Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The reason we got behind....

NO, I am not feeding my newborn kool-aid! (My friend Mandy actually had someone ask her that when her son Max also was wearing a purple mouth!) Ashley is sporting the purple mouth because BOTH mommy and Ashley were dealing with a nasty case of thrush. Thrush is a yeast-based infection that was WAY painful for mommy and a little uncomfortable for Ashley. We started on prescription meds and the routine was so time consuming that I literally did not have a spare minute. I had to use an anti-fungal cream 4 times a day and SHOWER before each feed. OK, so most moms with a newborn are lucky to brush their teeth, let alone take FOUR showers every day! Ashley also needed her meds 4 times a day, but was not supposed to eat a 1/2hr after getting the meds...that was not easy!

'Seriously mom? Have you SEEN how silly I look?'

Well, the meds were not working and I was exhausted with the routine, so we went purple. And by that I mean we started using Gentian Violet. It is much easier to use, BUT, as you can see, it turns Ashley's mouth purple and also stains everything! Thankfully, I was healed after a few days and am thrilled to have pain-free nursing in the second week!(still doing fine!) But, Ashley still has a little left and hopefully in the next few days it will finally clear up.

Lacy had to get in the picture:) Wow, look how much the purple stands out!

My sweet little model

I can't tell you how many EXPLOSIONS Ashley has had. Pretty much every time she has a dirty diaper..it's a MASSIVE blowout. I will spare you the details, but it's so bad I need Eddy or even Lacy's assistance!!! These are Ashley's first and completely impromptu bath after one of her many blow-outs.

Ashley's first social outing- neighbor buddy Chaz's 3rd birthday party

Lacy's new friend. A neighborhood cat, who must be STARVED for attention to have a not-so-gentle Lacy love on it. But the cat enjoys Lacy just as much I think:)

Ashley checking out the toys while vibrating away in the bouncer

sweet, sleepy baby

more bath time and big sis Lacy was right there to watch and take part

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ashley Brianna Tofslie is 1 Week Old!

Sweet baby Ashley. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Ashley.My calm, sleepy baby. That is probably why I keep calling her sweet-pea. She is such a great nurser which is a wonderful blessing. After she was born, I let her nurse to her heart's content and it was TWO hours! Then after swaddled and in her isolate, she was STILL rooting. Eyes closed, slowly rooting away. And because of that, Ashley naturally took a pacifier. GREAT! So now at home at night, I can nurse her and put her down awake with the pacifier and she just calmly puts herself to sleep! CRAZY to me. I had to work and work to get Lacy to sleep as a newborn(she has been a snap since, but new born..yikes!) During the day Ashley so far has been quite easy as well, only fussing when she's ready to eat. And in between feeds she sleeps or calmly chills with her family, taking everything in.
Something that is so uniquely Ashley is when she is working up to cry. I have not yet found a good way to describe it. The first time I heard it was when we were still in the hospital and the nurse was giving Ashley a bath. I laughed so hard with the nurse it hurt my aching belly! Here is what I am working on. Maria thought it sounded like a little puppy yelp. It also sounds like a squeaky squeal. Yes, I know, not great descriptions, but it's SO adorable!
Ashley is so easy and so different from my last experience with a newborn, that I told mom that it almost scares that something is wrong or I feel like by swaddling her she will sleep longer than she wants to. Which is so silly. I KNOW she will let me know when she is hungry, but this sweet, sleepy, hungry baby has been so easy thus far. And for that I am SO thankful. It may change and that will be fine, but so far I am counting my blessings.

In all of Lacy's diaper time her blow-out diapers can probably be counted on one hand. And that is most likely due to the NUMBER of diaper changes she needed per day. So far Ashley has already exploded twice out of her diapers and both landed all over mommy:) Hope this is not foreshadowing of what's to come!

big yawn

In only one week, Lacy has become a fabulous big sister and loves to help, always wanting to hold her, touch her, kiss her, and share toys with her. It's hard for me to hold back tears when she wants to read or sings to Ashley. What a wonderful week. I just wish I could slow down time to relish in this special and short stage in our lives.

**For printing, use photos from HERE

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My parents left tonight and it was so hard to say goodbye, and so that leaves me typing one-handed holding a sweet, sleepy girl on my chest. My dad was here to stay with Lacy while I was in labor and came back this weekend to spend more time with us all.

My mom. Well, you name it, she did it. I would try to type all she did for us this week if i had two hands. I just hope that my girls will be able to depend on me like I can on my mom.

Thank you so much for all you did mom! (and dad too!) I love you both so much.

Another update by photos

Cuddle time with mommy. We JUST missed a cute pose Ashley does. She puts her hands on top of each other, then props her chin on top, tilting her head. Yes, she is my daughter, working on her poses for all the pictures mommy will take!

I can't get enough of this and am so happy that big sister Lacy can't either.

My dear friend Rochelle and her family were able to come from Portland to meet Ashley. Rochelle came with a delicious desert she made while here and gifts galore for all of us.(L-R: Lacy, Rochelle, Allie, Jason, Ashley)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Update by photos:)

Visitors:) (thanks to big sister Lacy)

Big Sister Lacy reads to baby sissy

Finding new clothes in closet with Ma'am and wearing her big sister earrings

This was an unforgettable moment. Lacy was belly laughing at Ashley's existence. Her sneezes, squirmy facial expressions and movements. Just precious.

Getting to know one another

Some daddy bonding time

Ma'am and Lacy welcome Ashely home:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ashley's Adventure Pics Posted!

We posted around 30 some pics of Ashley and the adventure over the past few days.

Kelly will update the blog later with how everything went. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Ashley Brianna Tofslie

Ashley Brianna Tofslie
June 8th, 2009 4:41 AM
8 lbs 9 oz.
19 1/2"

We got to the hospital around 2 am. Short intense labor and she is here :) healthy girl :)
We will update everyone with pics and info later!


Eddy Kelly Lacy and Ashley


Please pray for mommy, baby, and medical teams...the time has come to welcome sweet baby Tofslie into the world!! We're off to the hospital now! Water has broken!

Eddy will be the one doing all the communicating :)

Keep checking here for the big news!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

41 weeks and LOTS of tests!

First, I have to say it's a BIT inconsiderate of my baby ticker on the right to show the baby is GONE, when I am still carrying a massive baby in my belly! Notice that?!:)

So, here I am, one week past my due date! I have had a lot of testing the last two days and here is what went down.

Wednesday NST(Stress Test) at Hospital
This test is simply when they hook up monitors on your belly, one tracking the baby's heartrate and activity, and the other tracking the mother's contractions(if there are any). Well, my test was scheduled at 3pm and Eddy had a comp day and stayed home, as I could not have Lacy with me for the test by myself. Boy, was I glad that I brought my body pillow with me!!

Well, I was sitting as they first hooked up the monitors and while in that position, the baby had 2 very large decelerations. Once I got on my side that little girl was SO active that she actually was kicking the monitor off!! This is one active little girl! Well, once done, the nurses reported the results to my OB on call. She wanted me to stay another 2 hours to make sure those decels were in fact only due to position. SO, away we went again. Me just hanging out and cuddling my body pillow. Honestly, it was SUPER relaxing and a great break! Halfway through my nurse came around wanting me to order dinner as it was closing and they were not sure how much longer I was going to stay. SO, I ordered dinner. Just as dinner came, we were done with monitoring. BUT...

Both monitoring sessions I had been contracting regularly. However, I knew they were not labor contractions as I only felt a few here and there. I knew they were not the kind that would be making any progress. BUT, my OB wanted to have my cervix checked and to stay ANOTHER 2 hours seeing what my contractions were doing, if I was in fact going into labor. BUT, I thought it was silly as I was actually inbetween 1 and 2cm. So, even if contractions WERE labor...I would not be at the hospital yet anyway! BUT, I stayed and ate my dinner and enjoyed the break while I was there.

My friend Erika from our mommy-group was working at the hospital and she visited me the last 1/2 hour which was just great! She has been emailing me her schedule for weeks now, so if I have the baby when she's working she can come by and visit the new Tofslie baby:)

Well, I was checked again and sure enough-no change. Still at a 1-2cm. So, finally at 9pm, I came home. I was curious if those little contractions were going to change into labor contractions over the night, but they didn't and then I had an OB appointment at 10am in the morning AND had to come back to the hospital Thursday for another NST to make sure those decelerations were not happening.

TODAY(THURSDAY) 10am Prenatal Appointment

So, labor did not start and we got up and I dropped off Lacy at Maria's house(she is SUCH a great friend and wonderful help!!!) and off I go for an ultrasound and cervix check.

Ultrasound Results:
First thing we see....GIRL, GIRL, GIRL! :) NO doubt there!
I had twice the amount of fluid they like to see at this point-great!
The baby appears to be around EIGHT lbs-yikes!!
The OB was also able to get a look at how the baby was breathing which is correlated to the health of the placenta and she said it looked wonderful.

Cervix check-
Definitely an easy 2cm and she said the cervix was VERY soft. Then, I got another MASSIVE sweep-OUCH, but happy to take it, haha!


Since the rest of the NST had looked pretty good, the ultrasound revealed the baby was doing wonderful AND the placenta seems to be in great health, my OB was completely fine with waiting one more week to see if labor will naturally come on it's own.
WHICH IS WHAT I WANT! But, I still had to go for another NST at 3pm this afternoon and we scheduled more as they want to closely monitor the baby from this point forward. I was contracting after the sweep, but things again, have died down.

I am scheduled for another NST on Sunday at 2:30 at the hospital. Then another ultrasound Monday at 2pm. And then, if no baby I am scheduled for an induction on Thursday June 11th.

Monday, June 1, 2009

4 days past "due date"

I was SO happy today when Michelle from our group asked me if Lacy and I wanted to join them (Garrett-Lacy's bday buddy and Halle-turns 1 in August) at Jackson Park for a picnic and play time. I jumped at it as I needed something to pass the time and keep me distracted. We were a little late since I am so slow moving now. It was great to see them and enjoy a morning out of the house. The rest of our day has been in the backyard playing in the pool, enjoying popcicles, looking and squashing bugs, and playing with watering cans.


Well, after my fun day on Thursday celebrating 40 wks, that's about where the fun stopped! My ligaments under my belly are so worn out that if I do even a small amount of walking and especially if at a normal pace-I PAY FOR IT. Friday I really could not walk and it was quite the challenge looking after Lacy, but Eddy came home at 3:30 and was a HUGE help! Then, shortly after.....

Massive cramping started. I got excited and ALMOST packed my toiletries in my hospital bag...when I noticed nothing was shifting to contractions. It last for five hours. SO, again I had another defeated moment. I was not upset that the contractions 'tricked' me, but it scared me that my body was going to do a repeat of last time. ACT like it's in active labor, but get stuck, dragging the labor out making it almost unbearably exhausting. But, I know that most prodromal labor problems are just from 0-3cm and I was already at 2cm before the cramping started, so it should be unlikely that will happen again:) It took me all day Saturday to recover and now I am doing just fine waiting! I can't stay pregnant forever! Just have to take it easy, walk slow and find low-keys ways to pass the time.

So, if she does not come by Wednesday, I go into the hospital and have some stress tests done(whatever that means) and then Thursday some ultrasounds to check baby and fluid levels. If all is fine, we will wait it out longer while everything is monitored closely. OR, they may choose to get the ball rolling. WHICH...I really don't want. I think that is the main reason why I endured the long labor. Even though my water broke, I was not quite ready and there is a LOT of research out there that proves if things are done to keep baby safe from infection-you can wait longer than 24..and Lacy ended up taking longer than 24 hours to come even WITH inducing.