Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Fever!

What a BEAUTIFUL day! This afternoon our thermometer hit 55 without wind! Lacy spent just about all afternoon outside with her daddy and mommy brought Ashley out to enjoy sitting out in the grass for the first time. However, the ground was pretty damp, so we will enjoy the real grass experience later this spring. Ashley enjoyed watching her sister run around the cul-de-sac and even found some strands of 'grass' off our plant. After today, I can't WAIT for more sunshine and simple, but wonderful days of just stepping out your front door and enjoying the fresh air, beautiful sun shine, and great friends! Miss Ashley you brighten our lives every day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Practice with the camera

I am really looking forward to spring and the better weather that will come along with it! With a few new photography skills learned, I am dying to find some good locations and start playing around with portraits! Lacy and I tried a couple places this last week and man, she LOVES modeling. I have to get her to be a little silly as sometimes, she is too 'posed' for what I am wanting, but on the flip-side she gives me time to fiddle with my camera. Sigh...I love this girl.

Anyone local interested in helping me out and letting me practice on you or your kids, let me know! 

My Vday, Bday

Well, the day finally arrived. Officially entered my thirties! With both Eddy and I being quite busy lately, we opted for just a family party, no big bday bash. The day was full enough as it was! Started off with Valentine's gifts for the girls in the morning, followed by church, then our family party, and finishing it off with a Vday/Bday date night with eddy. A nice way to welcome in the next decade:)

Bright and early and about to open their gifts!

Lacy and Mommy with some of her gifts

Mommy with her girls

I also snapped a few photos of Ashley and was thrilled when I got a good one of her making her crinkled nose face. Love it. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everyday Blessings

On a day to day basis, my life is filled with more blessings than I deserve.  Even trips to the grocery store can bring me such joy. With my now EIGHT month old baby, I HAD to capture that itty bitty girl who can now sit up in the shopping cart. I really wish I had a photo of Lacy when she started the shopping cart phase, so I was not going to miss out on Ashley! Plus, Lacy is enjoying riding the shopping cart in a new way as well. Two new phases. So, that's right, I took my camera to the grocery store! We had a mini photo-shoot right in the aisle. 

Tell me the cuteness in that shopping cart just does not kill you! 

Big sis protecting and Ashley with her silly, scrunchy nose smile.

And Ashley's signature-curled up tongue. LOVE it.

Lacy's new fav! Hopping on the end of the cart to ride!
My happy helper. She makes grocery shopping so fun for ME. I mean, how could you not smile with that little face looking at you;)

Ok, I am sad this one is not in focus, but I love that Ashley is flashing a sweet smile while showing off her two chompers. Yep, I am so glad the camera tagged along for the trip today.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Playgroup Preschool

Lacy and I are not able to attend our awesome playgroup preschool as often as we would like(many times are traveling home Monday mornings from Portland), but we always have such a great time when we do!

Today I brought my camera because I thought it would be cute to see all the kiddos in their Jammies. Today at playgroup preschool the kids were focusing on the letter J! I am the lame-o mommy that has not contributed yet, but the other moms pooled together and had stories, songs, crafts, toy exchanges, and even theme-related snacks! Not too mention the impromptu tumbling session:) Hopefully they all will enjoy the photos, so I won't feel completely worthless! Thanks for hosting Leah!

Mommy Leah holding her daughter Gretchen and Ashley. 

Silly Gretchen


Yes, that would be my Lacy pouting and glaring right at me, being ungrateful for the provided snack. She did well and changed her attitude quite quickly. Still...this photo cracks me up!

Can rough-housing be left out when boys get together? ;) Charis obviously loves to join in with the boys as well!

Will in mid-somersault.

There is always room for a friend.

Printable copies HERE 

Pump-E-Up round 2!

Lacy had such a great time at Pump-E-Up(aka Pump It Up Jr.) with Sophia, I decided to take Lacy again while we were in town. We needed to take advantage of Portland's great indoor activities while we could! This time, Uncle Cory joined in the fun. Also, it was completely less crowded, which made it a lot more fun AND easier to communicate! Another perk, I was able to take more photos...and I did take a LOT. I know, I know...big surprise;) And, in all following photos, you will spot that Ashley even got in on the fun!! And in case you can't tell how fast we are going, click on the photo to enlarge and check out her hair! Cracks me up. Good times at Pump-It-Up.

THIS ONE. check out Ashley's hair...awesome.

FYI-looking that cool while going down the slide does cause rug-burn!

So much fun!!!