Monday, April 18, 2011

Cherishing every moment...

 It's hitting me a quite hard that my baby is nearing her 2nd birthday. Yesterday, was one of THOSE days. Ashley is battling a little cold and with church, she was down late for her nap, didn't sleep long enough..and she let us KNOW. I have never had a grocery shopping trip with a screaming kid...until yesterday. was UGLY. And, let's just get it out there that I do not tolerate that kind of behavior, but there was not much I could do about it there-she was NOT stopping, so I literally grabbed 3 things and was OUT of there. I was frazzled, worn down, and frustrated. But, we continued on to a new park to test the location for photos. My camera went click and my heart melted. A fantastic way to end the day. Even after a hard day, it does not change how happy and blessed I am to be home with these munchkins. I just wish it did not have to whiz by so darn quickly. Even if that means enduring grocery store screaming melt downs. It. Is. All. Worth. It.
Monkey see, Monkey do. Ashley does and says everything that her big sis does and says and most times they end up in  full-on belly laughs. It is absolutely precious. Well, most of it. She also picked up some of the 'not-so-polite' phrases that Lacy has spoken to her and Ashley will pull them out whenever she can. Ashley will furrow her brow and say, "Sush Yay-cee" or "STOP it yay-cee", and then mommy says, "Ashley use manners". Then, that little one will droop her shoulders and say, "Peez quiet yay-cee" or "No tank you yay-see" She KNOWS what she needs to say:) That aside, they play quite well together and have SO much just makes my cup runneth over.

This last one is of my big girl 4 year old. She is SO proud of how 'big' she is and that she is FOUR YEARS OLD.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Glorious SPRING!

 Oh gooooodness. That little giggle just gets me. My munchkin is 22 months today. That means her birthday is just around the corner. How can she seriously be almost two YEARS old. This little one fills our home with loads of laughs and is such a little lover.

 It feels like the warm weather and sun is so very late to arrive this year. Finally, today the trees are blooming, the sun is shining, and the girls actually took their coats off! is quite comfortable today in the sun.
We are enjoying the gorgeous sunshine and hope you all have a fantastic weekend:)