Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Oh man...I am so excited I really can't even start. I have so many posts to make on here, but first, my brother's latest project. He is so talented it amazes me.  He can pick up an instrument and somehow he masters them all by his own doing. Crazy. With that he can do his own songs completely...music and vocals. A one man band! Awesome.

He recorded this cover song to learn his new recording software and the family got to join in on the fun!! My mom, dad, and even LACY all make an appearance in this song. If you are not musical, let me explain all that went into this song. My brother played each instrument and recorded each. Then, he recorded the lead vocals. Then, he recorded all back-up vocals(until 3 mins:). THEN, he recorded my mom, dad, me AND Lacy. As he put it, 3 months of work all rolled into 4 mins:) I think you are going to need to listen to this a couple times! First, enjoy my brother and his pipes. Then, a second time at minute 3, my mom, dad and myself make up the background chorus! Lacy also adds her cuteness to that chorus. Then, the last chorus around minute 3:30 Lacy takes her turn at improv. Yup...makes me cry every time. My brother is so talented in so many ways and I am so proud of him! I love this recording and icing on the cake, our family who has ALWAYS enjoyed music together now made a recording "ALL together" and passed it on to the next generation. THANK YOU CORY!!

I'm Yours from tofslie on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 months

Yes, that's right. Miss Ashley is already 10 months. Her communication and interaction seem to advance daily. She obviously is a visual learner and continues to love baby-signing and is picking up more and more and using them in their proper context, really communicating! She has told me "all-done" since she began eating solids at 6 months. I love that! Now, she also uses 'eat' and 'more' a lot and is working on please. She also made up her own sign for music. It's quite similar to the baby-sign for music, but she just uses one arm. She also loves to clap and ADORES dancing! She often dances so hard and so big, she falls right over! Kills me every time.

Her newest and favorite word is 'uh-oh' and says it all the time, so adorable! She still loves to say 'da-da'. Although she can say 'ma-ma', about 95% of the time when you ask her to say it, she responds 'da-da'! To which Lacy erupts in hysterics. It's funny all around.

Ashley seems to be following in her sister's footsteps and is still not crawling as of yet. She does get around, and still is a massive roller. Just recently she is able to sit and spin all the way around 360 while playing on the floor. With that, she often scoots a little. Today Lacy and I played with her on the floor, crawling around her and me propping her up in the crawl position. She will hold the position, even more her arms, but her legs eventually just scoot back to flat. Neither the doctor or myself are remotely concerned about the lack of crawling, she is doing PLENTY in other areas and still is physically active. Her fine motor skills are quite good, so crawling will come at some point:)

With Ashley turning 6 months right around Christmas time, I skipped that well-baby doctor appointment and we actually just went last week. So, at almost 10 months, Ashley weighed 16.2 pounds. That puts her in about the 10-15% and I can't remember how long she was, but it was around the 50%. All was great! She has been super healthy and what a blessing that was with all the nasty flus that were going around this season.

Unfortunately, I only have these snapshots, as we just got back from an unexpected trip to Salem last week. My grandpa organized a family reunion, but unfortunately that entailed him collapsing with a heart attack and emphysema complications. It was really sketchy if he was even going to make it, but the Lord blessed us with a great Easter together with the entire family (even our Alaska clan) and he is now back at home!! Post on that later, but obviously I did not have time for a proper portrait.

Now, if I can only figure out HOW Ashley's AWESOME hair day occurred!! Seriously, look how adorable it looks! It is laying so perfectly-NOT the usual sticking straight out of the side of her head. That is the only reason I took this snapshot. Of course she didn't have the good hair day while we were visiting with all our family! Oh well, her hair is coming in great and she already has a little more than Lacy did at this time...now if we can only get more of these great hair days!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yard work surprise!

My mom is always doing for others despite what it will cost her. She gives all of herself. What an example of selflessness! We were visiting my parents after my mom has first been up to our house to help clean with me(and for me!), then taking Lacy back with her for a few days to give me more free time to continue the cleaning progress. During that time, she got her worst case of gout-a form of arthritis. We did not quite know what it was at first. She assured me that it was just some swelling, not that painful. Ah...I don't want to say my mom lied to me, but will give her the benefit of the doubt and say she is SUPER tough(which she is by the way). It IS very painful, but she wanted to help and pushed through. 

With her helping me, some items on her to-do list got shoved back. So, my brother and I decided to tackle a physical job for her since she needs to rest her foot, instead of tackling yard work. So, my brother and I finished laying garden mulch down in the front yard. It was quite the feat, but we both were determined! For me, juggling both girls and then the weather was TERRIBLE that day. However, we managed to get a great break in the weather while we worked.

I told Lacy we were going to surprise Mammie and work in the yard for her. She was SO thrilled to help. Seeing her little heart shape before my eyes is such a gift. I think this first photo sums it up. A proud little smile, hard at work. And really, she DID work hard. She carried a lot of loads, dumped, and spread her bark! I was not planning on this when I came and was just thankful I had my rain coat. I was able to cinch the waist and fold up the sleeves and Lacy was able to stay dry!

She watched uncle Cory so closely and cheered him on in the SWEETEST way. "Good job uncle Cory!" Then, after she had watched long enough, she went to work, JUST like uncle Cory. I was so impressed at how she would even empty her wheel barrow just like uncle Cory, by lifting it up! Lacy was using Cory's old wheel barrow from when he was little and let me tell you, it is old-school quality and heavy! 

Well done, kid! 

Balloon Play!

Ok Grandpa Tofslie, I am posting ALL of these with you in mind:) Ashley LOVES playing with balloons(closely monitored by mommy and daddy of course!). I am amazed with the coordination she uses to retrieve the balloon and bring it down. She uses a two-handed, slide technique! Maybe you can see how by the photos. Once Ashley has the balloon down at her level...she goes bananas! VERY cute! So Grandpa, since you are having withdrawals from Lacy and Ashley photos, I am posting LOTS for you, even though not all of them are quality photos, they still are cute.

Big sis joins in to help and play

Sweet Sisters

Ashley LOVES balloons:)