Monday, August 31, 2009

Really, I just don't know what to say....

but, this sure made us laugh. Enjoy our silly girl:)

(this was during our beach weekend getaway with the Andersons over the weekend)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Not looking so much like a newborn anymore...

Well, there she is. My little baby who is approaching the 3 month mark. Closer to the 12 wk mark, but it all flies by so fast anyway! She just does not look like a newborn anymore, does she?

We have been having lots of fun(birthdays, visitors) and the fun keeps coming. We are getting ready to head to the beach with our friends the Andersons this weekend, then soon there after Eddy's parents arrive for a visit. That means grandpa will meet Ashley for the first time and we will also do another beach trip!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Three years ago today....

our little girl made her grand entrance into this world. What a blessing and dream come true she has been to us. I am still in a little shock she is three years old. It really is so true that "it goes so fast". We love you Lacy and can't wait to share and enjoy another year.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun in the HOT, HOT, HOT Sun and DISNEYLAND!

So the last week in July, I took the girls to my parents and for Oregon, we hit the ALL TIME high record temperature! We actually got hotter than my photo..all they way to 107! (Maybe another station said we broke it at 108..not sure, but it was WAY hot) We did so many fun things in the HOT sun, I will just try explain with the photos. If you didn't see the prior post...I think that explains all the fun:)

evening in Mammie and Papa's backyard

story time before bed

it was so hot...this did not last that long!

Instead we were invited to join the family my mom is a nanny for and play in their pool. I remembered to pack Lacy's suit but completely forgot about me! But, then I just had a baby and did not have a suit that fit! Well, Suzanne(the kids' mom) dashed away and returned with a suit for me! So sweet! Now, I was seriously NOT wanting to get into a swim suit considering that I just delivered a baby weeks ago, but Lacy needed her mommy to help, so in I went! We had a great time!

Even Ashley came out to play:)

Ashley smiling for Mammie

Considering how scorching hot it was, we opted for some indoor play at a coffee shop that is set up with a play area for the kids! The funny part is the place is called I think 'Munchkin Land' but Lacy got it in her head it was...


Lacy is doing her cherished ballet position 'arabesque'

Lacy can't get enough of Mammie and Papas' big backyard with ALL those flowers:) And they definitely needed water in that heat!

She may not be old enough to water the flowers, but she still was having a good time!

BRACE Yourself.....

For the first time EVER in her almost 3 year life, Lacy........

Fell asleep playing!! Even as a baby, still under 1 year of age, this little munchkin would stay awake TWELVE hours during a big shopping day, pretty much unable to crash. You can imagine my complete shock when I walked around the corner at my parents house and saw this! Maybe it was the all-time record heat that hit Oregon(my parents have A.C.), but none-the-less, I was(and still am) shocked she fell asleep while reading her beloved books!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too many photos...

I am completely behind in posting, but for now I think this photo just had to be posted out of order. I took this photo the end of last week, Ashley was still 9 weeks. She is so easy to smile and I just love that! She has been doing so well that I forgot to make her well-baby appointment and we went when Ashley was 9 weeks instead of 8:) Here are the stats that I remember.

Weight: 11lbs exactly
Lenth: 23 inches

Lots and lots and lots of photos and posts coming soon. Next up....Lacy's 3rd birthday this Sunday on August 23rd!!! Yes, that's right, I said THREE. sigh. (which means I better get caught up on this blog...FAST!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mommy Group Babies Turn THREE!!!

This summer is the 3rd anniversary of when our great group met at our childbirth classes. Yes, our babies are turning THREE! Linden, the mom of Will and Charis invited to come celebrate their birthday at a fun park last week. All the kids had so much fun, especially eating cup cakes bright and early in the morning! :) Ashley just went from mommy to mommy and had a record for a daytime nap, sleeping from 10:30-1:15! If only we could repeat that:) I feel bad as once home, I realized I do not have one of Garrett! Some how I missed him. Here are some photos from all the fun.

(I can't wait to go back and use the field the park has at the proper time of day for photos. Without good light or adjusting well, I just snapped a few of Lacy before the group arrived. CHECK OUT HER POSES. Man, the girl just cracks me up. We are a good pair! I love to take photos of her and she loves to have her picture taken:)