Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Small Town Christmas

What a fun event for the Christmas season. On Friday night we took the girls to our local parade and tree lighting ceremony. The girls each got a glow stick and LOVED running around in the closed streets. The parade was short and sweet(it was super chilly!), but there were lots of lights, big inflatable balloon figures, dogs, horses, the GRINCH!(someone in a very believable costume) and of course Santa! OH! And Lacy's buddy Gerrit marched in the parade with his preschool. He is a celebrity now:) Ashley was completely wide-eyed in awe of all the commotion of the parade.

A couple highlights..of course a horse decides to do his thing right in front of us for all of us to watch it steam away in the street. Lovely. Then, the next entry in the parade, on foot, here the crowd all gasp as a man was headed RIGHT toward the giant mound,  and then...steps right in it. Then the crowd just yells and groans in disgust, but the guy, having NO clue and thinking we were cheering them on, turns to the crowd and starts waving his fist in the air all excited. The lady next to me and I had a GOOD laugh over than one.

Then, when santa was approaching(I believe it was our fire department that hosted this float), a fireman walks over to the crowd of kids Lacy was sitting with and says to Lacy "what's your name?" So, she tells him, and he yells VERY loud, for everyone to hear, "HEY SANTA, Lacy came out to see you tonight." And santa turns around, looks at Lacy and leans and waves right to her. OH. MY. WORD. I lean over to see her face and the excitement, surprise, and glee that was written all over her face just about had me in tears!

Then off we went to watch the tree sparkle with all the pretty lights. Yikes, it was cold, and off we went back home.(after Eddy finally met back up with us!!) What a blessed night it was. This Christmas has started to be a great one with Lacy really beginning to understand the reason of the season, celebrating the birth of Jesus!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy the weeks to come!