Sunday, January 31, 2010

Curly Temple

It's amazing to me that THREE generations of my family have fallen in love with Shirley Temple. My mom loved her, I LOVED her, and now Lacy has been bitten by the Shirley bug. A couple years ago, Eddy bought me a massive set of DVDs, with tons of Shirley movies. You name, I probably have it;) Just over the last year has Lacy gotten old enough to begin watching, some keep her interest more than others.

So, Lacy has been asking to have REALLY curly hair 'JUST like Shirley Temple'. I was thinking on a nice rainy day, we would tackle that big job. Well, I was crunched for time one morning, but really wanted to give Lacy some curls when she asked. This first photo is from doing spiral curls with a curling iron. She LOVED it, but wanted to try the styrofoam ones I had told her about a long time ago.

One weekend morning, we went for it. We grabbed the curlers, popped in Bright Eyes and started rolling! I don't even know where to start, the day was just packed with special memories!

First, I had given Lacy the nickname 'Curly Temple' and she insisted that I call her that for the entire day...EVEN if she was getting scolded! haha.

Once the rollers were in-she REFUSED to allow me to take them out! She kept dashing to the bathroom and smiling at her reflection of roller-head.  Lacy tried to lay down on the couch with her roller-head while watching the movie and said that it was not comfortable. I got this brilliant idea-tell her about how 'little girls had to sleep that way and we should take out your rollers so you don't have to be uncomfortable sleeping with your rollers.' She LIGHTS up and asks oh, so excitedly, 'MOMMY! May I sleep with my rollers too?!'   DOH! Backfire.

Then, she decides that she is NOT pretending anymore and she IS Shirley Temple, NOT Curly Temple, and I must refer to her as SHIRLEY. She was VERY serious about this!

FINALLY at 3:30, I convinced her to let me take out her rollers. Let me tell you that for 10 minutes, she literally kept going back and forth on her decision and I was walking on egg shells trying to convince her that she had made the right decision to take the rollers out! The minute she looked in the mirror, she BEAMED and immediately started jumping, loving how her hair bounced. I need to buy more rollers and do her entire head in small rollers next time, but mission accomplished. We both had a very fun and memorable time we'll have better curls;)

Multitasking gone awry

I was feeding Ashley, cooking Lacy's dinner, and Eddy came to the door with groceries. I go to help and was about to go back to feed Ashley a couple more bites when I see....

Yes, that's right. I left the cereal bowl on the tray! I jumped up to help Eddy and the cereal did not even cross my mind! Since the damage was done, we just took a few photos and let her enjoy and explore. She was headed up for a bath after this anyway;) She got a big kick out of the spoon as well! Oh, Ashley.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I should not have been surprised by this as Ashley is proving to be quite the little visual learner, but here she is at dinner time, doing the baby sign for 'all done'. I only had my phone, which takes TERRIBLE video, but I think you can at least see enough to make her out. So fun! (Ashley 7 months)

ALL DONE! from tofslie on Vimeo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Card 2009!

Here it is! Ok, so I still have a massive pile that has not been mailed yet! My thoughts are, if I do not send them, all of them would just go to waste. So, although WAY late and SO beyond the Christmas season, I am still going to send them:) But, I need to get caught up on the blog and although I can't stand a surprise ruined(and I am extremely serious about that!!) I need to post it anyway:) We had fun making this one and I love how Eddy and I team up for this(even if Eddy gets ticked off during the process when I gives a gentle thumbs down for a draft or two) and think we are a great team. You can click on the photo to enlarge it and get a better look at all the poses that create the letters.

We did have a JOY-filled Christmas and were blessed with enjoying lots of fun activities with family and teaching Lacy about our Savior that was born on that special morning. There are 5 posts to follow from our highlights of our fun and special times. My favorite is the Zoo Lights video:) All of these posts are before Christmas and I will post the few photos we have from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the next week or so.

We hope you all had a great Christmas and are off to a great start for 2010!!

We would love a comment if you enjoyed your visit:)


SO, while in Portland after Thanksgiving and after seeing the Singing Christmas tree, I thought we needed to take advantage of the dry weather and go to Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo. I was SO torn to go. I knew Lacy would love it(and she did), but Eddy was in Hood River working. We all wanted to go. But, we decided that we did not know when or IF we would be back into Portland before Christmas AND IF we made it, the chances of having dry weather were so slim. Knowing that, Eddy graciously bowed out, and everyone else(my dad, mom, and Uncle Cory) joined us three girls and went to Zoo Lights.

This is my favorite video from Christmas. With Lacy being 3, she was so excited and so enjoyed all joy that comes with Christmas.  A couple things are so special in this photo camera video. First, I love the smile she flashes at me while looking at the fish, I love how she mis-pronounced(and actually misidentified) the Hallelujah song, and also that I captured Lacy's cute way of saying "sure", and just her little kid joy. What a blessed Christmas! With the frigid cold and juggling everything, I just wanted to say again, that although you can't tell from the video and photos, Uncle Cory and Papa were in fact there! We all just got freezing and left in quite a hurry after we met up again. I hope you enjoy the video and photos to follow. (OH, and side note, I took the video and some photos on eddy's little point and shoot...)

Zoo Lights from tofslie on Vimeo.

Ashley and Mommy on the train

Lacy and Mammie snuggling and staying warm on the train

The warmest member of our group:)

Not only was Lacy not dressed warm enough-since I was not planning on us being out in the cold when I packed AND after her hot chocolate over flowed, spilling all over her mitten and coat, everyone juggled gloves and Uncle Cory went without so Lacy could be warm wearing adult gloves:)

Just too hard to stay awake when you are so warm and it's hours past your bedtime.

All time favorite photo of Mammie and Lacy.

And another favorite of Mommy and Lacy.

I so wish I could have adjusted better for this photo, but grain and all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo of my Lacy girl.    

Santa Land!

Another moment unplanned, but seized in our Portland trip after Thanksgiving. As a child, Meier and Frank(now Macy's) downtown would convert the entire top floor into a magical childhood fantasty Santa Land, including a train ride AT THE CEILING! It was fantastic. Sadly, they moved Santa Land down to the basement and do not have the train ride anymore. They still have fun decorations and a wonderful Santa with a real beard(just ask Ashley she grabbed ahold, tugged, and didn't let go!), and a toy train in a display area. They do have some of the old train cars for the kids to climb on as parents wait for their photos to print. I am SO glad my dad ended up coming along. With his help I was able to document the day like would prefer and it was actually FUN, no stress involved. THANKS DAD! For your help and your company. I did sacrifice my Nikon and just took the point and shoot, but with it, was able to get the video. I guess it evens out, right?

November 30th, 2009

Santa Land from tofslie on Vimeo.

Notice Ashley's firm grasp on that beard? Hilarious.

Christmas Cookies

I knew we really should bake some sugar cookies this year since Lacy so enjoys helping in the kitchen. However, trying to get ready for Christmas with a 3 year old AND a baby, I knew finishing the entire process would just be too much for me, especially since we had been SO busy having loads of fun during the Christmas season. SO, I opted out to buy the pre-made dough and just have fun rolling, cutting, baking, and decorating the cookies. Eddy picked up a bunch of dough for us and what I thought would be a couple hour project during nap time turned into a half-day cookie extravaganza! And...Lacy absolutely LOVED it. Definitely worth the unexpected turn of the day! Oh...and the massive mess that was created:)
December 20 & 21, 2009

Yes, I did some of these cookies, but I was impressed with how well Lacy did at hers...and all by herself. See if you can spot them out:)

"Mommy, is this too many sprinkles?"  :)