Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mystery Solved :(

"As for God, His way is perfect. His Word has been tested, and He is a shield to all who trust in Him." 2 Samuel 22:31

August 12, I thought Ashley was coming down with a cold. A few days later she was struggling to breath. Our doctor was on vacation, so we saw another doctor in the practice. He told us, she might stop breathing and even pass out, all normal. Although, cough medicine is not recommended anyone, we(doctors) now have hands tied and can't do anything, so I would still say give her(a tiny 3 yr old who is not even recommended on the over the counter bottle to take) to have a 1/2 dose. If she passes out, don't worry, carry on. This was shocking to me, but I am in no way a medical expert, so I took his word.

Two nights later, Ashley started coughing, stopped breathing went from red, to purple, and collapsed in my arms. I screamed for Eddy to call 911 and when he was running, she GASPED for air. She was then not totally responsive and eyes were rolling and head bobbing. We called my doctor(still on vaca) and the doctor on call was the same one we saw 2 days before. This was near 1am and we did wake the doctor up(evident) and his response was "Hmm...I have never heard of those symptoms before."(as if I was exaggerating or not telling the truth) "All I can say is up her dose of cough medicine"(THAT IS DEEMED NOT SAFE) I said, so you are telling me, her symptoms right now are not indicating a need for a medical evaluation? "Kids often don't breath at times during coughing spells" But, I asked again, about her eyes rolling, head bobbing, and non-responsive/lethargic symptoms were OK?????

According to him, it was.

The rest of the night was not ok. I prayed that the Lord would provide the right doctor, refusing to do see this doctor again. Monday morning, after many friends recommendations I took Ashley(and Lacy who was showing signs of coming down with the same thing) to Dr. Richard Martin who seemed to let the world stop, while he thoroughly and compassionately listened and examined the my girls. A new plan of action was started...although, waiting was still a part of that plan. This time, however, other courses of action were being taken to attempt to minimize coughing.

I knew we were now in good hands and, praise be to God, that prayer was answered.

Somewhere in the middle, Eddy needed to go to San Francisco and we were SOOOOO thankful my mom was able to come and help battle this with us. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thankful.

Things were not getting better, so to avoid communication errors in describing the symptoms and coughing episodes, I attempted to video Ashley. I never caught an intense episode, but this still gives a glimpse of what we were dealing with. Immediately after, we were asked to come in and I then posted this video on FB, in part to let ALL who were loving, praying, helping us get through this ordeal, just what we were dealing with. We know the Lord is so good and gracious and SO faithful. Never abondoning us and graciously providing what we need to weather the storm. Whatever the results. So grateful it looks like this storm will be clearing to sunny skies. EITHER OUTCOME, we are thankful the Lord is with us.

A few more doctor visits, which including popping ribs back into place after being dislocated from intense coughing(Lacy sadly has a bigger problem with that), chest x-rays at the hospital, unsuccessful nebulizer treatments, FINALLY after 2 weeks, every night including horrific coughing, puking, non-breathing episodes, we were given the confirmation.

Pertussis. Aka...whooping cough.

The overflowing love and support, along with Dr. Martin's (and all at NW Pediatrics) care, is so incredibly moving. God is SO good. How are the girls now? Still the same. We missed the stage that is most effective to treat. Their scary and intense coughing could last up to 6 weeks, then another month or more of slowly fading out. We are VERY tired. Sadly, this leaves Lacy most likely missing the traditional first day of kindergarten milestone with her class. Lacy and the girls will no longer be contagious by tomorrow(5 days of antibiotics), but FAR from well. Last thing we need is for her to relapse, develop pneumonia, or any other complication from running her down while her immune system is low.

But...God has been so faithful and so gracious. We know he will cover these needs just as he clearly did through this ordeal. We fully trust Him now and will continue to do so.

 We knew something was NOT right.

In my arms after almost calling 911 

Another doctor visit to administer pertussis test and pop a million ribs back into place:(

A rough night of struggling to breath, coughing, and puking for this sweet girl 

 She dropped back into her pillows like this after an intense episode

Downstairs so mommy could keep watch and prep for Lacy's birthday

Both girls now DOWN

I slept in the girls room so Eddy could have a good night sleep before his day of travel for work

Need I say anything here? 

I should note the TINY space for mom and me. Propping the girls up with 2 pillows, plus Ashley the sleeping tasmanian devil, leave LITTLE room.

Attempting to lessen symptoms(it was unsuccessful)

Daytime brings relief when symptoms are slight to gone. Each night it returns. Please keep our girls, the adults caring for them, and the doctors in your prayers if the Lord impresses on your heart. We are not out of the woods yet....but we will be! In the meantime, please pray for safety, endurance, medical coverage, and acceptance of altered plans(that being kindergarten)

In Him we trust.