Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Resemblance

Here are a couple photos that by chance turned out similar. I thought it was fun to compare the similarities and differences in our girls. Lacy was 3 months in her photo on the left and Ashley was just 6 weeks. Lacy is so beautifully fair and Ashley is so pink! When we were at the swimming pool, a lady in there actually thought I sunburned my newborn! At that point, she literally had not even been TOUCHED by the sun! :) Thought these might be enjoyed.


Monster Pants!!!!

Yes, it's true he's 'rolling around' (aka ROAMING around) looking to gobble up any pants, panties, or other clothes that little kids do not put on right away when their parents ask them to. So...put on your clothes RIGHT away, or the Monster Pants will get them!

I had to ask Eddy what is this 'Monster Pants' Lacy is asking me about. I about peed my pants learning he had created (and DREW a picture of his creation) as a tool to get Lacy ready to bed faster. He called it 'The Pants Monster' and Lacy twisted it and renamed it 'Monster Pants' and I just love it. Lacy is obsessed with it and it's this hilarious game now. works.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pool!

My friend Joelena reminded that if I took Lacy to our kiddie pool in town, I would not have to techically get in..which would not work with Ashley-nor do I really want to be in a swim suit yet, but I could wade with clothes and sit on the side. DUH! And being that Lacy has been asking to go every Sunday as we drive by the pool heading towards church, I thought we should go-soon! I figured the pool would be super crowded as temps were near 100, but thankfully there were just a handful of people(Lacy gets a little overwhelmed with big crowds). There were just enough people for Lacy to play social butterfly and say hi to everyone and still room to jump and "swim". We finished with both girls eating a snack after the fun morning. We'll definitely be doing this more! Again...the photos have much more 'pop' on my computer than on the web!


Lacy is "swimming" in this pic, kicking feet and 'walking' her hands forward. Her face kills me. It's her concentrating face and the best part is the audio that goes with it! If you could only hear the grunts!! Too cute!

Match! Match!

All of 5 minutes after I found out we were expecting another girl, I was SO excited for matching outfits! However with Lacy mostly in a size 3, it was surprisingly a little difficult to find! My mom found these beautiful dresses and we got another set as a gift as well. I am thrilled and not surprised that Lacy LOVES that the girls "Match! match!" I also threw in some other photos from last week as well. (On my computer the color is much richer, I uploaded it and...drab.)


"Pick me up please"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First big outing without help!

Ta-da! Mommy did it! She prepared and took both girls for an all day adventure all by herself! And it was a great success! It was in the 90s and I needed to buy some jeans for Lacy as she was down to ONE pair that still fit. We went to the Troutdale outlet mall which is about 45 minutes away. Nearby is Blue Lake Regional Park that also has a splash park. I thought that would make for a great day...but could I get everything all packed(lunches, swim gear, sunscreen, diapers, etc) all ready and still get everything all done? SURE! With Eddy's help in the morning that is:) He has been doing Lacy wake-up and breakfast for me.

Lacy waving good-bye

We will have to go back again so I can go out and play with Lacy next time. My timid daughter helped ease me into life with two children as she would only play in the closest fountain. Kept my anxiety level to a minimum. Thanks Lacy! Ashley did awesome the entire day, except the last 20 minutes she got hungry and SCREAMED until we were home and all settled where I could feed her. We have not stopped since this successful day! I enjoy taking my girls out and about!

Lacy pretty much loved just getting damp from the fountain then RUNNING back to me all excited. How wonderful is it so see their joyful faces bolting towards you!

I only went as I could see from the photos on the website that there was lots of great shade for Ashley and when we ate our picnic lunch!!

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lacy LOVED this gym when she was a baby and wouldn't you know she so loves it now! Especially when her sister is in it. I give it about 5 seconds before Lacy crawls in as well, giggling and talking to her sissy. Just precious. Looking at their profile in that first photo, I so think they look like sisters, don't you?

What a tender big sister!

Back from the purple days.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ashley's first trip to the zoo!

I was getting stir-crazy since I have been home bound a couple weeks before my due date, I was SO ready for a trip to Portland and Lacy has been dying to go to the zoo and simply...go to Mammie and Papa's house! So, since my mom was in town over the 4th, I decided to head that direction Sunday after church. Having help to get packed was nice:) Another great reason, was my mom had Monday and then got Tuesday off as well. Ashley did pretty well on the way TO Portland. The trip home was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Which included a last minute ATM run on the way out of town where it did not give me my money and CHARGED me for it! (it's been fixed) But, it was all worth it and the zoo trip and time with my parents was great. Ashley of course did not see much of the zoo, but was so good for our fun day. Then, Lacy enjoyed all the fun that comes with staying at Mammie and Papa's house! Now a week later, I'll be honest. The girls' bag is still not completely unpacked. Haha!

Mommy loved the little shoes. Not so much the VERY purple face. People did stare. If they didn't ask, I didn't offer!

Getting to know her Mammie

Wouldn't you know, Lacy who used to be TERRIFIED of dogs, LOVED the nippy goats(who I am pushing away from my coat it kept chewing on!)

Lacy informed me, that the goats were her friends and she was not shy to give the goats big hugs. With all the hugging her navy shirt was almost white with goat hair when she left!

Lacy's favorite place at Mammie's and Papa's...the sandbox. I could not believe the destruction one 2 yr old coming inside from sandbox play could do to a house! But, the fun was worth the clean up. Well, maybe I am not the one to say that since I did not have to do the cleaning! Thanks mom for being so good about the mess we bring!

Mammie and Papa have all sorts of berries in their garden...yum!

The little purple one enjoyed being outside without being blasted by wind!

HILARIOUS. Lacy found a camera and quickly started using her sissy as a model. You should have seen her walking around and backing up taking 'pictures' of her sissy. Telling everyone to say 'CHEESE' and 'Oh, that's a good one.' Eddy and I are probably going to get her a kid's digital camera for her birthday:)