Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lacy rocks the studio like a PRO!

A studio recording of Lacy singing Annie's Tomorrow! This is a video made for posting on social sites, since you can't upload a song. We had Lacy sing along to the finished product for the video(and it doesn't always line up exactly). To all our family, let me know if you would like a copy of the recording with a spiffy label and I'll drop one in the mail for you. Some of you are automatically getting one

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17

*The video is of Lacy singing along to the recording we already did, just for the purpose of posting on FB and other social sites…It was hard to line of the video and the recording.
*There is no auto-tuning in this recording….it's 100% Lacy and her pipes, and her adorable speech impediments. Just the way God made her:)
*Lacy heard this arrangement the morning we started recording…it's completely different phrasing and it had a key change
*We just recorded this over Labor Day weekend.
*If you have never experienced recording before…it is not forgiving like singing live. It hears EVERYTHING. Lacy was extremely focus to not let any wiggling, looking the wrong way affect her pitch.
*I will also be post a "Making of/Behind the scenes" video because there were loads of adorable moments that could not be included in this video.

*This is not Lacy's first time in the studio, she helped my brother end a song he recorded. You can listen to that HERE

First I need to say the world's largest thank you to my brother(cory robertson) for recording and producing this for us. He left his entire weekend open to tackle the recording and then also spent more time working on all the techie stuff. This frozen moment in Lacy's life will always be priceless to me and I feel so blessed to have such a devoted brother and uncle to Lacy(and Ashley too!) And then a big thanks to my mom for watching Ashley and keeping her far away from the recording in session and making and having meals ready at our break times! And, my dad for putting up with the strict, "QUIET ON THE SET" rule;)

This all started about 6 months ago when I heard Lacy belt out Tomorrow along with the Annie she was listening to on my computer. She held the huge, high note that lasts about 4(or more) measures, ALL the way and COMPLETELY on pitch. I knew she was musical and has an ear for music, but that shocked me. My four year old was belting out a big song.

This wasn't any 'ol song either. It was my ALL TIME favorite song from my childhood. Um, just ask Cory. I FORCED him into watching the movie with me….over and over and over. And, he was not a fan. He was a good little brother though, and would humor me and watch (and even sing along). I loved the movie and really loved the music.

After that morning Lacy belted out the song, I called Cory and asked if he would record Lacy with his studio. It was so moving to have Cory record this on many levels. 1) He was there first hand when I was little and my love affair for the musical began, 2) We all are musical on my side of the family and it's exciting that Cory is able to watch/be a part of the next generation of musicians emerging, 3) Maybe, just maybe with Lacy's help, Cory may now be a fan of the music…at least when his super adorable niece is doing the lead vocals;) (hmm, I may be pushing it with this one) 4)Plus, it's so fun do do this project with family and have an UNFORGETTABLE memory to share together.

The only disappointment for me was we couldn't get the project done before her birthday. She was doing this at 4 years old and I wanted to have it documented in the milestone category at FOUR. But, summer was BUSY. And it was really hard to find an accompaniment track in a decent key, that was not extremely tacky. We started recording earlier in the summer with a different track. It was SO much higher than the original version Lacy had learned. We knew we needed to switch gears.

A couple of tries later, and the NIGHT before leaving for my parents, I found a track I thought might work. Only problem, it was a much different arrangement with very different phrasing and had sections that sounded like key changes. Could my 5 year old nail a key change without any real rehearsal??? Yikes, it was risky, but we ran with it.

Lacy, not only nailed it, she tackled the recording like a PRO! She worked HARD all day Saturday. As much as I will always cherish the finished product, I will not forget Lacy's focus and willingness to get this done. I hope to encourage and develop that character…it will definitely take her far in life.

Only the Lord knows where this love of music will take Lacy, but for now I will treasure this special recording of my musical little one singing an all time favorite song of mine and rejoice that we enjoy music together! That is answered prayer, friends:)

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17