Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lacy's Health

We've been on a journey. I think it’s best to get a general update posted to ease things for Lacy and for her safety. Early last spring, Lacy had some health issues that took a massive turn for the worse. I wish I could tell you after 8 months, we knew all that is going on, but at this point the Lord has not revealed all the pieces to the puzzle. Our journey began with in depth eye exams, to an MRI looking for a brain tumor (praise Jesus that was clear), blood and stool testing, to our current unknown internal gut issue. What we do know is that Lacy has both genes for celiac disease (auto immune disease that cannot digest gluten-which is in just about EVERYTHING), a long list of food allergies and sensitivities, difficulty processing fats, a Candida overgrowth, and leaky gut syndrome. With the potential and very probable celiac, a COMPLETE overall of the home, kitchen and food took place. New kitchen pots and utensils, and a huge purge of almost everything we used, and had to learn an entire new way to prepare food.  So, about 5 months into a food and diet overall, Lacy is still not doing well.

We are doing all we can to eliminate risks of exposure to painful and debilitating allergens…but we aren’t certain what the triggers are or if some problems are without triggers. What we are doing is cooking GFCF, grain-free whole foods from scratch and from our safe kitchen/GF home, not eating out at all and continuing testing. It’s difficult, because symptoms flare up and go away. The time needed to meet these demands has left me in the kitchen many, many hours.

So, this is why I’ve been so busy. With celiac genes being, well genetic…I am FLOORED at connections to health issues I have dealt with since my teen years, and feel that I need to follow the same path as Lacy. Problems I have been dealing with for almost 2 decades have gone away! Also, if Ashley is a gene carrier, this diet could keep future problems at bay for her, if she is not ingesting foods that are slowing damaging her system. Even if not, the food we are eating is top quality and good for anyone’s overall health. We are doing this as a family. It is good for us and just makes things a lot simpler at home and when we leave the home.

All this to say, we rest knowing Jesus is in control. He knows the cause and in His perfect Sovereignty, is over all of this. And we rejoice that from His fullness we have received grace upon grace to meet every challenge and every pain. We keep our hearts and thoughts focused on what we can eat and do, and see His blessings in ALL areas. Even when we solve this, diagnosis or a health regime, will not bring complete healing, that is something that only Jesus can bring as Lord and Savior. We are grateful for all the opportunities within this for Lacy, and her family, to see and experience THE truth and grow closer to Jesus. That, is one good that comes through the trials we face. We do, however, need prayer to remain steadfast, the strength and finances to meet the food demands, and wisdom for future medical decisions since we are working with different doctors and opinions, and just every day choices in balancing this and living out our lives for Jesus.

Lacy about to start her MRI. Lacy holding her stuffed teddy, Jesus holding them both.

All ready for the MRI!

Such a blessing this therapy dog was visiting the hospital when we finished the MRI, which was extremely difficult due to an unexpected IV contrast.

Jesus is faithful and Lacy is smiling after the difficult day, showing daddy her IV bandage.

More testing begins. Needles are the hardest for Lacy, but what growth the Lord provided through this.

She calms down and begins talking and observing the blood draw.

Passed out after a long and very painful night.

Goofing around with fully dilated eyes for the first time. 

Sporting the cool shades from the Optometrist.

Dr. Chown is FANTASTIC. If local...check her out. 

Too weak to sit while waiting for our appointment at TrueMed in Hood River.

Our last night of our Montana trip in August, after graciously asking the manger of a restaurant about a suspicious dish, they confessed to cross-contaminating Lacy's food and Lacy ingested gluten after being GF for about a month. It was extremely painful and terrifying. The worst of it lasted for almost 2 weeks of relentless pain. Since in the past I have had difficultly getting medical help unless I provided a video, I took this short clip during the night after this gluten exposure.'s hard to watch. Case and point why we are so careful to avoid gluten. This literally would go on for 3-4 hours without any reprieve, she would crash and suddenly wake in full pain again for another round.