Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3rd Generation Rider Has Arrived!

If you know our family, you know that my mom, my brother, and myself are HUGE riders. The bigger, faster, crazier the better! My dad? Um....let's just say, it's NOT his thing.

We have so many fantastic memories from Disney, Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farms, Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and so many more. We LOVE rides. One of my favorite memories is when we all went to Six Flags and went on Superman and a crazy girl screamed like mad all the way up, stopping just to catch her breath at the top, and then screaming non-stop, high-pitched all the way down. OH WAIT. That wasn't a girl...that was my BROTHER sitting next to me. It still makes me laugh out loud to this day. Some of the others included when we bamboozled my dad on to an intense ride and watching him panic all through the line and then get a crazy hysterical photo once his torturing was done. Awesome:)

During spring break my parents and I took the girls to our local amusement park. My physically cautious Lacy was dominating the kiddie rides and really wanted to try out some bigger rides. And, I should mention that my little 1 year was crying at the end of every ride, begging for more as well:)

I have lots of video and a handful of cute photos, but I wanted to post this video of Lacy who clearly showed us she will be the next generation of riders in the family. This was the second time on the tilt-a-whirl. The first time was a joke, spinning once or twice really fast, then to only rock back and forth the rest of the ride. She begged to go again as soon as we got off and we agreed to go ONE more time, as the rain that was forecasted was beginning to make it's appearance. And man, oh man, did we go out with a BANG! And the icing on the cake is that my mom was there too! And thanks dad for watching Ashley so us three could experience this together:)

I have a hard time choosing to watch Lacy's reaction or the background whizzing by. Here it is! Enjoy!

Our little thrill-seeker!! from tofslie on Vimeo.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My mom's debut leading role on TV!!

 All thanks to my brother for torturing, videoing, editing and submitting the video. My mom is an awesome sport and totally adorable! And...Cory has always kept the family laughing with his antics since the day he was born:) This was totally fun and unforgettable. We had not been home more than 15 minutes and Eddy already had the video downloaded and edited. Yes...he is the internet king:) Enjoy the the segment from the show!

My Mom the TV Star! from tofslie on Vimeo. should have been top three!!! I'm not biased or anything:) Can you say, "Ooh!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

8 Years

Those would be my anniversary flowers from Eddy. Do you see what he had put in them? I was laughing so hard when the florist delivered these and hardly could say, "There are Hostess cupcakes in my flowers!" She said, "yes, there are 8. Happy 8th Anniversary!" After 8 years, Eddy knows how I can't resist those darn cupcakes and eat them ALL the time. He KNOWS me. Even better, he really loves me 8 years later.

I could pass along more fun memories, but I think I will leave that to the slideshow below. Instead, I would like to reminisce about the second song that closes the slide show.  I sang and had it recorded for a surprise at our wedding. As most of you know I LOVE to sing. When Eddy and I got engaged it was not long before everyone kept asking me if I was going to sing at our wedding. Uh...come on...we all know me and emotions equal gallons of tears;) NO way I could get through an emotional song on one of the most happiest days of my life.

However, I DID want to sing. So, then I started brainstorming how I could get a recording. A real, professional recording. Yeah...that takes a decent amount of money. We already were using every spare penny for the wedding and did not have a budget for a recording.

I got it! The song I wanted to sing was a country song and I had been a loyal listener to a Portland morning radio show(99.5 the wolf) for years. I composed a letter sharing our love story and how I was desperately wanting to record and wondering if they could help. And guess what...THEY SAID YES! I could not believe it! The producer called me and we set up a session and off my mom and I(and Fritz) went to the station.

Of course I was nervous sitting in the lobby waiting to be called back. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. It was just me, my mom, little Fritz and the receptionist in the OH, so quiet room. That's when Fritz, failing to be quiet said, "Panette, I passed gas." That did it. Tension more ways than one:) We all, receptionist included, were in hysterics.

So...we were called back to the studio, tackled the song, and then were given a tour of the station. WOW! I could not believe that happened! However, when we got home, I was less than thrilled with the recording. In was terrible. The levels were off and my voice sounded like I was singing with my hand in front of my face. Now what?

I did have another idea, but I REALLY did not want to ask. I felt by asking, it was taking advantage of my brother's friendship. His friend had already recorded me once before for free and since then, his studio had started to take off. But...I did not know what else to do, so I asked. I told him about the radio station bomb and was hoping he could help me out. HE SAID YES! And it turned out fantastic. And...all of this went down with only a FEW people knowing. I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone during the ceremony. was:) Right before Eddy's dad pronounced us as 'husband and wife', the song came on. And, I don't think I am exaggerating when I say there was not a dry eye in the church.

Now, eight years later, I am SO happy I recorded it instead of singing it live. We still are able to listen to it! Blake...thank you so much for giving me and Eddy this AMAZING gift. If anyone is in need of a professional recording in the Portland area, check out Clarity Recording, you will love the end product.

So there is the back-story to my song for Eddy and the one to close out the following slide show. Happy 8th Anniversary Eddy....I love you.

8 Years from tofslie on Vimeo.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wait spring! I haven't posted on winter yet! it really March already?! What an super charged, full speed ahead winter we had! These first photos were from November 2010 and the last two were just last week...oh yes...March snow! Spring snow is fun. HUGE and wet snowflakes, perfect for molding and shaping. Finally, we made our first snowman of the season...phew! We nearly missed that boat. We are well and as always, I hope to get caught up on here with photos, but I am not sure if that will end up happening! I have been booking more photography sessions and working on my web site and on top of getting repeatedly hit by the sick bug this winter. Oh yeah...and just the full, everyday life of being the mom of two beautiful daughters who are getting SO big.  Whether I get to post the winter photos or just move forward, I am so happy to be posting again!