Monday, March 12, 2012


WHERE to begin?!
Should I start when I was pregnant with Lacy, cradling her in my belly, singing to her in hopes the Lord would bless me with a little girl who would share the gift of music? Well...Let me just start here:

Lacy sang in her school's talent show(Horizon Christian School, pre-K through 12th grade). I really apologize for signaling to raise the track is a little hard to hear her, diminishes her powerful voice, and that is totally mommy's fault. The fact that Lacy's voice only cracked once and that she got through this song was completely the Lord's doing!! She was NOT well the morning of the show. We spent a lot of time in prayer that day before the show.

Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:31

*If you would like to hear Lacy sing when not affected by a cold and the track is at an appropriate level, check out her audition video here:

*Wednesday were we totally surprised when Grandma and Grandpa showed up FROM MONTANA to see the show!!! Seriously, mommy almost died from the surprise...maybe more like almost fainted, but STILL! Super surprised. What a blessing to have family that dedicated and loving! (on BOTH sides!!!)

*Lacy came down with a nasty cold couple days before the show and the morning of the show not only did she have a completely stuffy nose, but her voice began to go

*Lacy had BOTH sets of grandparents and her Uncle Cory, along with many friends and teachers in attendance! 

*This was Lacy's first solo and she has not received any vocal training, except some uneducated tips from mommy;) She did sing a couple lines of a song mommy sang a year ago, but this is her first official performance! Totally an unforgettable experience.

*Lacy had no clue there were prizes or places awarded, she was just sharing her abilities as the Lord asks us to.

Thank you to Grandpa for sharing his photos, to Uncle Cory for taking video #2, and all the family and friends who came to love and support that night and every day of our lives. Each and everyone of you is a blessing we do not take for granted. 

Enjoy the video.