Well, exciting as we are getting closer and closer! Today I have my weekly prenatal appointment. I am curious to see if all that action over the weekend made any changes since my last appointment. I am seeing the same OB in my clinic, so maybe she will sweep my membranes again. Curious if it will work this time around..especially if there was progress from all the activity.

I am hanging in there, pretty much in survival mode:) If I have energy, I use it. If not, Lacy and I have a lazy day. Yesterday was hard to push through, but I made it. Today I actually have a little more energy. My back is mainly the reason it gets hard to get things done. Lots of pressure with the baby low, then because of that position, it's seeming to throw off my upper back and so it's all tweaked as well. But, as my mom and I joke...I am choosing JOY, haha. It IS good that I am feeling all this since that is what my body should do to prepare for labor. BRING IT!

I already made my draft post for when the time comes to head off to the hospital, so just keep checking here! Eddy said the birth center had Wi-fi, so he will post the baby news and OF COURSE photos when she arrives:)

Ok, back this afternoon with the report from the OB. Here is a link for what is usually happening in week 39 from BABYCENTER.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nighttime Adventures

Yes, still waiting! Besides having even more pressure in my back from this baby already trying to drop out than last week, not a lot of other activity. Still off and on, I have massive cramping and real contractions, but nothing that seems to stick around. Progress, progress....right? All signs that prodromal labor is only something of the past?? :)

However, I just wanted to document a couple of our lastest nighttime adventures in our house.

Saturday night, Lacy was sleeping in her baby sister's room because we were thinking MAYBE that would be the night. There is a full bed in that room and Lacy has the queen in her room. SO, just in case I put her in the small bed so my parents could use the queen if needed. Well, Lacy was hyped up and having one of those nights were she was just chatting, singing, and playing forever in her bed, unable to unwind. She never gets out of bed, just chats away. However, over the monitor I hear her start to cry and say "I want my blankie" I knew she dropped it off her bed and would not even climb out to get it, since she is supposed to stay on her bed. I get up to the room, open the door...and see that she is wrapped under the curtain, pulled the blinds apart, looking out the window. She was relieved I came to fetch her blankie, which fell between the wall and the bed. I retrieved it for her, but then told her she can't play in the curtains or blinds. Her crying and desperate response...."But, I want to get married." and she looked up at me, tears streaming down her face. I TRIED my best not to laugh. See, she was attempting to wrap the curtain around her head like a veil. I assured her that she COULD get married, but not with a curtain, surely we could do better than that, but she wanted to get married RIGHT then, and eventually, I got her calmed down and assured that she can get married, just not now. :) She was SO set on getting married. She is SO facinated by it right now and beginning to understand the concept.

Monday night, Lacy wakes up crying quite hard at 1am, so I go in to check on her. This is what she tells me "I want to wear a pretty dress mommy". So, I respond.."oh, we can wear a pretty dress in the morning, that will be fun for wake up time" To which, she begins sobbing, "I want to wear one NOW, it's wake up time, mommy". It took her a while to get over the fact that we were not going to put on a pretty dress at 1am in the morning, while still in bed.

At least it is not a boring dull wait for baby girl #2 at the Tofslie household. Thanks, Lacy:)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

While we wait for baby...

Well, even with all the activity and as it often happens, everything slowed down and NO baby yet! So, while we wait, we are just cherishing the end times of a family of three. We are enjoying my first baby all to ourselves:) Today(after Eddy went to hardware store to locate missing parts) we set up Lacy's pool and gave it a test run. The water was a little cool as it was not heating as long as we'd hoped, then the shade came AND the gorge it was a little chilly. Lacy was typical Lacy, being very cautious at first. She was enjoying it, but did not want to sit down...until she had no choice when she slipped and feel splat on her rump! The next photo is her reaction...just comical! Once down, she realized it was actually fun to sit, slide around, and splash away:) And, finally at the end she was up for trying the slide if mommy helped her. She loved it and eventually was doing it herself. We did have to scoop her up crying when it was time to come in, despite that she was turning blue and shivering!! Thanks for the adorable swimming suit Grammy!

Action shots going down the slide:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Play-by-play Update #2!

Well, we still have had some action! I had to go into the hospital family birthing center on Friday afternoon at 3pm to be monitored, checking on a pain that was getting worse in my side. While I was there my contractions started up again! The pain did not seem to point to anything serious, but my contractions continued all through the evening and then most of the night, but did slow down by morning. My parents arrived Friday for a scheduled visit.

Throughout the day it was random contractions and cramping, but always some activity. My parents left around 5pm. Funny side note- last pregnancy I started having contractions and I had my parents come in the middle of the night. And although they were continuing, they were not changing after 24 hours. Solid, but not intensifying. We saw the doctor and he said just to carrying on, it still could be a while before baby came. I was CRUSHED. My dad needed to work and decided to head back to Portland. My mom stayed for some emotional support:) About 20 minutes after my dad left...MY WATER BROKE! We called him saying 'TURN AROUND!" Little did we know if was still going to be 2 full more days before baby arrived:)

SO today, by 4pm I was REALLY cramping. My parents were packing up to head home as nothing had changed. About 20 minutes after they left, I noticed my dad left his entire toiletry bag. I had to go to the bathroom and thought I would call them after that.

AND then...I PASSED MY PLUG!! MORE action! This is so exciting! I called them laughing that again after they leave something exciting happened. After I passed the plug, I started having much stronger contractions. So, my parents decided to come and get the bag, but stay for dinner and just see what was happening. Well, sure enough things died down while sitting and eating. We went for a walk after dinner and although I had another couple contractions, things have simmered down.

So, my parents just left and I am headed to bed. I am so pleased that I have all the signs of labor approaching and that I KNOW my body is progressing. All good signs that when it is REALLY time, I will not being in labor for DAYS. I am praying for that anyway!

SO...tired, I am headed to bed. Lots of activity for one weekend:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And let the games begin!!!

Ok, if you notice the previous posts were made in the middle of the night last night. I was woken up from a nice deep sleep to real CONTRACTIONS!!!! I tried to sleep, but then also got very hungry and the combo of contractions and hungry made it impossible to sleep. So I came down to get something to eat and made some blog posts. About 3 hours later, all had subsided...sort of. I still felt 'strange' this morning....and only got about 3 hours sleep. We had our cleaning lady come this morning and then I had my prenatal appoinment this afternoon...perfect timing.

Well, my body DID retain some knowledge because the first comment out of my OB's mouth when she just started to exam me was "WHOA! This baby's head is RIGHT here, extremely low" She literally was suprised and shocked. So, it may not sound a lot to others, but compared to last time ANY progress is so great.

1 cm dialated
50% effaced
Baby is AT LEAST at zero station. (Goes from -3, -2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3)
She stripped the membranes as well. Sometimes that spurs labor on within two days, sometimes not.

My OB said I have a good chance of the baby coming fast since she is so low:) Not a guarantee, but it COULD happen. WOW...I was so in shock from the change from last pregnancy to this one!

Also, my OB pulled in the ultra sound and we checked for gender again..because THREE people contacted me and said they either had thoughts or dreams of the baby being a boy!! Freaked me out!! SO, baby was so crammed we had a hard time seeing. BUT, we did not see any boy parts where she said usually she would have and she did start to see the girl parts, but the foot blocked 1/2 of it so she would not call it for sure...but said she really thinks GIRL!!!!!!!

GIRL!! :)

Ok, now Lacy is watching videos, Eddy is bringing take out, and I am attempting to rest. I am SO tired from last night and a big day...time to rest and make sure I do not get run down!! Stay tuned!


Well, man what a JOB this was!! The baby's room used to be our office and although we moved Eddy's desk downstairs months ago, the room was still full of things that needed to be sorted before I could even get all the items you see in the photos in the room. Also, this room is a little different and has a smaller closet than Lacy's room, so I could not set it up just like I had for Lacy. I had to come up with a new plan. AND organizing is not my strong suit! However, I was like an animal to get this room finished! I even lifted and moved things that I should not have because I felt like it just HAD to get done. And, obviously with caring for a 2 yr old there is not that much time in the day to tackle a massive project, on top of being super pregnant and carrying a massive baby in your belly makes it one feat to accomplish. Lacy actually really loved to 'help' nest and would often yell to Eddy "Daddy, I nesting with Mommy!" Too funny.

I can't believe all the washing, ironing, moving, sorting, packing I did over the last week, but it's all done! Now, the the room is not decorated, but I would rather wait till we have photos taken, the name announced, then we can hang some pretty things on the walls:) All that matters to me-if they baby were to arrive now, we would be functioning in a completely organized and smooth fashion.

I have not taken a photo of the finished project.

Now...I just need my personal items packed for the hospital:)

Big Sister Perks

With the next baby on her way, we needed to do some shifting around on a lot of things. And since we put another bed in the baby's room, we were in need of more bedding. Just made sense to get a new set for Lacy and use my quilt from childhood on the bed in the baby's room. And, I thought it would be fun to let Lacy get excited to get new bedding because she is going to be a big sister! Yes, the big sister always gets the new stuff and the younger one gets the hand-me-downs, right? Well, that will definitely happen here on a lot of things:)
This was another nesting project. Washing all of this and ironing it and getting it put on Lacy's bed. Not last weekend, but the weekend before, Lacy and I went to Portland to find matching and suitable material to cover both the headboard in Lacy's room and to make curtains. It took all of 5 minutes to locate perfect material! The project probably won't be completed until after the baby arrives, but all we have to do is call in our order and we are good to go! Oh, and by we, I mean my mom and I, but she is the one that knows how to sew. This will be a learning project for me!

Nesting Entertainment

So, as much as my little munchkin enjoyed 'nesting', it was MUCH easier if I was able to tackle the jobs on my own. That meant I had to find creative ways to keep Lacy busy. Her favorite was the fort I built her this week. And by fort, I mean a blanket over the table:) Since it was dark, I also handed her a flashlight and this made for LOTS of fun and LOTS of time for mommy to cross off items on the to-do list. The first photo is more accurate of how dark it was inside the fort, the rest I adjusted so you could see Lacy a little better. Of course, Lacy's best friend, Dink, came to play as well. Lacy was THRILLED to have her enjoy the fort with her.