Monday, August 30, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes

Here they are! Lacy just LOVED these. And, how bright and fun are they? Since I have no talent at baking(or cooking for that matter), these made me feel a WEE bit domesticated;) They did not turn out quite as I was hoping, but they were still fun and a big hit with Lacy. Mission accomplished.

We handed them out with the wrapper on. I debated on whether I should keep them on or take them off. I had reasons for both ways. Turns out being crunched for time, the wrapper stayed on. Our friend Brenda said it was a really fun surprise when you unwrapped them. I think the adults enjoyed them just as much as the kids:)

I asked Lacy what was her favorite part of her party and she said...

"Eating the rainbow cupcakes and giving them away to all my friends"
As Lacy is getting older, I am over-joyed at her wonderful generosity. Whenever Lacy gets a SUPER special treat of any kind, she jumps to sharing it. More about this on her birthday post:) So, of course one of her favorite parts was SHARING her special cupcakes. Yikes, that will tug at a momma's heartstrings! 

Here is Lacy enjoying her rainbow cupcake at her party! 

How to make rainbow cupcakes...
Simply make your cake batter(we used french vanilla box mix!). Decide how many colors you would like. We chose 6(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), so I had six bowls. Since we made 2 boxes, it worked out to about 1 1/2 cups in each bowl. Then, use gel food coloring for each color. We got Wilton colors and added, I think 1/2 teaspoon to each bowl and they were VERY bright and vivid. Then, I tested how much of each color we could put in each cupcake with water and measuring spoons. A tad less than a dessert spoon seemed to work for me. I scooped out a dessert spoon of red in every cupcake, rinsed off the spoon and then went on to the next color until I did all six. It did take me

Now..I first made them so the red was on top. However, the color did bleed a little, so I switched and had the purple(with some blue) on the tops and they looked a little my opinion. I did see another recipe that added sour cream(really? I have heard of CREAM cheese, but sour cream??) to the batter. They mentioned that the batter was very thick...that might help prevent the colors bleeding. Not sure! Let me know if you try. 

So, we made cupcakes twice and frosting three times during Lacy's birthday week. It took a long time to get the cupcakes done and I did not eat one at the party. After it was all over and after dinner, I finally had one.....YUCK! I was shocked. I tested a cupcake right after the first batched cooled and it was yummy. My parents and brother were in town for the party and we all figured out it was the frosting. GO FIGURE, all that work and they tasted terrible. We have some left over and I will be scraping off all the frosting and putting better on top! We thought it may be the food coloring, but it was the frosting. WHO KNOWS. But, the cupcakes are good:)

We will definitely be doing colored cake again in all different ways. Very fun and colorful, which is great for little ones who love color!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Four whole years...

Oh sweet Lacy girl, we wish you a very happy birthday. You are four years old today, how can that be? My heart rejoices in the girl you are becoming. Your daddy and I are so blessed to raise you, thank you Lord for our first sweet girl. We love you so, so much Lacy!! 

I am hoping to post loads and loads of photos asap. I think I may call in some back-up and ship the girls off to Mammie and Papa, since they have not seen them in while and dig in:) This photo is one from our Montana trip and was taken at Clydehurst Christian Ranch during our fantastic week there.