Friday, October 29, 2010

Ballet Visitation Day October 2010

I can't speak highly enough about Lacy's ballet class. Teacher Nancy uses very creative and inventive ways to teach the girls the fundamentals of ballet, whether learning a position or an imaginative dance. The best part is Lacy wore a smile just about the entire time. This is so special for Lacy and ME! If you are local and have a little one, check the studio HERE.

This video just makes me smile.

Side note: The video is bumpy quite often because I would be holding on tightly to Ashley with one arm or she would be climbing over my back while attempting to shoot:) Enjoy.

Ballet Visitation Day October 2010 from tofslie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Father's Day! I know it's NOT Father's Day and that is why this has been eating me alive. We spent Father's Day this year in Montana while Eddy's dad under went quadruple bypass surgery. I still managed to have to girls get a Father's Day gift made for Eddy. I even was taking photos before our unexpected trip, but none of them really worked. MAN ALIVE has it been hard to get a VERTICAL photo that is decent of BOTH girls. This photo definitely has it's issues and is not technically great, but it's pretty cute of both DONE.

Today I was hoping to take some family portraits for our friends, but I could not get the girls taken care of. SO, we pushed back the shoot to next week and I decided to go out and snap away since that was the plan anyway. I have been struggling getting a decent shot of our little Smashley lately:) I was so happy I got one! Then, I got a similar one of Lacy. All these photos will head to Eddy's office, so he can have a little collage for one of his walls...and hopefully, I'll get that "great" photo to replace the top one eventually!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preschool Field Trip #2!

 On this crisp, but beautiful fall morning, Lacy's preschool class went to the "local" pumpkin patch. We went there earlier this season where I took PHOTOS of the girls with their fairy wings. This time since daddy was not along for the trip, Ashley was confined to the had to free up her hands so she could snap a few photos:) And, I only did get a few. We also ran into our friends who were also on their preschool field trip. Lacy thought that was SO cool they were there as well!

Ok, so I am sure those of you that have kids in school or in preschool know how it can get a little loud and hectic corralling all these little people, their parents and a lot of siblings during these outings. Teacher Angela does a great job(and her great assistant Amanda) at organizing it all, but when it came time for the class photo, it all happened fast. It was hard for me not to interrupt and suggesting moving to a different spot and adding a second row to get the kids closer, but it's hard enough just getting everyone together, so I just bit my tongue. SO, I could not step back enough to get all the kids in my frame AND it was in FULL sun-directly in there eyes. Nothing I can with that, need some more practice in that area-TRICKY:) SO, I just took a snap-shot for memory sake and I think come spring there will be a better class photo. I put two because 3 little tykes from my mommy group were not in one of them. It was a fun morning, but I sure did need my coffee after this! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jumping for joy!

Man alive was that separation hard. If you did not hear, right after I did the Providence billboard shoot, my camera stopped detecting the battery even though it was fully charged. It was quite the hassle to get to a store(NOT local) to determine that the problem was, in fact, internal and NOT a battery. Sigh. I knew that meant my less than 3 month old camera was headed back to Canonland. Although it was SO difficult to be without my camera, Canon was SUPER fast getting my camera back to me. Of course, all free of charge. The problem? The power supply assembly had shorted and needed to be replaced. No clue why or how, but that was the problem and it's now fixed! Of course when my camera came back, I got sick and so just yesterday I was able to bring my camera along to the park and take photos again. Ahhhh, and all is well with the world. :)-

Monday, October 18, 2010


It's up! My photo is on a billboard for a Providence Hospital ad! And two of the cutest little models are the stars! So, when the billboard first came into play, it was going to be a billboard downtown Hood River, but things were changed and now the location is in Troutdale, off Interstate 84. It is a MUCH bigger billboard, off a very busy highway leading into the gorge. Of course once the billboard went up, I came down with a nasty chest cold and could not go to see it. Todd(the boys' dad) went and took some photos and passed them on to me...THANKS FOR THE PHOTOS TODD!

For those who would like to see the billboard, here are a little more specifics on where the billboard can be seen. As you are leaving Portland, heading east on I-84 you come to Troutdale(exit 17). Right after you pass the exit, continuing on I-84, the billboard will be on the left-hand side, across the west bound lane. Enjoy Todd's photos if you can't see it in person!

So for the special occasion, Todd presented me with the coolest gift. He had a mini-billboard made!! There are a couple items in the photo so will have a better idea it's size. It's sitting by my computer right now! Love it! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire Safety 101

Here is Lacy sporting her fire hat from her first preschool field trip! I was a helping parent and Ashley and I went along on the field trip and also took one of Lacy's classmates in our car. The girls were so excited to go together in our van. It was so cute! The field trip was fun for all and the men at the station had a lot more prepared for the preschoolers than I thought they would. They learned a lot about fire safety and really enjoyed themselves! On our way back to preschool, the little girl we took said "knock, knock" So...I replied "who's there?" And she said "fire station" Me: "fire station who?" And that sweet little thing said "fire station...YAY!!" Cute:) OH..and Thanks Jenn for loaning me your camera!!!

Below a fireman was asking the girls what they were supposed to do when they reached a door. Lacy just sat there with that glazed smile, hoping that could be the answer. Of course at home she rambles on and on and on about it, just froze in the moment!

Below, a daddy from our mommy group was so sweetly helping all the kids out of the fire engine. Lacy freaks out in Lacy fashion and I could hear her yell from across the room "NO!"(Teacher Amanda scooped her down after that and yes, we had a chat about that later! Sorry Andy!)

Yes, even Ashley was along for the field trip. She enjoyed it, but it made it VERY hard for mommy to take photos with a new and bold walker on the lose:)

I really wanted to get a photo of each child in class taking their turn shooting the fire hose, but there were a lot us parents attempting to snap away AND Ashley was all over the place. I eventually had her sit down next to me. All of the sudden I hear this sound and I knew it was not a sound that I should be hearing...SPLASH, SPLASH. Yeah, all that water from the hose had drained down right to us and with my face in the camera I did not notice it. Ashley did and was happily splashing away in the MASSIVE stream of water. Yep....soaked! :) Click on the photo to see it larger, in the top row, the kids watching are quite cute!

Monday, October 11, 2010

New boots and Mommy's necklace:)

Still without my camera and using my phone:( Anyway, the girls just came home after a weekend with my parents right before Ashley's nap. When she woke up, she was feeling all sorts of awful due to her cold. She was just crying and crying. So, I had her try on some new clothes, boots, and put on Mommy's necklace she LOVES and TA-DA! All better:) She LOVES her boots(Thanks Mammie!) Big sis saw the action and wanted in one as well. I ask them to smile. Lacy does fantastic as usual. Ashley? Well, what do you think?

Oh MAN. Tell me, does that little face just make you crack up or what?! Love it.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preschool Skills!

It's amazing how fast kids can acquire new skills. Being a stay at home mom, I have  barley missed a thing that my girls begin to do. After preschool today, Lacy was just DYING to show me what she learned to do. Adjusting to your child mastering skills while at school is bittersweet. It's so exciting to see your child bursting with pride when they accomplish something that you both know took a lot of work, but at the same time it's so hard to be missing their 'journey' to conquering their new skill. None-the-less, I was excited with Lacy at her new preschool skill. This is a BIg deal, as Lacy has been extremely physically cautious and to see her blossoming is just a massive blessing. Whether I was along for the journey this time or not...WAY TO GO LACY!

Preschool Skills from tofslie on Vimeo.

Mom's Birthday!

My mom's great boss gives her birthday off(PAID!) and man did we have fun! On top of giving my mom the day off, Suzann also gave my mom their season tickets for the Blazer game the night before her birthday. And uh, they are ON the floor, SECOND row. AMAZING. Well, my dad and brother surprised me saying that they would watch the girls so mom and I could go! They all have been once or twice(yes, Suzann has passed them off before!) and I have never been to a game. I was so excited!! And it was great fun; the Blazers creamed the Clippers. Then, the next morning, my mom's actual birthday, we all went to the Washington Park playground and then out to lunch at Red Robin. Because, you know, when a 4 year old hears there is a birthday, there HAS to be a party:) Red Robin does the loud chant for birthdays and gives a complimentary ice cream sunday. This was satisfactory with Lacy :) Of course being in Portland, I had to grab the opportunity to hit some amazing sales. Only bummer, with my camera in the shop at Canonland, I only had my iPhone to snap some photos. Better than nothing, right?

Red Robin Birthday from tofslie on Vimeo.

Yes, those are the dancers sitting right in front of us and that shoulder you see on the right-hand side of the photo would be ex-Blazer Terry Porter! Ah...I think I am spoiled. How am I going to go again sitting in "regular" seats? :)

115 Blazers. 86 Clippers.

Happy Birthday Mom!! 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Forward, ho!

Yes, our little munchkin is now facing forward in the van! I feel like we had to wait forever. Our little one is JUST 20 pounds. Being that she is almost 16 months, around she went. You know, there are many places in the world that keep littles rear-facing MUCH longer than we do in the states. In fact, I think it's until around 30 lbs! Lacy JUST hit that marker at 4 years old. While rear-facing, the kids just sit criss-crossed as they get bigger. It does haunt me a little, but at the end of the day, we went with forward facing at 20 lbs.

I told Lacy when we woke up, there was something new in the van. Immediately she said, "well, I got a new car seat, maybe Ashley has a new one." Wow, she was right! We also bought a new seat from a co-worker of Eddy's and it's really nice. Ashley's current one was definitely needing to retire. 

All of us were leaving at the same time yesterday morning. All us girls were headed with Lacy's preschool class on their field trip to the fire station. So, eddy was able to watch as Ashley sat in her seat for the first time. Her response? 

A slow and drawn out "WOW" and big smiles. Then, while driving, she kept repeating 'HI!', since she could see me in the driver seat:)